We mentioned, yesterday (November 2, 2011), that Stealth Computer had lived up to its name again, but for those who missed it, the company launched the LPC-125LPFM.
It stores things on a solid state drive with a capacity of 55 GB, but a 2.5-inch mobile hard drive of up to 750 GB can be selected instead. Of course, when the platter spinner is used, the PC won't be so useful in embedded vehicle applications and such, because it will have lost its vibration resistance.
Go here to read more on the item, as well as something of what the company itself had to say about it. Victoria Beckham always looks great, impeccable, as if she has just stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine. That much attention to always looking perfect on the outside can only mean something is terribly wrong on the inside, Ms. Sadly, it is being underlined, for her three boys, taking a regular walk with their mom is like having to walk side by side with a perfectly made wax figure.

Today, a new ownCloud version has been released - 5 -, which comes with many new features and improvements as well as a new interface. Also, in an update that should be available in April, ownCloud will get a newly designed server-side encryption application. However, after doing this, ownCloud became very slow and it still is when trying to access the Dropbox folder. Jenkins adds, denoting a lack of confidence and an extremely low self-esteem in the woman who likes to consider herself the perfect everything, from fashion designer to wife and mother. If it’s not the media attention that is marring their childhood, having no mother to chase around or play ball with or get on fun rides will certainly do it for them, the same source points out. Isn’t it a little undignified to be so thoroughly and absurdly concerned with your appearance at her age – even if you are a celebrity and even if you are launching yourself as a fledgling fashion designer? Like when she wears the shoes a size too big (for comfort, apparently) so she looks like a little girl in something she borrowed from her mother’s wardrobe.

You can install it on your computer or web server and access (and share) your files from any OS, since ownCloud comes with desktop clients for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux as well as mobile clients for Android and iOS. Victoria should be spending time with her children and enjoying their company as much as possible and not waste precious moments getting ready to go out – because, obviously, looking that great does require a lot of preparation time. Add to that the time Victoria is not spending at home with them, because she has to get ready to get out, and it’s very likely that her boys rarely get to pass any quality mom-child minutes with Posh. Think of all the stylish women who wear remarkable clothes and still look as if they have a brain. Jenkins shares, pinpointing that the last thing Posh manages to do with her outfits is to show that she is any better than the rest of the mothers out there.

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