Assistenza sistemistica PC e Server Assistenza informatica professionale per i tuoi server e la tua rete aziendale. Questo articolo spiega la procedura per la creazione di un server VPN in Windows Server 2008.
FTP Sync e un’applicazione gratuita riga di comando per sincronizzare file tra i due siti FTP o directory locali.
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Because PCs are still the most commonly used desktop computers and arguably the easiest to program software for, most cloud storage services will happily integrate with your PC. If a cloud storage service has been designed exclusively for the PC, you might run into problems if you’re attempting to sync your data to a mobile device such as a tablet or cell phone. The average price for the most basic cloud storage service for PC will set you back as little as $5 to $10 per month. We asked our panel of experts to consider the available cloud storage services for PC and select their top five choices.

If you have a small business that you run out of your home or office, Western Digital is aiming to solve your data storage and sharing woes. Here's the Western Digital WD Sentinel DX4000, a small office storage server with Microsoft Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials pre-installed and a host of user-friendly setup features.
Il suo scopo principale e quello di automatizzare la sincronizzazione dei file tra due server FTP o tra un server FTP e una directory locale con l’aiuto di file batch o pianificazione delle attivita.
This means that you have almost too much choice to make sense of when it comes time to make a decision which cloud storage service to go for. If you’re largely interested in investing in cloud storage for PC because you want to make sure your data is securely and properly backed up, you’ll want to search for a service that places the most importance on encryption, security and ease of data recovery. The exact price, of course, will depend entirely on the amount of data that you are looking to store in the cloud and most service providers will offer you tiered packages based on amount of storage space.
Even if you're not an IT professional, you can easily set up this device to keep your data secure and share it with your staff and clients, even if they're on the other side of the country. Il metodo descritto utilizza un ambiente composto da un server Active Directory, un server DHCP, alcuni PC workstation e un server VPN.

To help you make your final selection, we asked our experts to tell us what the most important features you should be looking for are to find the best cloud storage services for your PC. If, on the other hand, you want to use your online backup to share files and folders with other people, you will need a cloud storage service for PC that has created easy ways to do this and will allow you to grant password access to individual folders or documents.
When you’re choosing a cloud storage service for a PC, it’s worth bearing in mind what other operating systems you may need to access it from and checking to make sure that you can.
Before you select a cloud storage service for PC, check how much data you need to back up so that you can properly compare your different options.
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