In a giant outdoor laboratory, scientists used artificial landslides to uncover crucial details on these natural disasters, in an attempt to improve forecasts of their size and impact.
These real-size experiments allowed them to place electronic pressure and erosion sensors inside the slide, so they were able to measure how these artificial landslides grew or slowed down. Most landslides are triggered when intense rainfall or snowmelt loosens steep, debris-laden slopes, and the torrents can then grow dramatically in size and speed by sweeping up extra material from their beds and banks. But until now, it was no sure in which way they grew, and many scientists were confused since the energy needed to drag in extra matter should actually slow these flows down. Miniature landslides have been studied on a benchtop scale before but the best way to understand a real landslide is to study one of a similar size. This was the reasoning behind the building of the outdoor lab containing full-scale landslides, and in the end, all the researchers' hard work paid off. They found out that the reason for which landslides gained mass and speed was the presence of a bed of wet sediment (debris flowing over dry dirt slowed down and grew less in size).
Iverson said that “the thing that was unanticipated, and also the most important, was how much the momentum of flows could grow. The researchers suggested that the reason for which landslides grew over wet ground was because the weight of the flow rises the water pressure between sediment grains, and this lubricates the base of the torrent, causing it to gain mass and speed.
The findings are detailed online in the journal Nature Geoscience, OurAmazingPlanet reports.

Much like Kensington did, ASUS has made a product designed with a certain technology invented by DisplayLink, the one where video is delivered over USB 3.0.
Then again, this is a universal docking station, not a special-purpose accessory that only one or two consumer electronics devices or PCs can use. Obviously, the DisplayLink technology support is the most important part, as it allows video streams to be transmitted through the Universal Serial Bus 3.0 connection.
Australia's parliament has lifted a four-year ban on cloning human embryos for stem cell research, despite opposition from the prime minister and other party leaders. Despite strong support for the bill, both Prime Minister John Howard and new Labor leader Kevin Rudd made impassioned speeches against repealing the ban. Australia's first laws on stem cell research were approved in 2002, permitting scientists to extract stem cells from embryos left over from IVF programs, but banning cell cloning. The law would be introduced in six months after health and science authorities make guidelines for egg donation and research licenses. She believed the legislation could be made more liberal and that it must be reviewed after three years. The problem is that, when I looked at it, I never looked at it as a vampire story, right from the beginning.
Members of the parliament were permitted a conscience vote - meaning they were not bound by their party's policy - following heated debate.

The new legislation will allow therapeutic cloning, the introduction of DNA from skin cells into ovules to produce an embryo from which stem cells (capable of forming human tissues) can be taken.
Britain is the first country to have legalized the cloning of human embryos for stem cell research in 2001. When I try to play it, I try to eliminate the vampire element, as much as I can, and just see it as a tool to make their relationship a little more fraught. The Bush administration has banned federal funding for research on stem cell lines developed after August 2001, but private research is still done. Right after the audition, I found myself bizarrely invested in the story and I hadn’t even read the books, at that point. It was so different as well because we kind of knew what type of animal that we were dealing.

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