Toutes les donnees que vous transferez a partir d’Owncloud iront maintenant sur votre disque dur externe.
Ceci permettant de passer de 20 secondes (lors de la premiere visualisation de la page) a 7-8 secondes par la suite ! Dans cette partie, nous allons ameliorer la securisation de notre  acces a ownCloud a travers une couche SSL en transformant les echanges HTTP en une session securisee HTTPS.
Lorsque cette directive est definie a « None », les fichiers « .htaccess » sont totalement ignores.
Maintenant toutes vos communications entre les machines de client et votre serveur seront cryptees. Si vous n’avez pas deja de certificat SSL, vous pouvez vouloir produire votre propre et le faire signer par CACERT gratuitement. J’espere que ce tutoriel vous aura permet de mieux apprehender cette solution de Cloud personnel.
Le tutoriel est genial, ca marche tres bien mais des que je me deconnecte de owncloud, je ne peux plus me reconnecter! Tu as directement ce message en essayant d’acceder a la page de login ou c’est lorsque tu te connecte ? I develop RoaringApps in my (rather limited) spare time, so sometimes I miss bugs here and there. Eine Palette habe ich schon selbst verbraucht (auch an meine Eltern) und 2 Paletten sind dann noch übrig. Gamers who are playing the Online mode of Grand Theft Auto V on the PC, the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 now have access to the Lowriders update, which is focused on the delivery of new options for vehicles and some extra missions that fans can play through for some solid rewards.

But the development team has also introduced a range of other tweaks to the open-world experience, and some major new features are being added to the experience. Those who are only interested in new vehicles will need to go to Benny's Original Motor Works, situated in Strawberry, south of the Olympic Freeway, which can deliver some cool new rides and some complex customizations. Missions linked to Lamar are also live, and gamers will be able to explore a re-organized Ammu-Nation that features a new machine pistol and machete as well as more ammunition for everyone to use. Relay - a race also linked to teams where one member moves while the others are waiting to be tagged. A look at all the changes that Lowriders introduces for GTA V Online can be had by clicking on the button at the end of this post. The highlights include 200 new weapon pickups for Freemode, more weapons in the Creator, three new player actions, and an extra option for races.
With the delivery of the Lowriders content and the associated tweaks and smaller modifications, many gamers will expect the development team at Rockstar to take a break before delivering any kind of new experience linked to the title. But data mining of the files that gamers got access to seems to suggest that some new weapons and player masks will be introduced in time to celebrate Halloween, as will two new vehicles, including a hearse.
It's unclear whether GTA V Online will also get a major event or big price cuts around October 31, but expect Rockstar to deliver an official announcement at some point later this week or early next one. The company has already made it clear that it put on hold new single-player content for the title to make sure that those playing the multiplayer get regular new content deliveries. Rockstar is also encouraging the community to use the complex editor tools that it has released in order to create its own content and then share it with the rest of the fans. Despite its age, GTA V continues to remain one of the best-selling titles of the moment, especially on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

Ameliorer le temps de chargement : Methode permettant de gagner de precieuses secondes lors de votre navigation sur owncloud. Pour ce faire, il peut-etre interessant de couples notre solution avec un disque dur externe. Cependant, il faut ajouter une autre source d’alimentation (HUB USB) pour alimenter a la fois le Raspberry-Pi et le disque dur.
Cependant il est possible que certains parametres soient a revoir selon les versions (precedentes ou futures). If you notice something not quite working properly, or have an idea for the site, I'd love to hear from you. Die werde ich wohl auch noch etwas aufbewahren, aber zu Weihnachten kommt dann sicher noch die eine oder andere Gelegenheit die Eier loszuwerden. Da war diese Spiel wo man den Rekord schlagen sollte, und dann habe ich auch Ü-Eier bei Dir gewonnen.
Wer damit nicht umgehen kann, sollte diese Seite verlassen und sich in seinem Loch einbuddeln.

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