The NPD Group, the same company that delivers the monthly sales charts for the United States, has launched a new report which shows that the number of gamers in the United States has declined during 2012 for the first time in years.
The only categories that have seen an increase during the last year are mobile gamers, of which there are 22% more, and digital gamers, who are up by 16 percent. The biggest decline in the study has been linked to the Family & Kid segment, which has managed to lose about 17 million gamers.
The analyst also believes that the mobile gaming segment is the most important for the industry at the moment and says that the NPD Group will take a deeper look at it in an upcoming report.

Big publishers ranging from Electronic Arts to THQ are trying to create more mobile-based experiences.
It’s unclear how the coming launch of the Nintendo Wii U will impact the distribution of gamers. Best Android Apps & Games (2013) -UltraLinx QuickPic is one of our top picks in this area.
While we keep trying our best to treat all devices equally, certain glitches may still exist under certain contexts.

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