The mosquito's immune system is involved in controlling the transmission of viruses behind yellow and dengue fevers, which infect over 50 million people worldwide annually (malaria infects 500 million people annually!).
Detecting which of these genes are involved in the transmission of viruses may lead to the development of new methods of fighting these diseases. The team compared the immunity genes of the Aedes mosquito with those found in the fruit fly and the Anopheles mosquito. Therefore, we can report today that openSUSE Tumbleweed will finally switch to the KDE Plasma 5 desktop environment by default. As expected, the inclusion of the KDE Plasma 5, KDE Framework 5, and KDE Applications 15.04 will make all the KDE4 packages obsolete, which means that the KDE4 desktop environment will no longer be supported or maintained in the openSUSE Tumbleweed operating system after the switch.
The development team also announced a series of tweaks that will be implemented in the next openSUSE Tumbleweed version. 2K Games, the sports oriented division of the Take Two publishing structure, has announced that the servers for its basketball simulation NBA 2K11 will be kept on line until the month of April 2012, after reports suggested that the company was ready to take them down before November 31.
It's not clear whether 2K Games has taken the decision because of pressure from the player base, which is still engaged with some of the online modes, or whether it has decided to allow an alternative for the multiplayer side of NBA 2K12, which has been having connectivity issues since it was released. 2K has begun implementing a policy which aims to close down the online component of old games when a new iteration is released, probably thinking that this will force long time fans to move to the newest version of the game, which will result in extra revenue for the publisher. More and more publishers are switching off online support for older titles citing financial concerns as the main reason. NBA 2K12 was launched during October and can be played on the PC, the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 and focuses on a new Greatest mode, which allows gamers to play with well known stars from the past of the NBA and create match-ups that could not take place in real life. Despite the NBA contract disputes between players and club owners, which have resulted in a lockout, the game has seen good sales and was cited by Take Two as one of the main drivers for revenue for the quarter that will end on December 31 of the year.
Both NBA 2K11 and 2K12 have benefited from the fact that Electronic Arts, the other big player in the sports simulation business, has scrapped the renamed NBA Elite 11 because of quality issues and then decided to focus on the development of the arcade focused NBA Jam series.
Information made available to the public says that, over these past few days, the volcano has been growing restless, meaning that several temblors have been reported. It appears that an average of 356 small-scale earthquakes per hour have recently been recorded in the area. Still, there are no signs of volcanic tremor and satellites have not detected any ash plumes.
Authorities in both Chile and Argentina explain that, although it is yet to be certain that the Copahue volcano will erupt in the days to come, their duty is to protect the population. International Business Times reports that this particular volcano behaved in a similar manner back in December 2012. Specialists warn that, should the volcano eventually erupt, it might be weeks before it quits spewing lava and ashes. The Copahue volcano measures 9,833 feet (2,997.1 meters) in height and is located on the border between Chile and Argentina. Having Benedict Cumberbatch do a voice role is a good idea because the actor is known for his deep, penetrative voice so any character he plays is going to get a nice presentation.

Bale is going to play the role of the lovable panther Bagheera and Cumberbatch is going to voice the fearsome tiger Shere Khan. Cate Blanchett is going to provide voicing for Kaa the python, Naomie Harris and Eddie Marsan will voice the female wolf Nisha and her mate Vihaan respectively, while Peter Mullan is going to voice Akeela, the pack leader. Even Serkis has gotten in on the act and he's going to lend his voice to the clumsy Balloo the bear character. Watch out, world, there’s a new diva on the way and she won’t settle for anything less than to conquer you! Christina has been keeping a very low profile since the pregnancy and the birth, but she broke her silence on social media to post a photo of her daughter. As you can see below, the photo shows Summer on all fours, with her back to the camera and her face out of the frame.
As we speak, speculation online is already saying that Summer will probably follow in her mother’s footsteps and launch a career in music and perhaps even film. Christina has had ups and downs throughout most of her career, but mostly the latter once her marriage to music exec Jordan Bratman fell apart. The good news is that Christina had stopped partying a long time before she got pregnant, got back in the saddle and all those negative rumors ceased to make the rounds.
We don’t have a date for the new album yet, but she will probably make it worth the wait.
The development team at EA Sports is announcing that well-known American stars Landon Donovan and Lexis Lalas are joining the line-up of the Legends feature for the Ultimate Team mode, which is only offered on the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. Gamers will be able to get the two and pick them for their first eleven, combining their skills with those of other well-known but now retired players in order to create a fantasy team that can defeat those fielded by opponents. The list of new Legends that are coming in FIFA 16 also includes: Vitor Baia, George Best, Deco, Gennaro Gattuso, Ryan Giggs, Jari Litmanen, Alessandro Nesta, and Javier Zanetti. A range of other players are returning from the same mode in last year's installment in the series. Legends is an interesting take on the core mechanics of Ultimate Team, but the fact that it is only offered on Microsoft home consoles has limited its popularity among fans of the series. It's unclear whether EA Sports has plans to ever offer the experience to those who are playing on other platforms.
The two new players will certainly serve some of those who will be tempted by the new mode.
Once that's done, gamers who play Draft in Ultimate Team will enter tournaments that feature four matches, and winning each will add to the level of rewards that gamers will obtain. The new simulation also features improved physics, more options for all phases of a match, and improvements to the graphical presentation and the use of sound.
FIFA 16 will be out on September 22 in the United States and on September 24 in Europe and can be played on the Xbox One, the PC and the PlayStation 4 in its full glory, as well as on older home consoles as long as gamers can accept the loss of some features. Several publications from Belarus and Poland have picked up on a story that the Russian politician has been plagued by cancer and that it has begun to act up.

Page Six has also picked up the story and explains that Putin is suffering from an aggressive form of cancer that has affected his spinal cord, according to some sources, while others insist that it has affected his pancreas. The other news is that Putin's former doctor, an aging specialist from the old East Germany, has finally decided to quit his position, allegedly tired with the way he was being treated in Russia.
The doctor is said to have been administering all sorts of experimental treatment on the Russian President, including regular steroid shots, which account for Putin's puffy looks in later public appearances. 84 years old and tired of being patronized by Putin's security staff, the doctor finally packed up and left for Germany, saying that he never liked coming to Russia. Another fact supporting the theory that Putin is dying is that he's recently pardoned his former accomplice Mikhail Khodorkovsky, pulling him out of prison after a 10-year stint.
Roseanne Barr is working on a project that will bring her back to prime time, on NBC, it has emerged. Further details on the sitcom are not available right now, but TV Guide has confirmed that the pilot was in the works.
If mosquitoes are helped to fight off the viruses, the transmission to humans would be largely cut off. The two different mosquitoes presented some similarities in their immune genes, but also many differences, that could explain why Aedes transmits dengue and yellow fevers, while Anopheles transmits malaria.
As such, we can report that the default Start Menu of the KDE Plasma 5 desktop environment will be Kicker and that Breeze will be the default theme. Wishing to avoid any casualties, authorities have issued a red alert and have evacuated about 2,240 people living closer than 15 miles (24.14 kilometers) to the volcano. Christian Bale is also a nice addition to any cast, and the two of them put together have the potential to bring people to the cinema. With the casting now complete, the animation version from Warner, will be going head to head with Disney's own production, directed by John Favreau, which is a live action and CGI animation hybrid. Christina Aguilera gave birth to daughter Summer Rain in August, and fans of the singer were treated to a first photo of the tot over the weekend, on Twitter.
With the divorce came gossip about her heavy drinking, heavier partying and speculation on her weight gain. This isn't exactly news, but the rumors have become stronger than ever these days because there are a few signs that the President has gone terminal.
Putin came into contact with the doctor decades ago, when he was serving in Dresden for the KGB.
Journalists and experts think that this bodes ill for him, since it appears to be a sign that he's trying to make amends before he expires. Now an international team has mapped the genes that constitute the immune system of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the vector of the yellow and dengue fevers.

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