In this blog post, we’ll show you how to deploy a high availability setup using ownCloud Community Edition.
Since HAProxy and ClusterControl are co-located on the same server, we need to change the Apache default port to another port, for example port 8080. Congratulations, you have now deployed your highly available ownCloud infrastructure by clustering the load balancer, web, database and file system layers.
Dropbox, Apple iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive and Amazon Cloud Drive all offer cloud sharing platforms where you can store documents in the cloud and access them from all your devices. To set up MySQL Galera Cluster, go to the Galera Configurator to generate a deployment package.

Change the Cluster Registration details to the new ClusterControl API URL that runs on port 8080.
Login to ClusterControl, drill down to the database cluster and click Add Load Balancer button.
By default, our script will configure the MySQL reverse proxy service to listen on port 33306.
Check the HAProxy statistics by logging into the HAProxy admin page at haproxy1 host port 9600. We will need to add HTTP load balancing capabilities to the newly installed load balancers.

ClusterControl will be co-located with one of the two load balancers to monitor and manage Galera Cluster and HAProxy.

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