Please note that we are not against Google storing its users’ data because we know they do so to enhance our user experience and also to make more money! After you have CardDav on your Android device and also after you have set up the sync server, it is time for you to configure CardDav to sync contacts with your server. You can enable One-Way Sync so that no data is lost from your server even if you delete it on your client. If you have been using Google contact sync (which is more likely), you can log into Gmail, go to contacts and download all of them as a VCF file.
A few weeks ago I went through the process of setting up a home server using an old computer, a copy of Ubuntu and Amahi, a free home server that comes with its own repository of extras. If you’ve just installed your Linux home server or are looking for Ubuntu-specific additions then this article is for you. We’ll be taking a look at the must-have free and paid extras that’ll take your home server to the next level.
Anything you buy or download here will be downloaded to and installed on your home server, negating the need for you to really do anything beyond click a few buttons. Note: As mentioned above, not all add-ons work with the Ubuntu-friendly Amahi install, which is why James’ older article about Amahi’s extensions might not be very useful unless you’re running Fedora.
The one thing this streamer lacks is transcoding ability, which means your server will not convert your content to the best possible format before streaming it.
This means your clients (TVs, games consoles, media centres) will need to be able to natively decode incoming audio and video. A lack of transcoding might be seen as a plus by some, especially if your server uses very old hardware or is lacking in the GPU department.
Transmission is one of the best standalone BitTorrent clients you can install on your non-Windows machine, it’s simple, elegant, comes with a great web UI and according to the developers this Amahi-optimised version “just works” from the get-go. Backup PCs locally and remotely for free – simply enter a friend’s code and keep a copy of each other’s important documents in two locations at once. SABnzbd Plus is a Usenet client which enables you to download files using one of the world’s oldest filesharing methods.
Tell Sick Beard about your favourite TV shows and it will automatically search for old and new episodes for you to watch. Built to sync, share and back up files, Amahi Sync monitors shares of your choosing for incoming files and then makes them available online whenever you need them. Android users might want to check out the Amahi Sync for Android app designed especially for use with this add-on in mind. An app that works in much the same way to Amahi Sync above, ownCloud provides universal access to files wherever you are. Finally if you’d like to be able to access your media from anywhere with an Internet connection, Jinzora is one PHP-powered solution that’s designed to let you do that.
Unfortunately the Mac-friendly backup add-on that turns your server into a ready and waiting remote Time Machine isn’t ready for Ubuntu users just yet, but keep an eye on it if it’s something you’re interested in.
Enter your mobile number to receive a free text message with the download link for the app. That's really not a bad idea, and I know for a fact that the guys behind the project have read this article and if they happen to come back and scan the comments they might respond to your suggestion (hint!).
Selling hardware would be a great way to monetize Amahi, provided the free server download was still offered I think it would be an excellent direction for the project to take. Why are you pushing pay-for apps when all that you mentioned can be gotten for free with any Linux distro? Nobody is forcing you to pay for these extras, you could simply not use Amahi if you disagree with the principle. Doing such horrible things to your underlying platform that you can't actually use the features of that platform anymore (apt, in the case of Ubuntu->Amahi), then charging users to fix it is pretty damned abhorrent. I'm not part of this site's readership, so I can't comment on if this is insulting to your target audience or not, but imagine for a moment if you were instead listing the best apps for your $Android-without-Google-Play-Market Device, and each of them had a $5 price tag for the service of copying and pasting someone else's work, and fixing compatibility issues the profiting company themselves created. In the end, if they had taken a proper approach to development and built upon already-existing packages, integrated into Ubuntu or Fedora's package management with proper dependencies, and didn't trash the filesystem six ways to Sunday, they wouldn't need to port apps, because unless there was a direct interaction with a shared library or a filename collision, there'd be no issue at all installing nearly anything you want right there alongside Amahi.
If Tim was recommending apps that are available nowhere else but through Amahi, I would not question him.
Are you aware that installing software on a Linux distro that has had Amahi set up on it is not recommended? Charging for these extras doesn't contravene any licenses, and there are no alternative ways to install this software with guaranteed compatibility. If any readers do feel that I've insulted their intelligence (surely that's undermining our readership who are already massive proponents of free software, and thus familiar with big names like Transmission) then do please come forward.
As to "the best extras", if what you say about Amahi is true then they are "the ONLY extras" since no other add-ons will work. This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. You’d have thought the world was coming to an end when James discovered that Windows Home Server – Microsoft’s $50 set-and-forget network storage solution – was being axed in favour of a far more expensive successor. UPnP stands for “universal plug and play” and provides a set of standards for the hassle-free sharing of media without the need for manual setup. Actualmente se ha vuelto indispensable contar con un buen almacenamiento en la nube, y lo mejor es que tenemos variedad de servicios, por ejemplo, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc. Ten en cuenta que algunas de estas herramientas requieren la creacion de su propio servidor. Todo lo que necesitas hacer es configurar una carpeta para que actue como punto de entrega, para que puedas sincronizar todos los archivos en todos los dispositivos que ejecutan Bittorrent Sync.

Plataformas compatibles: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire.
PClouds una solucion cloud para una red personal, hace que compartir archivos entre OS X e iOS sea bastante sencillo y fluido. OwnCloud, es una herramienta increiblemente versatil, es una aplicacion gratuita de codigo abierto que te permite construir un reemplazo de Dropbox para compartir sus datos. Similar a OwnCloud, el objetivo de Cozy es darle una forma de mantener sus propios datos utilizando sus propias aplicaciones web.
Plataformas compatibles: Imagenes disponibles en Virtualbox, Raspberry Pi, OpenVZ, Cubieboard2, Cubietruck.
AeroFS es una aplicacion de codigo abierto que esta dirigido a usuarios corporativos, ofrece herramientas de colaboracion como parte de su paquete. Anteriormente habiamos hablado de como crear una pagina web estatica usando Dropbox y DropPages. Using qr code scanning software download The Right Path, installed directly to the mobile phone, simple convenient and fast!
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By combining puzzle and thinking, this game will help your children to develop their logical mind while having fun. There are 96 levels in 2 levels of difficulty, with 3 different graphic themes: Animals, Pharaos, Middle Ages.
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Fighting Fantasy, the world famous interactive gamebook series returns for its 30th Anniversary! Follow Alvina or Alistair to look for their ancestors and help them to rebuild their family tree.
I don’t really like companies knowing much about me and Google is one such company that knows where I go, which device I use, who are my contacts, whom I contact via email and probably much more that my better half (note yet) would possibly know about me. This protocol is not natively supported by Android but you can of course use a third party app to get it working on your device.
After this, you can go ahead and log into the web interface of your ownCloud and upload the VCF file that will upload all contacts to your server, much better than syncing, eh? Loosely referred to as an “app store” by some, once you’ve set up Amahi, it’s easy to add additional services to your server in just a couple of clicks. Not all extras work on the new Ubuntu version of Amahi, and you’ll want to be careful not to install additional packages in Ubuntu itself which can damage your Amahi install and jeopardise your server. Many of these are quality freebies, though don’t be surprised to find them a bit out of date. DLNA for Amahi is a port of the highly popular MiniDLNA project, optimised for all versions of the home server.
It also doesn’t change the fact that you could transcode the content yourself if you’re desperate to watch something, there are lots of free solutions for this. The ability to add more storage as and when you need it is just one of the benefits of having your own server, and with all that space it makes sense to put it to use for your download and sharing needs with an app like Transmission. Once set up the web interface works great from tablets and smartphones too, so you can sit on the sofa administering downloads with your iPhone without reaching for a laptop.
CrashPlan offer a range of plans and though they’re not the only online backup provider, they’re a very reasonable one. Access your shared files anywhere you want, with only the only limitations being the speed of your internet connection and available space. The free add-on provides more than just access to files and has built in functionality for music streaming, sharing with others, WebDAV access and basic editing features direct from your browser. Unlike DLNA above, Jinzora is designed for online media retrieval and supports transcoding to do so. The fact I can't apt-get install zfs, or even apt-get install jove eliminates it from contention for best anything, in my opinion.
Comparing Amahi's free baseline price to server platforms from Microsoft and Apple IS plain insulting, and a terrible strawman argument attempt. Amahi "breaks" the distro by changing some core attributes, so simply installing your favourite software over the top might undo all of the work you've put in to your home server. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.
Pero, ?Si tenemos varios servicios gratuitos de donde elegir, por que montar nuestra propia Red Cloud Personal? Simple, todos comparten la misma desventaja. Gracias a diversas herramientas, ahora podemos construir nuestra propia red de almacenamiento en la nube. El programa recientemente entro en beta y requiere inscribirse a su programa beta, pero parece ser una herramienta solida. Junto con el almacenamiento de datos, la aplicacion viene con una serie de otras caracteristicas como una forma de gestionar su calendario, listas de tareas pendientes, una herramienta de edicion de documentos y muchos mas.
Usted tiene la opcion de usar su servicio en la nube, o configurar sus propios servidores de alojamiento. Esto significa, que usted conseguira un historial de versiones completa de sus archivos, asi como otras caracteristicas buenas que viene con git. Lo que esto significa es que es mas adecuado para los archivos mas grandes que maneja en git. This may be something similar to installing a CyanogenMod ROM without flashing the Google Apps package.

We recommend HostGator (referral link) since we use the same or you can refer some free providers that support ownCloud installation.
One such app is available on the Play Store (unfortunately) which is free but in beta state.
A better source of more up-to-date add ons is the Amahi App Store, which you can log in to using your Amahi credentials. If you’re not planning on purchasing a plan you might still be interested, given what the CrashPlan client can do.
In the event of data loss you’ll be glad you had all that data backed up locally, rather than having to download gigabytes of data over the course of hours. Together, they make an excellent team and ensure you’ve got things to watch even if you haven’t specifically downloaded anything.
This is basically a modern PVR, and if you like the concept you might want to check out Couch Potato (also $3.99) which is designed to do the same thing except with movies, though it’s not 100% there on Ubuntu just yet.
Sync contacts, calendars and bookmarks across all your devices using ownCloud on your personal server. This means you can watch most media files on your smartphone, laptop or other compatible online device. If you have hours spare to configure your own distro and add all these things manually then good for you, the but many of us appreciate simplicity at a small fee. Sure, a little different because most Android apps aren't open source, but the comparison stands reasonably well.
Use whatever license of whatever OS currently exists on that hardware you're repurposing and build upon that for free. The fact he's setting up a server on Ubuntu itself is against your accusation of him belittling free stuff. Ellos cuentan con un espacio de almacenamiento limitado (en la version gratuita), ademas, estamos confiando nuestros datos (mayormente sensibles) a terceros.
Estas soluciones nos dan la oportunidad de renunciar al uso de un servidor de terceros, asegurando que sus datos solo se puedan ver con los usuarios de la red.
En este ultimo caso, hay dos tipos: Open Source y negocios (25 dolares por usuario al ano).
Los desarrolladores animan a los usuarios a desarrollar extensiones, con la esperanza de conectar muchos servicios y utilidades diferentes a ella. El servicio se enorgullece de sus velocidades de sincronizacion, sin limite en los datos transferidos.
Esta es una excelente solucion si tiene documentos que requieren pasar por un monton de cambios. La aplicacion se encuentra principalmente en la linea de comandos, pero para aquellos que no estan interesados ??en esto, hay una version alternativa facil de usar. Because I am an Android user and I use Google’s applications that are tied deep into the Android system in a way that it makes extremely difficult for me to remove them and perhaps live without them. Though the ROM is open source, Google apps isn’t and it is managed by a closed backend system about which we have no idea. You may face some bugs but that should get resolved as and when ownCloud is updated with the help of some active developers.
The cost of all these add-ons still pales in comparison to other server solutions like Windows Server Essentials (or whatever it's called) which goes for something like $400 and OS X Server Edition (which isn't cheap either). They can't be modifying the base program's source, or they'd be compelled to make the derived product's source available if it were GPL licensed. Or if you have to buy a new license, the lowest end version of non-Starter Edition Windows for $40ish OEM, any version of OSX (what, $20?
Es por esto que compartimos 8 herramientas para crear su propia nube, estas alternativas ofrecen almacenamiento ilimitado, y algunas otras caracteristicas que no tienen los proveedores que actualmente existen. La aplicacion cuenta con un editor en linea de archivos, control de versiones, multi-plataforma de sincronizacion de archivos y mas. Todo lo que necesitas hacer es instalar el cliente AeroFS en el dispositivo que desea poner en su circulo de sincronizacion. The same applies to you and if your thoughts coincide with mine, we really need to get rid of Google’s closed system. If you are one among those who are connected to people working at Google, you need to take control of the data you share with the company. You can download setup-owncloud.php to your PC and upload it to your server where you can access it via a Web browser. I didn't set the prices, but then I also don't mind paying for software that someone has put their own time and effort into porting or creating.
Since this guide is mainly for Android, we will make it short and let you know how to do it using a Web installer contrary to running the installation on a Linux server. Once you access the php file from your web browser, you will be shown some instructions on your screen that guide you on how to setup ownCloud. You also need to configure the Database to be used for your ownCloud installation which can be done easily from your server’s Control Panel.

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