Looking at the release notes for both clients, it would appear that the ownCloud developers managed to implement a great number of features. On the other hand, the team responsible for the ownCloud Android client managed to add a lot of significant changes to the way the mobile application handles files from and to an ownCloud server. Below, we've attached the changelogs for both the ownCloud Desktop client, which is now available for download on Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems, and the ownCloud Android client, which users can install from the Google Play Store. As we reported a few weeks ago, the ownCloud team is preparing very hard for the next major update of the powerful, cross-platform and open-source ownCloud 9 Server, which should be available later in 2016 with a great number of improvements and new features. Also, let's not forget about the cool ownCloud Mail app, which received a new update a few days ago, as reported by Softpedia, bringing features like image blocking support, direct display of inline images, a much faster unified inbox, as well as better overall performance of the front-end.
RAT stands for Remote Access Trojan (some use the term Tool as well) and refers to a particular piece of malware that infects user computers via a client component, which then starts communicating with a server counterpart. Unlike previous Android RAT kits, OmniRAT comes with built-in support for controlling desktops, something that its competitors don't have the ability to do. Software like this is not illegal, mainly because it is also used by programmers and testers in their daily jobs.
Around mid-August this year, Avast detected one of these malicious campaigns in action, one that involved a version of OmniRAT, spreading via SMS messages. As you can guess, launching this MMS Retrieve app installs OmniRAT, but not before the user is asked to give it all the necessary permissions, which are plenty and quite intrusive.

This includes making calls, sending SMS messages, recording audio, getting a list of all installed apps, accessing Web browsing history, accessing the contact list, executing shell commands, getting battery info, getting Bluetooth information, and many, many other more.
In the campaign Avast detected, data from infected devices was sent to a Russian domain, where the OmniRAT's server was located. Bethesda has some very good news for players who have enjoyed its Fallout 3 post apocalyptic role playing game. Bethesda has only confirmed that Operation: Anchorage, which simulates the liberation of Alaska from Chinese Communist forces, is set to arrive on the PlayStation 3 at the end of June. The two new pieces of downloadable content are Point Lookout, which had already been rumored, and Mothership Zeta. All this new stuff will also be offered on physical disks, with Broken Steel being packed together with Point Lookout and with The Pitt coming alongside Operation: Anchorage.
For example, the ownCloud Desktop client now works a lot better on HiDPI displays, offers improvements for RTL languages, and brings in better syncing. This RAT is new, having been created this year and being sold by a team of German developers. This allows an attacker to steal data from a target, spy on the user, and even take control of the victim's device. The page on which they landed asked users to enter a code sent via the SMS message, along with their phone number.

It seems that all the downloadable content released for the PC and the Xbox 360 will be coming to the PlayStation 3, after users of that console have complained of being shortchanged by Bethesda, and that at least two new pieces of DLC will be offered to all players, adding even more things to do in the Capital Wasteland. The other two pieces of DLC, The Pitt, that brings players to the industrial hell hole of Pittsburgh, and Broken Steel, which extends the level cap and allows gamers to play after the apparent end of Fallout 3, should arrive four to six weeks after that, with dates still to be confirmed. The former is set to arrive in late June and will cost 800 Microsoft Points, which is 10 dollars in real world money, and will allow players to explore a whole new area, swampy, dangerous and filled with quests.
Bethesda is also set to release a Game of the Year Edition of Fallout 3 sometime in October.
Mothership Zeta is similarly priced and will arrive in late July, taking the game in a weird direction as players will be abducted by aliens and forced to escape their clutches.
It will put together in a single package all the stuff launched until then, coming to the PC, the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

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