Sony hat die sofortige Verfugbarkeit seiner auf der IFA vorgestellten Android-Smartphones Xperia Z3 und Xperia Z3 Compact bekannt gegeben. Die Kamera liefert wie beim Vorganger 20,7 Megapixel Auflosung, jetzt allerdings mit 25-Millimeter-Fokus, also einem weiteren Aufnahmewinkel.
Die gro?ten Veranderungen gibt es beim Design: Die Ecken und Kanten des Xperia Z3 sind etwas mehr abgerundet als beim Xperia Z2.
Das Xperia Z3 Compact beschrankt sich auf ein 4,6-Zoll-IPS-Display mit einer HD-Auflosung von 1280 mal 720 Bildpunkten.
Die ruckseitige Exmor-RS-Kamera des Compact-Modells unterstutzt wie zuvor Full-HD-Aufnahmen und lost wie gehabt 20,7 Megapixel auf.
UmfrageWahlen Sie von folgenden Anforderungen drei aus, die fur ein professionell genutztes Smartphone fur Sie am wichtigsten sind? Ultrabook, Celeron, Celeron Inside, Core Inside, Intel, Intel Logo, Intel Atom, Intel Atom Inside, Intel Core, Intel Inside, Intel Inside Logo, Intel vPro, Itanium, Itanium Inside, Pentium, Pentium Inside, vPro Inside, Xeon, Xeon Phi, und Xeon Inside sind Marken der Intel Corporation in den USA und anderen Landern. LCDs and Plasma displays are starting to become common and outdated, while other promising technologies, such as integrated laser displays, are still out of consumers reach. It is HDTV-ready and its holographic screen is seamlessly matted from custom cut glass to produce an 80-inch wide screen television. And, when the projector is switched off, the television looks just like a normal glass pane.
Windows 10 Mobile is still in its early days, and Microsoft is hard at work to bring it to the market later this year, alongside new flagships that would show the true capabilities of the revamped mobile operating system.
Microsoft promised to introduce more significant Windows 10 Mobile improvements starting this month, after the PC version gets released, but in the meantime, third-party designers across the world started building their own interpretations of what the new operating system for smartphones should look like.
This is the case of a concept created Robson Ricardo (via Neowin), which uses the existing UI of Windows 10 Mobile to create an evolved version of the platform and provide us with a glimpse into what the final product might actually look like later this year. As you can see for yourselves in the photo gallery below, this concept is built around Windows 10 Mobile and borrows some of the design cues that Microsoft used in the preview builds currently available for testing. But at the same time, it brings new elements that contribute to a more cohesive look, thus making the final operating system look better and more polished. Obviously, Microsoft would really do itself a favor if it decided to use this concept as source of inspiration for the upcoming updates to Windows 10 Mobile, and let’s just hope that the company does that, especially because this would perfectly come in line with its new feedback listening approach. Windows 10 is projected to launch in September or October on smartphones, so there’s still plenty of time for Microsoft to overhaul its mobile platform before it enters the final stages of development.
Today we would like to introduce you, guys, to an upcoming PC stick powered by an Intel Bay Trail processor and running the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) Linux operating system.
Shenzhen Mele Digital Technology Ltd., a Chinese manufacturer of mini PCs, 4K UHD Android TV box sets, OTT solutions, Android OTT+DVB TV boxes, HD media players, Internet hybrid TV boxes, and accessories, is planning on releasing a Linux-powered version of its popular PC stick products. MeLE PC Stick PCG02U will be available later this year for the measly price of $59 (~€50).
If you’re one of the many users who rushed to download and install the leaked Windows 10 build 9901, you most likely noticed the subtle visual tweaks that the company introduced here and there in order to make its new operating system more visually appealing.

This process actually started when the first Technical Preview build got out, coming with a number of UI enhancements suggesting that Redmond was at least pondering a revamp of the traditional Windows desktop. In build 9901, Microsoft has implemented not only smaller icons for the taskbar and new Metro app control buttons, but also a bunch of new icons which can be easily spotted in File Explorer when browsing locally stored files. While some icons were already available before the introduction of build 9901, including those for folders, others are completely new and appear to be part of the refreshed icon collection prepared by Microsoft for the stable version of Windows 10. Of course, quite a lot of things could change until Windows 10 hits the market in stable form, which, according to Microsoft executives, should happen in late summer or early fall 2015. Unsurprisingly, new icons are among the most requested features for Windows 10, with users writing on the Windows UserVoice that some of them look really old.
At this point, this particular feature has more than 8,700 votes and it’s a known thing that the bigger the number of votes, the bigger the chances to see a requested option go live in the operating system.
According to Microsoft executives, Windows 10 is scheduled to launch next year with many more improvements, but additional details on this release schedule will be provided next month, during a dedicated event in Redmond.
A consumer preview build is also in the works right now, but it’s not yet clear whether this version will be unveiled next month or not.
Taking a closer look at the new features implemented in ownCloud Server 9.0, we can notice that it now offers improved notifications, the ability to add comments and tags to any shared files, as well as better user interaction thanks to the standalone activity feed, all of which should help you find and organize your files faster and stay up-to-date with any modifications, always. With ownCloud 9.0, organizations and institutions like CERN and AARNet will be able to integrate deeply their massive ownCloud installations with various storage solutions and their infrastructure, thanks to the addition of a new storage API (Application Programming Interface) that allows for unimaginable scaling levels.
By all accounts, young Prince George is getting a little sister in the nearest possible future. It's been just 7 months since the birth of Prince George, but the people at Star Magazine claim they have it on good authority that the royal couple has already began work on their second child, a girl. The gender of the baby was determined using genetic testing and, after hearing the happy news, the Prince was said to be overjoyed.
There have also been speculations that Prince William was already considering the name of Diana for the girl, but Kate wasn't as keen.
The news comes as a big surprise, despite the fact that the royal couple was indeed planning a new pregnancy. Die unverbindliche Preisempfehlung fur das neue Flaggschiff-Modell Xperia Z3 betragt 649 Euro, die verkleinerte Variante kostet 499 Euro. So soll das erneut 5,2 Zoll gro?e Full-HD-Display (1920 mal 1080 Pixel) nun heller sein als zuvor und eine bessere Farbdarstellung bieten.
Zudem handelt es sich um die laut Sony erste Smartphone-Kamera mit einer ISO-Empfindlichkeit von 12.800.
Zudem ist das mit einem Aluminiumrahmen versehene Gehause mit 7,3 Millimetern dunner als beim Vorganger. Auch hier kommt Qualcomms Snapdragon-801-Chip mit 2,5 GHz zum Einsatz, dem aber nur 2 GByte RAM zur Seite stehen.
Editorial items appearing on that were originally published on other editions of ZDNet are the copyright property of CBS Interactive, Inc.

And, the patented technology works by trapping light at a certain angle, allowing you to project onto the holographic screen, but all other ambient light just passes through it.
The display can be connected to your satellite system, Playstation, XBOX, DVD player or anything else to experience them on a whole new level. The notification screen, for instance, is not only eye-candy but also neatly organized to find the information you need instantly. A new build, however, will definitely come out, but it will very likely be part of the same technical preview branch started in early October.
Founded six years ago as a project with the goal of bringing privacy and control back to users, ownCloud is where it is today thanks to contributions by well over 1000 open source programmers, designers, translators and others," said ownCloud.
Trusted ownCloud servers can be manually added by admins, who have control over the automatic addition of servers. Duchess Kate is already pregnant with her second child, a baby girl, according to the latest reports. In his head, he was expecting a brother for George, because he himself grew up with a little brother. The big surprise is the fact that no one expected it to happen so soon after the birth of their first child together. Den Prozessortakt des Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 (MSM8974AC statt MSM8974AB v3) hat Sony auf 2,5 GHz gesteigert. Der interne Speicher ist 16 GByte gro? und lasst sich dank MicroSD-Slot ebenfalls um bis zu 128 GByte erweitern. This literally gives the effect of having the image hover in the air, in front of the impressive display. The ultimate Television might just be yours for throw-away prices with starting bid at ?5,500 on eBay and a 40″ glass projection television retails at ?14,999 over at Harrods in the UK. Den Akku hat Sony gegenuber dem Vorgangermodell Z1 Compact aufgewertet: Er hat nun eine Kapazitat von 2600 mAh.
This revolutionary holographic rear projection screen was pioneered for expensive window displays and corporate 3D spectacular product launches for renowned industry leaders like BMW and Honda. He knows his mother, Princess Diana, would have been overjoyed,” adds the same insider.
Der interne Speicher ist nach wie vor 16 GByte gro? und kann per MicroSD-Kartenslot um bis zu 128 GByte erweitert werden.
Das Gehause ist jetzt wie beim Xperia M2 Aqua nach IP65- und IP68-Zertifizierung gegen Wasser und Staub geschutzt. What the picture above shows is the very "first in the world." This custom built 80" Holographic System is designed to celebrate the launch of UberCoolHome at the start of 2007.

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