In a blog post today, Microsoft has taken to the tubes to speak to their excitement about being included in the latest Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service from Gartner. OwnCloud is an excellent, open source personal cloud server for individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises.
OwnCloud is designed to integrate and harmonize your existing data storage infrastructure, so you don't have to tear everything down and start over. You can install OwnCloud on a Windows, Mac, or Linux server, but you really want to run it on Linux. You may need some tech help installing and setting up OwnCloud, but once it's up and running you should be able to manage it without a lot of drama. OwnCloud 7 Enterprise Edition adds two excellent features for Windows shops: SharePoint integration and much-improved Windows network drive management. You control which users can see the libraries, which appear in OwnCloud as folders and files, just like any other share. While OwnCloud has always supported Windows network drives, in OC 7 EE adding and managing them is more streamlined and has finer access controls.
It works the same way as creating any share: you set up a new file share with a few mouse clicks. You have more control over your users than before: you can require passwords and expiration dates on shares, and disallow members of groups from sharing outside the group.
The Files page now lets you quickly filter your files by: files shared with you, files you have shared, and files shared by link.
Your Files page should load faster now thanks to "lazy loading," which loads files as you scroll down the page, rather than the whole page at once.
Your OwnCloud server can send automated notifications to users, and they configure which notifications they want to receive: when there is a new file share, an existing share has been changed, or a new file added to a share. OwnCloud is easily the most mature and user-friendly cloud server, and a nice option for keeping your data under your control without disruption. Carla Schroder is the author of The Book of Audacity, Linux Cookbook, Linux Networking Cookbook,and hundreds of Linux how-to articles.
Do you have a comment or question about this article or other small business topics in general? Wil je altijd toegang hebben tot je bestanden, dan kom je al snel uit bij een online opslagdienst als Dropbox of Google Drive.
Onlangs is versie 8 verschenen van OwnCloud, een gratis en populair online beheersysteem voor je bestanden. Gebruik een ftp-programma zoals het gratis Filezilla om het bestand setup-ownCloud.php naar je eigen hostingaccount te uploaden.
Wanneer je ownCloud een beetje ontdekt hebt, kun je het eventueel naar uitbreiden met allerlei handige apps zoals een takenlijst, agenda of adressenboek. Those of you living in the United States who are looking for a deal when it comes to the purchase of a new mobile phone should head over to Amazon Wireless now to have a look at what the leading retailer has to offer on Verizon's handsets.
All Verizon phones are available for a penny from the retailer, with the signing of a two-year contract agreement. All of the latest Android-based devices at the wireless carrier have been included in the new deal as well, which makes it even more appealing that it might have already been. Whether it comes to the purchase of a new LTE-capable smartphone from the wireless carrier, or of only a messaging device, users will be able to enjoy the same price tag for them all. Even the sleek Motorola DROID BIONIC smartphone, which has just brought its dual-core goodness on Verizon's LTE network, has been included in the offering.
Of course, smartphones like the HTC ThunderBolt, DROID Charge, LG Revolution, or the Pantech Breakout, they have been all included in the new sale. Other Android-powered handsets are part of the new sale too, including the Xperia PLAY, or the Motorola DROID X2 and the DROID 3.
Those who would like to learn additional info on the new deal from Amazon Wireless, or would like to take advantage of it and purchase one of the handsets available as part of it, should have a look at this page on the retailer's website. Cloud storage are many, almost all companies related to computer, developed their cloud drives. About Latest Posts AdminThese posts are a handout from our Guest Author who works with us occasionally and provide their opinions for our regular visitors on Web-Development & Designing, SEO, CSS, Coding etc. Blackberry nimmt ab sofort Vorbestellungen fur sein erstes Android-Smartphone Blackberry Priv entgegen. Hierzulande lasst sich das Blackberry Priv ebenfalls vorbestellen, allerdings nicht direkt bei Blackberry.
Angetrieben wird das Priv von Qualcomms 64-Bit-Chip Snapdragon 808, dessen sechs Kerne mit bis zu 1,8 GHz takten. Mit dem Galaxy Tab A 9,7 Wi-Fi with S-Pen (SM-P550) richtet sich Samsung vorwiegend an Unternehmen. An der Oberseite des Gehauses finden sich je ein Einschub fur die Nano-SIM- und MicroSD-Karte sowie ein Mikrofon.

In der vergangenen Woche war das Blackberry Priv vorubergehend fur 749 Dollar im amerikanischen Blackberry Store aufgetaucht. UmfrageWahlen Sie von folgenden Anforderungen drei aus, die fur ein professionell genutztes Smartphone fur Sie am wichtigsten sind? Ultrabook, Celeron, Celeron Inside, Core Inside, Intel, Intel Logo, Intel Atom, Intel Atom Inside, Intel Core, Intel Inside, Intel Inside Logo, Intel vPro, Itanium, Itanium Inside, Pentium, Pentium Inside, vPro Inside, Xeon, Xeon Phi, und Xeon Inside sind Marken der Intel Corporation in den USA und anderen Landern. It's a remarkable bit of software engineering that wraps complex technologies into a friendly interface. You can use it as a central console to manage FTP servers, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and other S3-compliant cloud storage vendors, OpenStack, and WebDAV servers. This gives you the best performance and security, and easier management, because you can take advantage of the many free Linux servers and tools to help run OwnCloud, such as mail servers, Web servers, encryption tools, scripting language support, and other necessary tools. The interface is clean and logical, and OwnCloud provides good user and admin manuals. OwnCloud 6 is the current stable version, and while it's pretty nice the real star of the show is OwnCloud 7 (OC 7), which is scheduled for its stable release sometime this month.
All you need are your SharePoint server login credentials and your SharePoint server address. Just like SharePoint libraries, you can create global or allow user shares, and control which of your OwnCloud users can see them.
Then you send the link to whoever you want to share it with, and they connect with a couple of clicks.
Quota management offers a nice new option: you can choose whether to include remote storage in your users' storage quotas. The Group Admin can add and remove users, which is a great chore to offload to someone else. You can sort by name, date, or size, and now files shared with you display the name of the file owner and a shared icon.
This is now greatly improved, and you should be able to keep your OC 7 server upgraded with just a mouse click. Met OwnCloud bouw je zelf een online bestandsdienst en hou je de touwtjes helemaal in eigen handen. Ben je zzp’er, ondernemer of zet je je in voor stichting of club, dan kan je door alles via ownCloud centraal te houden sneller schakelen. Famous cloud drives in the world are Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, MEGA, Amazon Cloud Drive and so on.
In the past, we could only download and then re-upload, switch accounts, sign in and out time, etc. Enter MultCloud you need an account, free to register, or choose Experience without signing up.
You can have many management options from context menu: new folder, delete, upload, rename, preview, share, cut, copy, copy to, download, go to official site.
As their details can be marked with their concerning post even we would like to add that out Guest Authors are expert and master of their own sector. This is a grand platform where anyone can learn and share the informative concept & useful tips that revolve around the web development. In den USA kostet das Smartphone 699 Dollar (634 Euro) und damit 50 Dollar weniger als noch vor wenigen Tagen vermutet.
Stattdessen verweist die deutsche Website des Unternehmens auf die Handler Amazon, MediaMarkt und Saturn.
Es verfugt uber ein 5,4 Zoll gro?es AMOLED-Display mit an den Langsseiten leicht gebogenen Randern, ahnlich Samsungs Galaxy-Edge-Modellen.
An der Unterseite sitzen ein Micro-USB-Port zum Laden sowie eine 3,5-Millimeter-Kopfhorerbuchse und auf der rechten Gehauseseite die Lautstarkeregelung und eine Komforttaste, der vermutlich eine Anwendung wie Blackberry Assistant oder Google Now zugewiesen werden kann. Ob nicht nur der vorzeitige Start, sondern auch der Preis ein Versehen waren, ist nicht bekannt. Editorial items appearing on that were originally published on other editions of ZDNet are the copyright property of CBS Interactive, Inc. Memiliki antusias dalam hal sejarah manusia (ibn Katsir) dan software engineering, termasuk di dalamnya agile development (kanban), programming (PHP, JS, RoR, XCode, Titanium), dan cloud services. OwnCloud's core function is file sharing, and it also supports Webmail, streaming media, shared contacts and calendars, encryption, and many other features. Your users can access your OwnCloud server from pretty much everything: via Web browser, the desktop sync client for Mac, Windows, and Linux, and mobiles devices. This is a great way to connect branch offices, hook up with customers who also run OC 7, and to geographically distribute important file shares. It appears in the remote user's OwnCloud client just like any other share, and you control if they can edit or re-share it. OC 7 adds a simple graphical mail server configuration wizard and editable email templates so that you can control the content of the automated messages.

En het leuke is dat een voordelige hostingaccount met een SQL of SQLite database genoeg is om aan de slag te gaan. Download in het venster dat verschijnt het bestand setup-ownCloud.php en bewaar dit op je computer.
Het is ook mogelijk om andere gebruikers aan te maken en deze bepaalde rechten toe te kennen. With the development of mobile Internet and mobile device, more and more people started and storing files into cloud. Some mobile vendors has their cloud services as well, such as Samsung cloud, HuaWei cloud, etc. Daruber hinaus ist das Gerat auch in Kanada fur 899 Kanadische Dollar sowie in Gro?britannien fur 559 Pfund (776 Euro) inklusive britischer Mehrwertsteuer erhaltlich. Daruber hinaus stellt Blackberry vor allem die Sicherheits- und Privatsphare-Funktionen des Priv in den Vordergrund. Trotz des integrierten Slider-Mechanismus, mit dem sich das Display nach oben schieben lasst, um die darunter liegende QWERTY-Tastatur mit vier Tastenreihen freizugeben, fallt die Bauhohe des Priv mit 9,4 Millimetern relativ gering aus.
Sie bietet das typische Google-Layout mit App-Drawer und Benachrichtigungsleiste, die sich per Fingerwisch von oben nach unten offnen lasst. Ein niedrigerer Preis sollte dem kanadischen Unternehmen jedoch helfen, die angestrebten Verkaufszahlen zu erreichen. OwnCloud offers modular features, each controlled by an app, so you can tailor it for your needs without incurring a lot of bloat. If you have some kind of flexible remote cloud storage for users connected to your OwnCloud server, or a giant storage server, it makes sense to not include it in their quotas, and to restrict only local storage. Deze zal controleren of je hostingaccount aan de eisen voldoet en meteen alle benodigde bestanden downloaden en installeren.
MultCloud does not need your username and password if the cloud supports OAuth authorization is the last step in the cloud’s official website. Angesichts der Vielzahl von Bedrohungen und Schadprogrammen fur die Android-Plattform durften zumindest einige Nutzer nicht abgeneigt sein, fur mehr Sicherheit auch einen Aufschlag zu bezahlen. Fur Foto- und Videoaufnahmen bietet Blackberrys Android-Smartphone eine ruckseitige 18-Megapixel-Kamera mit Schneider-Kreuznach-Objektiv und Dual-LED-Blitz. Erganzt hat Blackberry das Google-OS um seine universelle Suche sowie die Kommunikationszentrale Blackberry Hub, die es zunachst fur sein eigenes OS Blackberry 10 konzipiert hatte. Anfang Oktober schloss Blackberry-CEO John Chen namlich einen Ausstieg aus dem Handygeschaft nicht mehr aus. Das Priv ist mir jedoch ca.200€ zu teuer und es ware besser gewesen wenn es bei BB10 geblieben ware. De inloggegevens van je ftp-account kun je in de meeste gevallen terugvinden in het dashboard van je hosting provider. Hier staan ook links naar de apps voor Android en iOS zodat je ook op je mobiel altijd de juiste bestanden bij je hebt.
What’s more, you are able to create your own private cloud drive through own cloud service.
Here, you can set more details when transferring: overwritten or filter, scheduled file copy, etc. Die Entscheidung will er davon abhangig machen, ob der Geschaftsbereich im kommenden Jahr schwarze Zahlen schreibt. RIM muss die Gerate auf jedenfall in die Laden bringen damit sie auch gesehen und getestet werden konnen. Tijdens de installatie wordt gevraagd in welke map ownCloud moet worden geïnstalleerd. Let op: in sommige gevallen is het noodzakelijk dat je zelf even de database moet instellen. A good news is that MultCloud released a Chrome extension, which will help you transfer Google Drive to another account easily.
Zudem fuhrt Blackberry mit dem Priv die exklusive Warn-Software DTEK ein, die fur mehr Sicherheit und Privatsphare sorgen soll. Habe mehrere meiner Bekannten mit dem Classic uberrascht und fast alle sind total begeistert von der Tastatur und uberlegen sich jetzt das Priv zuzulegen,denn das Priv wird Samsung und Apple nichts nachstehen. If the distance were any further between IBM and Amazon, they'd need a DeLorean with a flux capacitor to see each other. Once a strong vision, the Cloud has moved beyond what Dell can manage based on their current state as a company. Dell formally withdrew its IaaS offering a few months back (read: Dell Dumps Cloud Aspirations).

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