As mentioned earlier, it is based on PHP and database combination, database can be any of the above four. Now you can start upload a file via browser, alternately you can download ownCloud client to upload the files.
Error may come due to multiple reasons, Selinux, Apache permissions, Directory issue, Why don’t you look at the following.
I suyppose for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to mmy Google account.

To enable it, open your virtual host file and make AllowOverride is set to All.For example, here i used main config file because cloud directory placed under default root directory, open up and change the directive.
Browser will automatically take you to ownCloud setup page where it must be configured before going to live. So really pay attention a multitude of new options for ‘having a good theme that is play game part of our time. The project is based on PHP and a SQLite, MySQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL database, so it can run on all platforms that meet these requirements.

For demo purpose i installed both SQLite and MySQL on Fedora, we will talk about reason behind later.

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