Use below yum command to install php and apache web server (httpd) and other PHP dependencies. Ein Cloud-Speicher ist praktisch, hat aber den Nachteil, dass man Daten in die HA¤nde von Unternehmen gibt. Alternativ laden Sie sich das komplette Installationspaket bei "Computer Bild" herunter und A?bertragen sA¤mtliche Dateien sofort per FTP.
Ist die PHP-Datei hochgeladen, schlieAYen Sie Ihr FTP-Programm wieder und A¶ffnen Ihren Browser.
This is the first public ownCloud Android app release and it doesn't have to many features yet, but it does have the basics: browse, upload, download and delete files.

Further more, for now the application doesn't support non-standard ports so if you've configured your ownCloud setup to use such a port, you won't be able to use the Android app for now.
Step 6: Placing it in the encloserNow the software is setup the Pi just needs placing in to the box. If you don't want to go through the steps for downloading and setup up the software you can download the image I have setup from here. Data hosted in ownCloud can be access at any time either via web browsers or desktop client or may be via smart phone aaps. A?ber einen Browser oder eine Smartphone-App (gibt es fA?r iOS und Android) greifen Sie ab sofort von A?berall auf Ihre Dateien zu a€“ wie bei Dropbox & Co.

The application also supports previews for videos and photos but only for those on your device (which you want to upload) and not for those available on the ownCloud server.
While I have done everything I can to check this is working it should be understood that you use at your own risk. Im Zweifelsfall wenden Sie sich an Ihren Provider, um die aktuell verfA?gbare PHP-Fassung zu erfragen.

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