I have assumed a 10GB limit (10G) and a 60 hour session which should cover even the most extreme upload scenarios. You should also adjust your maximum upload size to match what the nginx configuration says.
If you already have your hard drive mounted properly then you can add the www-data user to the pi group to prevent permission issues.
Note that you may have to enable NAT loopback in your router or the equivalent setting for your dynamic DNS address to work inside your home network. Once you get to the ownCloud web interface choose an administrative account name and password. Enter the SQL database details you created earlier, your username and password come first and then the database name. Alter permissions for your mounted folders if you encounter any problems, 750 gives write, read and execute access to the www-data user and read and write access to the www-data group.
If these guides have saved you time or frustration and you'd like to say thank you while supporting the creation of new posts become a patron of HTPC Guides. The best thing about ownCloud is that you can have all your files (music, pictures or whatever) with you all the time, no matter what device you use.

One downside is that the interface is not mobile friendly and because the download and share links only show up on hover, these features don't work using some mobile browsers (like the stock Android browser). Another downside I've encountered while testing ownCloud 2 is that it's kind of slow when trying to access a folder containing a large number of files (like the folder where I store all my photos). Also, ownCloud currently lacks some features like encryption, versioning or a desktop sync tool. The latest ownCloud 2 isn't available in the official Ubuntu repositories so you must install it manually. It is the closest dropbox-like experience I am aware of that has clients for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. It also needs PHP and a web server (I use the lightweight yet powerful nginx) in order to work so all these components will be installed if you follow this guide.
You will also get a warning about the SSL certificate because you generated it yourself rather than used a Certified Authority, you can safely ignore this warning. You basically have your own Google Music server without the restrictions imposed by Google. But it works just fine using a browser such as Firefox and further more, there are some WebDAV Android clients out there so this is not such a big issue.

I have chosen to use ownCloud as a backup for dropbox so my ownCloud folder and Dropbox folder are one and the same. If you want remote access to ownCloud through a friendly URL see the nag free dynamic DNS guide. And you can use a complete music player for this such as Amarok, Tomahawk, Banshee (through "banshee-extension-ampache" extension) and others.
Some features are already in development: online text editor, task manager, encryption, a desktop sync client, Android and webOS applications and more. If you back up large amounts of data and like speed then consider using a Banana or Orange Pi which both have SATA ports and boost your speeds 4x over (see benchmarks). Do make sure you regularly back up your ownCloud hard drive using rsync or some other method to protect your data. This guide was tested on the Raspberry Pi 2 but will work on the Banana Pi as well as ODROID, Orange Pi, Cubieboard and other Lemaker models.

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