After enabling the External Storage Support app, nothing showed up in the ownCloud interface so I'm not sure how to use this new feature to use Dropbox or Google Drive with ownCloud. Recently, ownCloud got an Android application so you can easily access your files using a mobile device. The upgrade process is quite straightforward; you simply have to untar the package in a temporary directory, move the old folder to be upgraded and run the upgrade shell script. An additional recommended extension is now intl, which is bundled in PHP-5.3, and on my Slackware requires ICU headers and libraries.

I'm curious as to the mixing of $config[] and $rcmail_config[] directives in the config examples. Il caso di Dropbox e emblematico, la societa ha avuto un successo sconfinato con una idea piuttosto semplice: permettere agli utenti di condividere i loro file, e averne sempre una copia, qualsiasi computer o dispositivo stessero usando. I leave the setup options but the mysql interface (select mysqli if available in your http server).
Set username_domain to your default_domain and it will be sufficient to log typing just the username.

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