The new build goes by number T217SVPUBNE7 and adds a bunch of improvements and tweaks specific to the chocolaty OS. Some of the difference Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 owners will be noticing when they upgrade to the new build include new lock screen access (media controls, camera shortcut), SMS App Chooser (lets you select a default app for sending a receiving text messages), re-designed status and navigation bars, Enhance Emoji Icons list and wireless printing support (over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth). Be advised the new firmware update has just started rolling out, so chances are you won’t be getting it immediately. However, if you are impatient you can manually check the update section in the Settings panel to see if the new build has arrived for you Galaxy Tab 3 7.0. Andrew Auernheimer, a black hat hacker known as Weev, has admitted to hacking thousands of Internet-connected printers and making them print out racist and anti-Semitic messages.
The actual hack took place on Thursday, March 24, and by the second day, local newspapers were reporting on thousands of printers spewing out nasty messages all over their towns.
There were reports of the hack affecting printers at USC, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, UMass, Princeton, Brown University, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, DePaul University in Chicago, Clark University in Worcester, and many more.

The hacker claims that after compiling a list of unprotected printers in the US and Australia, he created a simple one-line Bash script that connected to the printers' 9100 port and sent a PostScript file. The first message Auernheimer sent out contained the following text (removed all caps spelling, also embedded below): "White man are you sick and tired of the Jews destroying your country through mass immigration and degeneracy? This incident led to the exposure of details about 114,000 iPad users, many of whom belonged to military and government personnel, along with high-profile celebrities. In his blog post, Auernheimer explained his actions as an experiment, claiming that all the printers had open connections. A brief experiment in printing: a lesson in how positively hilarious the IoT will be in the future. The FBI is trying to make another harassing indictment against me for lawfully accessing public systems.
Like with any OTA update, the release happens gradually and will reach different territories at different times.

While many companies reported the incident, it was in universities where things escalated, some of them calling the police and even the FBI.
Berkeley's CISO was semi-right when he said that the attack was probably carried out after querying Shodan for Internet-connected printers. It is this same defense that Auernheimer used in his AT&T trial, saying that the server was open to anyone.
Auernheimer said he used another port scanner called masscan, but that Shodan would have worked as well.

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