You can select which folders to sync either from the initial folder setup (screenshot above) or by selecting "Choose What to Sync" for existing folders.
From a quick look at the source code, it seems that Windows Explorer and Mac OS Finder are or will be supported soon (I didn't test the client on Windows or Mac OS X). To get overlay icons in Nautilus for the ownCloud Sync folder, install the owncloud-client-nautilus package and restart Nautilus. Owncloud is excellent product but upgrade is headache, You can’t upgrade using Update Center When ever if you try to do on upgrade, it will shows some errors.
Delete everything from your ownCloud installation directory, except data and config folder.

While upgrading, it will turned on maintenance mode on your owncloud installation directory. After putting maintenance mode on your URL, it will update all the necessary files which is involved in upgrade. Some time that also work fine but most of the time the auto upgrade option not working properly. That means they are not reviewed by openSUSE and may contain unstable or experimental software. If the article is useful for you, then please spend less than a minute to share your valuable comments in our commenting section.

I have a windows server but the directions were more or less identical if you understand the basics.
Go to >> admin >> scroll down and see the current version of owncloud installed on your server.

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