The first thing you want to do is make sure the recipient of the iTunes Gift Card has a U.S. All you have to do is fill out a form that needs the recipient email address, a special message and the Selected amount. It looks like the ownCloud developers will have a great year in 2016, as the company's CTO, Mr. We have no doubt about that, especially since ownCloud 8 was a quite magnificent release that brought us fantastic new features like an all-new Favorites section for easy access to our favorite files and folders, support for federated cloud version 2, direct download support, and better search functionality.
On January 5, the ownCloud developers announced their plans for the ownCloud Mail app, which should receive a new version in the coming weeks, build 0.3, adding the user-requested Image Blocking functionality.

You have the liberty of choosing between $10, $15, $25, $50, $100 or specify the desired amount from $10 to $100.
If you have kids or just want to send regular amounts of money to a family member every month, you can do that with an iTunes Allowance.
Frank Karlitschek, has just announced on his Twitter account that ownCloud 9 is shaping up really nicely and that it will be a cool release. It also came with multiple accessibility enhancements, an updated PDF viewer, user management improvements, better updater app, several enhancements to the apps management page, updates to the importing of contacts functionality, as well as many performance improvements. Voici donc les instructions d’installation misent a jour !Je vous passe la description de Owncloud, vous pouvez trouver toutes les informations sur le site officiel.

Passons aux choses serieuses !Comme d’habitude je demarre avec la distribution Moebius.
C’est que vous pouvez choisir ou se trouve les donnees Jihem Merci de votre reponse. Est il possible de faire la modification (ou ajouter un autre stockage) sans tout reinstaller?

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