Owncloud community officially released the ownCloud 8.0 on February 10 2015 with lots of improvement and new features.
Take backup of your owncloud directory and database for safety purpose, before proceeding owncloud upgrade. 4) Delete everything from your ownCloud installation directory, except data and config folder.
Windows Phone fans will probably not be pleased to learn that Microsoft may have canceled one of the smartphones expected to arrive on the market in Q1 2016, the Lumia 850. Microsoft's Lumia 850 has been rumored for several months now, so we pretty much knew all there is to know about the device except its release date. The mid-range handset was canceled a few times and then given the green light for release, which is why we were expecting Microsoft to make it official along with another Windows 10 Mobile smartphone, the Lumia 650.

Unfortunately, there's a high chance the Lumia 850 will never see the light of day since Microsoft might have canned the handset for unknown reasons. On the bright side, the Redmond has decided to replace the Lumia 850 with another smartphone, but with much lower specs, WMPU reports. The device is called Lumia 650 XL, and we have already reported on the first live pictures showing the smartphone. The Lumia 650 XL is rumored to pack a 5.4-inch capacitive touchscreen display that supports HD (720p) resolution.
However, instead of the decent Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 CPU that should have powered the Lumia 850, a much lower quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor will be included inside the Lumia 650 XL.
Also, the Lumia 650 XL won't come with an iris scanner, as previously rumored, but it will pack a front LED flash for the secondary camera.

The standard Lumia 650 model comes with similar specs with the exception of the 5-inch HD (720p) display. Slight changes in design might be possible as well, but the overall look is pretty much the same for Lumia 650 and Lumi 650 XL. If the article is useful for you, then please spend less than a minute to share your valuable comments in our commenting section.
Moreover, the device will not include the front-facing LED flash that's available in the Lumia 650 XL variant.

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