July 21, 2014 by Sharad Chhetri 10 Comments In this post we will learn, how to setup self signed ssl certificate on Owncloud 6 in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server . With the arrival of new Ubuntu version 14.04 LTS, there are few changes we have found so far. If you have already setup the owncloud 6 .Then kindly note the following things which may be you have to change as per your set up. Step 3: Now create the directory for SSL Certificates which will be generated with the help of command openssl. You should now able to open your Owncloud web dashboard, create a new admin user, create new users and many other things.
Ubuntu Tutorial, How to install LAMP on Ubuntu 14.04LAMP stands for Linux Apache, MySQL and PHP. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. Before directly jumping into this tutorial you must have running owncloud server in your system. The method is applied to apache2 no matter it is Debian or Ubuntu.If still you have any doubt leave the comment.

Step(1) Install openssl in server as we have already running owncloud hence installing of apache2 is not required.
Step(7) Open the webbrowser and type the url of owncloud you will see it by defualt goes to https. Watch the video for more understanding.In this video I have also shown Name based and IP based virtual hosting apache configuration. So I got my cert and key up and running but since it’s a self signed key google and IE keep saying the site is untrusted. The log shows that the PHP session files were being written with no permissions so that they can not be accessed.
Now the installation is completed.Now you can start uploading,downloading,sharing the data in owncloud. I also used the instructions from owncloud to allow uploads of files larger that 512MB and it works well in HTTP access. In my some previous post, I already stated that major change is defualt apache server is version 2.4 . DocumentRoot = Get the absolute path of Owncloud directory in default Apache’s data dir.

I did not enable the forced SSL in Apache so that I am able to browse via the internal IP on my local lan. The answer is that processes can have their own permission modes in linux, and Apache2 and PHP both do this. While installation it will ask to give new password for MySQL root user.Hence give new MySQL root password while installation. The permissions mode operates separately from owner and group and is set with the octal representation. You can self host the Owncloud very quickly in short span of time.You can access,share and sync the data from owncloud from computers and mobile devices.

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