In meinen Blog veroffentliche alle Losungen fur Probleme mit denen ich selbst zu tun gehabt habe. Many businesses block access to cloud storage services such as Dropbox for security reasons. First of all none of us was born a Linux guru and second the main interface is ownCloud’s web interface, not the Linux command line. While it is possible to install ownCloud on a Windows server with IIS I recommend you use Linux. I will describe in detail how to execute the proper commands but explaining them all would take too much time.
If you’re interested in that, type man command on the command line, where command is the command you want information on. What this means is that it is a virtual machine running program installed, just like any other software, on an operating system. It is also compatible with VMware and Hyper-V formats and you can import and export standard appliances.VirtualBox is stable, well documented and very feature rich for a level 2 hypervisor. You can then connect to it remotely via either RDP (you connect to the vm but not to the guest OS so you can connect to a non-graphical UNIX server just as easily as you could connect to a Windows guest), a remote VirtualBox installation or through conventional means such as an MMC or SSH.The idea is you install VirtualBox on an existing server.

Select the downloaded package and click Open.Close VirtualBox and run it again as a regular user. Sometimes VirtualBox doesn’t quite get this and you need to end the process and try again.
This is a bug in VirtualBox or in Windows and it’s only after the above procedure of running as administrator and installing the Extension Pack. VMDK disks are compatible with VMware and VHD disks can be used on Windows with or without Hyper-V. Take your pick and click Next.In the next step you need to choose between a dynamically allocated and a fixed size drive. From the list on the left side choose Network.For an exhaustive discussion on virtual networking, read chapter 6 of the manual.
My screenshot shows an Intel Centrino adapter, which is a wireless card, because I’m writing this on a laptop. In the event you’re using a wireless card you may need to click Advanced and play around with the Promiscuous Mode setting.
Then wait for the installer to continue.The installer asks if you want to participate in a package usage survey.

Read the message and click Yes.The way this works is you log into the virtual machine via SSH with a regular user account, then as that user switch to the root account. Depending on your browser you will either get a blank page or a page showing the contents of the file you just created. I prefer this method to the packaged version because it takes out the dependence on the package manager (the person managing the packages, not the package manager on your system) and you know exactly what you are doing.Here is a list of packages that need to be installed for ownCloud to work. Connecting ownCloud to Active DirectoryIn Active Directory Users and Computers create a new user called owncloudaduser. If your AD works you don’t have to deal with it but as soon as things start to disintegrate you will have to get your shovel and dig in the LDAP database.
Especially handy is the Attribute Editor which tells you not only which attributes there are but also their exact values which can be very helpful when troubleshooting the connection between ownCloud and Active Directory.Right, back to ownCloud.

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