A la difference de Dropbox ou Google Drive pour ne citer que deux alternatives commerciales, vos fichiers sont sur un serveur que vous controlez, soit chez vous, soit heberge chez un prestataire en qui vous avez confiance. Autre point interessant, les personnes avec qui vous partagez des donnees n'ont pas besoin de creer un compte ! Il est a noter que cette solution vous donne acces a vos donnees sur le serveur mais ne les synchronise pas sur votre PC. Commencez par vous connecter sur votre espace ownCloud par le client Web avec vos identifiants. Pour finir, vous pouvez creer un signet dans Nautilus pour avoir acces a votre nuage ownCloud sous la main. Vous pouvez utiliser le programme owncloud-client pour profiter d'un client similaire a dropbox. Il peut etre necessaire de se synchroniser avec plusieurs serveurs ownCloud, par exemple un pour le travail et un personnel ou associatif. Pour monter le nuage dans le gestionnaire de fichiers nautilus, l'utilisation de davfs2 facilite la demarche. Dans la commande ci-dessus, remplacez localhost par l'adresse du serveur sur lequel est installe ownCloud.
Quand on se connecte a ce type de lien, il est possible de passer en affichage mosaique en cliquant sur le bouton en haut a droite, cf. Pour la synchronisation des contacts, une application comme CardDAV-Sync fait l'affaire. Pour synchroniser le calendrier, il suffit, une fois le module complementaire lightning de Thunderbird installe, de creer un nouveu calendrier sur le reseau et de renseigner le lien caldav disponible dans les parametres du calendrier. Pour des raisons de securite et surtout si le service est accessible depuis Internet, il est recommande de suivre les differentes releases (versions) proposees par le projet ownCloud. Creer un utilisateur dedie a cet usage, tout en l'ajoutant au groupe www-data serait un plus. Il y a une methode complementaire en utilisant les Virtualhost d'apache, et en creant des certificats a 2048 bits ! ?????????????? ??????? ?? ???? ???????? ????????????? ??????? MSN ISDN ?????????? ??? ?? Net-Mode OTE. The open-source Tails amnesic incognito live system reached a new milestone on March 8, 2016, stable version 2.2, which adds several new features and improvements, along with security patches and software updates. However, for those that are not in the loop, we would like to inform them that new features in Tails 2.2 include support for viewing DRM-protected DVD-Video discs, as well as Onion Circuits for displaying a list of the current Tor circuits and connections. Of course, Onion Circuits replaces the unmaintained Vidalia cross-platform GUI for controlling the Tor anonymity network, and there's also a new system status icon to inform users if Tails is connected to Tor or not (see the attached screenshot for details).
Last but not least, Git has been implemented for the verification of the integrity of transferred objects. Rumors have been saying that Samsung is testing a Galaxy Note 5 variant with a 4K display, but a smartphone boasting a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels and 762ppi is a little too much.

The Galaxy Note 4 already comes with a 5.7-inch display with advanced 2,560 x 1,440 pixel resolution and 515ppi pixel density.
Speaking of which, we want to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 offer a prolonged run time when compared to its predecessor.
Word on the street indicates that the Galaxy Note 5 might arrive with a new Exynos 7430 chipset or a Exynos 7422, which is poised to be the company’s first ever all-in-one solution (ePoP) combining the CPU, GPU, RAM, storage and modem on a single system-on-chip.
The Samsung Galaxy S6 arrives with a 16MP main camera with optical image stabilization, autofocus and LED flash and a 5MP frontal one. But the Korean tech giant is expected to soon roll out a software update which will make the camera even more advanced. So when the Galaxy Note 5 arrives it should have these features packed out of the box and ready to use.
The S Pen is one of the main reasons users choose to pay good cash for Samsung’s lineup of phablets.
Samsung has removed the cumbersome swipe-based fingerprint scanner from its Galaxy S5 and replaced it with a touch-based alternative in the Galaxy S6, which works much better. Since Galaxy S6 model comes with support for wireless charging without any sort of add-on accessory, we expect to see the same with the upcoming Galaxy Note 5.
The current device works with both Wireless Power Consortium (PQC) Qi and Power Matter Alliance (PMA) wireless charging standards. This way, even if the new phablet will lack the long battery life we desire, at least we’ll be able to charge it quickly enough. Before the Galaxy Note 4 came to be at IFA 2014, rumors emerged that the phone might launch with a flexible screen and a premium metal body. Have you purchased a new Laptop or Computer recently and don’t know which Anti Virus Package to choose, well look no further than ESET Anti Virus.
If you would like more information on the security packages or a free trial please contact 01772 369 247 or complete the email form to the right of this page.
IBM said Wednesday that it has acquired Blue Box, which specializes in OpenStack private clouds.The privately held Blue Box, which is based in Seattle, gives IBM another piece in its OpenStack arsenal. Libre a vous de partager sans ou avec mot de passe, idem pour autoriser ou non le depot de fichiers. Il existe egalement des logiciels de synchronisation pour de tres nombreuses plateformes (Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, etc) afin de garder une copie locale de vos fichiers et de travailler hors connexion. Il permet par exemple de gerer votre calendrier, vos contacts, vos marque-pages et meme votre musique.
Ceci va garantir que les communications entre le client et le serveur au travers de l'Internet sont chiffrees. The optional PGP key feature of WhisperBack has been fixed in Tails 2.2, along with saving of reports while offline.
All Tails users are urged to update to Tails 2.2, which is distributed as a Live ISO image, as soon as possible.

And a few days ago, we presented you a roundup of all the rumors that had been circling around in relation to the upcoming phablet.
Samsung might not bundle the phablet with a bigger juice box, but hopefully the phone will make use of a more efficient processor.
Word on the street has it that afterwards, the flagship will be able to shoot in RAW and will even be granted an iPhone-esque exposure control.
On top of that, given our escalating obsession with selfies, the frontal snapper should be of the 8MP variety. So Samsung should just go ahead and offer 64GB and 128GB models instead, like Xiaomi did with its premium Mi Note Pro. A number of recent patents seem to indicate that the tech giant has been experimenting with the technology for quite some time. We have been using ESET for 6 years now and not one client disagrees it’s the best on the market – why? All the trademarks, names and logos on this site are the properties of their respective owners and are shown for reference purposes only.
IBM has bet big on the hybrid cloud and sees OpenStack as the connective tissue for on-premise infrastructure, its public SoftLayer cloud and private clouds. IBM said it will support Blue Box clients, maintain products and introduce them to Big Blue's broader portfolio.Blue Box's private cloud as a service pricing breaks down like this.
To sign up for more newsletters or to manage your account, visit the Newsletter Subscription Center. Il s'installe ainsi sur de nombreux serveurs web sans necessiter de fonctionnalites trop specifiques tels que Java ou des extensions propres a un serveur web.
Par ailleurs la manipulation de certains fichiers (retouche de photos…) sans passer par une copie locale peut poser des problemes, preferez dans ces cas, l'utilisation du client owncloud.
However, please be aware of the known issues published by the devs on the official announcement.
IT247 North West disclaims any association or ownership of such third party trademarks, names and logos. All the information and content that is shown in IT247 North West's website is for informational purposes and should not be interpreted as professional advice. IT247 North West doesn't make any representations about, and neither is it responsible for any third party content that may be accessed via its website. Here's how Blue Box surrounds OpenStack with services and support.Blue Box will sit in IBM's OpenStack portfolio.
IBM also said Blue Box will be used to speed up application delivery, manage infrastructure service and offer a management tool for OpenStack clouds.

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