I think it's less a matter of distance and more a matter of how many of the cloud-ring buffs you have on you at certain points. This quest is still bugged, but as already mentioned, it works to cancel the game and relogging. This quest isn't bugged anymore.The key to doing it is that you have to keep up with Instructor Windblade without getting too far from her. I did this quest with no issues at all on both my druid and my mage before 5.2 went live (I don't recall the exact dates but it was in February 2013). Fly through the Cloud Hoops as you fly with the trainer, even if you have to stretch the leash. Yes you do need to go through the nearby cloud rings for the boost to keep up with this NPC and you then will complete this quest.
So oddly i just had the glitch where she falls into the water twice in a row, But i took it upon my self to fall with her when she fell. When I first saw the Heart of the Aspects mount, I was quite fascinated by the look of it, until I saw it in-game. In order to get your own Cloud Serpent in Pandaria, you’ll first have grind reputation with the Order of the Cloud Serpent – an order of ancient flying warriors, founded during the Zandalari wars.
You can also hand in Quivering Firestorm Eggs which have a chance to drop from Huolon the rare onyx cloud serpent flying around the Timeless Isle. Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Then again, best of all would be if Blizzard just let us get one of every color, either by simply buying those not in the egg we chose to hatch, kinda like with the Netherwing Drakes, or even by having to spend 20 days on each color. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. You will be given quest called Wild Things, complete Instructor Tong's quests (at Windward Isle) and then choose an egg - Golden Cloud Serpent is the Yellow Serpent Egg.
For a boost in reaching Exalted with Order of the Cloud Serpent you should now be able to do a reapetable quest called Onyx to Goodness.
If you have a more detailed guide, updated information or images you would like to send in, then please check out our Contribute Page. The first 2 times I attempted the quest it bugged out with the instructor not appearing and me flying around in the smoke rings for an eternity. I flew off and found myself unaware of what to do, as it said 'Instructor Windblade's course completed'.I flew around some rings and the area, but nothing. So if you are having trouble, fly through some smoke rings as soon as you start following her.
The quest seems to think that you've just fallen hopelessly behind if you don't have at least two or three stacks of the buff going for you by the midway point.If you make it to the part where she mentions the finish line, you ought to be golden. I tried several times with the golden serpent and she still continues to vanish with no warning. To do this you have to go through the cloud rings to get the speed buff to keep up with her.

Today, trying to do the quest on my priest, Windblade consistantly despawned at the same spot as Daedelus describes above. Yesterday, I had no clue that this quest could be bugged and in spite of losing track of the instructor & having no clue where to go, I managed to find the end from help in Gen Chat and it completed fine.
Then i read the note about to be ahead of him from beginning and go through some clouds and then it worked.. I have had no trouble on 4 other alts, but on this oen it is now the 5th time probably and still she just disappears randomly and no, I cannot see her over the water, I think she fell over land.
Only by gaining favour with them, will they reveal the secrets of training a cloud serpent to become a loyal mount. The egg you choose will promptly hatch into a tiny little mini-Serpent which you will raise through a series of quests. The Cloud Serpent mounts are account bound but Cloud Serpent Riding ( that you need to ride them) is currently not. You will find this quest in The Jade Forest and you pick the quest up from Elder Anli (Serpent Master) in The Arboretum.
Once you reach Revered with Order of the Cloud Serpent you will start unlocking more daily quests. You can pick up the onyx eggs on Windward Isle, they are scattered high and low and also dont sparkle so keep your eyes out for grey eggs.
You can keep a mid range distance (she'll warn you if you're getting too far, so don't worry). And you will get a warning on your screen if you get too far away which gives you some time to fly back to her. I don't really know what the issue was, but I hadn't play for a few days and got back on today, she didn't despawn in the middle and I was able to gather farther away circles without her disappearing. I just kept an eye on the instructor and kept flying through rings until the course was completed. And again today twice Apr 1 2013 (Not an April fools joke), I did run through this quest with another character a month ago and no problems.Basically I follow the trainer adescribeded before and no warning about being to fabehindng and she just drops off. And you can finish this quest without even moving she just finishes her speech and you get quest completed notification.
In the precursor quest, she tells you that you need to fly through the cloud rings: why is it such a stretch to then fly through the rings as you follow her on this quest? Going through cloud rings is immaterial.Not only this quest is required on all the alts, which is something Blizzard should remove really, but also terribly badly made, buggy etc. It hovers even when it’s low to the ground and has a kind of backstroke swimming animation. The next series of quests involves training your serpent to race through the training track. Just for the record, I was able to get some far away cloud rings without breaking the rope or even getting a warning, so the range is not a real problem, unless you're trying to hug the NPC.
One thing to bear in mind is that some of the rings are breaking up and, at a certain point, are not going to give you a buff.

Started the quest, the instructor disappeared, I went thru rings, got credit for them but when I made the finish line, no cookie. She continued to tell me the rules of the race while standing on the ocean, so I sat on top of her while I googled for this thread. Return to The Arboretum or The Jadespire Sea before you are thrown off!" which a perfunctory Google suggests was the name of the Mistveil Sea at some point before MoP release. My wife was able to complete it by turning her graphics way down for less clutter and saw her abrubtly change course, this may help for people on older machines, in my case since she always left me at the same spot with no warning about being too far away I was prepared to dive to the water and look for her to stand there and hope for completion as has worked for others.
Very patronising, after we have been using mounts since the Burning Crusade now to be told that we have to learn how to ride a mount.
That didn’t stop me from buying one though as I was amped to play the beta and get immersed in the rich Chinese landscapes. Maintaining around 3 stacks of the speed buff is more than enough to keep up with her pace.
You can also cut corners on some of the turns and be considerably above or below her to get that speed buff.
When I alt-tabbed back to the game, she had finished her speech and completed the quest for me.
After the final dialog of going under the finish flag, I got the quest complete - never having moved from that spot near her in the water. If you are getting frustrated with the quest, it might be worthwhile to just practice the route with your regular mount to get an idea of the route.
The tether rope disappeared at that point but as long as I stayed there, she didn't even despawn.
I flew back to her normal location - then before turning in the quest, flew back to the spot in the water but she had despawned there by that time.
Once you get past the part where she mentions 10 checkpoints, she'll go to the finish line.
Either works to give you a speed boost.Even with the speed boost, diving to get rings put a lot of distance between the instructor and me.
My thoughts on it: An older rig *may* help to decrease graphic settings for this, as others have said don't stay right on her, DO hit some of the speed rings, if she dismounts dive down and look for her rather than giving up and you CAN do this quest it's just a matter of what will work for your set-up. Went thru the finish line, which is on a hill above & behind where you start the quest.
Make it to the turn home without smoke rings and staying right on the instructor as close as possible THEN, when she begins to speed up, pick up a few and hopefully you'll be fine. It may be more of a problem for some, including me, to get all of the required rings AND keep up. I hope this helps those who find themselves feeling helpless as related to Blizzard's lovingly bugged quests.

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