Exploit our decades of experience in technology and 100+ projects developed in different industry verticals for our clients.
Unleash the hidden potential in your big data to your competitive advantage in commercial world and better governance in Government. Buy Software Licensing - Adobe, Microsoft and Oracle LicensingSave with Smart Licensing - Software licensing forms integral part of our business as this keeps us ahead of technology and most competitive through vendor support.
Our practice is used for developing and upgrading enterprise, line of business (LoB), Cloud and legacy applications and 'Commercial off the shelf (COFT)' products.
All our software development is done in Melbourne by highly qualified and experienced team.
Our Software Licensing expertise helps and reduces costs of Adobe, Bing Maps, Microsoft and Oracle licensing. Our easy to deploy platform enables quick implementation of complex and evolving business processes. Responsive Front end makes them easy to use for users while the executive management loves Big Data database technologies and analytics. We are leading contracted developers of Products, R&D Projects and Innovative Solutions. Windows Mobile Development in different capacities to provide holistic solutions to our customers. Develop, Maintain and Support Microsoft Dot Net, C# based Custom, Enterprise Applications and Software Products. Envision IT becomes Grey Matter Partner to resell Microsoft Bing Maps Licensing Solutions in Australia and New Zealand.
Envision IT restarts offering Electronics Design as part of its products development portfolio to cover asset tracking and parking guidance systems. We acknowledge Trademarks and IP rights of all vendor products and information mentioned in the website. I was running Veeam failover why Skyping with a customer and showing them my view of the Smokey Mountains while on vacation.
It bothers me when I get on with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing or has no knowledge of the product. I think a great business partner and customer service professional is someone who understands their customers and knows and can anticipate what their customer is going to need next.
Using a virtual private network (VPN) is a big step toward achieving HIPAA-compliance and secure cloud communications. VPN technologies use specific kinds of symmetric-key or public-key encryption to make sure that sensitive data is shielded from prying eyes. In general, experts consider the use of a well-set-up VPN system to be a secure and HIPAA-compliant scenario. Nevertheless, in most interpretations of HIPAA compliance, VPN fits the bill for creating a secure line of information that meets the standards for privacy. VPN is a very important component of a HIPAA Compliant Hosting solution, but is only a part of a multi-layered set of security features including: dedicated firewalls, log monitoring, encryption of data in-motion and at rest, encrypted offsite backups, vulnerability scanning and multi-factor authentication.

NuoDB rozwiazuje problemy zwiazane z geografia baz danych, umozliwiajac klientom rozpowszechnianie jednej logicznej bazy danych w wielu lokalizacjach i kopiach, przy zachowaniu spójnosci transakcyjnej.
Najwiekszym klientem NuoDB jest Dassault Systèmes, inni uzytkownicy to a firmy telekomunikacyjne, dostawacy oprogramowania. NuoDB zatrudnia obecnie 80 osób, a siedziba startupu znajduje sie w Cambridge w Stanach Zjednoczonych. SAP wprowadza nowa aktualizacje pakietu rozwiazan biznesowych SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA. Our intellectual capital, highly skilled people and development facilities in Australia enables us deliver your software projects quicker and reliably.
We develop software products, enterprise and line if business (LoB) applications that make the development processes faster for our clients.
Our projects invariably involve bing data technologies and our intellectual capital enables us deliver bing data projects in much shorter timeframes and at a fraction of often estimated costs. You lose nothing in translation and get to exploit decades of experience in developing world class products!
Often, the project or the product can be deployed in 'COFT' manner to similar applications but with different set of of requirements with minimal effort.
We proactively work with them to develop software that is easy to use and conforms to best industry practices.
John is Manager of Data Protection Services, overseeing all backup and recovery operations using a variety of tools.
They are the single most important piece of the business and keeping them happy will ensure that they stay with us for a long time. The failover went great and the customer was extremely happy and a little jealous of my view.
The best way to deal with that kind of attitude is to try to ask as many questions as you can and get as much information as you can from the customer. It’s also someone who will take that next step with the customer and be proactive rather than reactive. In most cases, VPN provides proper encryption for health care data by creating a kind of “tunnel” for messaging data. Typically, the pair of sending and receiving computers uses an individual key to encode data where it sent, and decode it where it is received (as in this guide).
However, some have pointed to certain lack of encryption at the layer 2 of the OSI model to say that some VPN models may not be 100 percent secure, because they may leave MAC addresses and service set IDs unencrypted (more in this paper from Sans.org).
Users can securely access a database containing sensitive patient data from just about anywhere with an internet connection. By securing sensitive data before it is ever sent to the cloud, all sensitive data stored in the cloud is replaced with meaningless indecipherable values. Wraz z nadejsciem chmury, upowszechnieniem sie rozproszonych systemów i lawinowym przyrostem danych, pojawily sie pytanie o sens stosowania relacyjnych baz danych takich jak SQL Server, MySql czy Oracle. Wdrozenie obejmie procesy biznesowe o krytycznym znaczeniu dla funkcjonowania przedsiebiorstwa.

We are good for developing, upgrading or migrating products to latest technologies and newer versions of OS, databases, slick reports reliably and within budgets. For example, our product 'Audispect' for Audits and Inspections is used in a variety of situations involving Audit, Inspections, Assessments, Progress Tracking, Notes taking etc.
With a sound products development background, we are able to develop software that can be sold as products to other customers. I think it’s a nice inexpensive option for people who are looking for that kind of service. In this case, I did just that, got to the root cause of the problem, and was able to correct it. It means we always strive to be respectful and polite to everyone regardless of the situation. Healthcare organizations who need to enable user access to this information in the cloud need to understand the relative IT security involved in their business operations. One way to think about VPN is that it embeds a smaller private network in the public global Internet. VPN does have some (obvious) drawbacks when it comes to endpoint security–in other words, even though you have a secure tunnel for sending and receiving, the sensitive health care data is still displayed on the sender’s and receiver’s screens, which can potentially be a problem, depending on where each user happens to be. Only authorized users using the Protegrity Cloud Security Gateway continue to use the SaaS platform normally, working with real data without any disruption or change in user experience. We have also partnered with our customers to commercialise software to reduce their cost of ownership. By creating a virtual point-to-point connection, VPN controls the data packets and protects them from unauthorized access.
Another big endpoint security concern is misplacing a mobile device that has an active VPN connection and can access restricted data. With that kind of environment, everyone is more willing to jump in and help with problems and offer different perspectives and views of how to solve the issue. Co ciekawe, jednym z obronców relacyjnych baz danych jest startup NuoDB, zalozony w 2010 roku. Mozna przechowywac wszystkie dane uzytkownika w Kalifornii, ale kiedy chcesz miec do nich dostep w Tokio, wymaga to czasu i pieniedzy. Ale jak sie latwo domyslic system opracowany przez te firme pod wieloma wzgledami rózni sie od baz SQL, zachowujac jednoczesnie ich najwazniejsze cechy. Wraz z eksplozja chmury oraz rosnaca popularnoscia Internet Rzeczy posiadanie bazy w jednej lokalizacji nie ma sensu - dodaje Barry Morris. To nowy typ bazy SQL cechujacy sie skalowalnoscia pozioma, pozwalajaca na dodawanie kolejnych jednostek obliczeniowych i podzial obciazenia pomiedzy te jednostki.

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