VMware vCloud Request Manager enhances governance and control of private cloud infrastructures based on VMware vCloud Director. The result is an out-of-the-box solution that enterprises can use to enable rapid provisioning of private cloud resources with confidence and control.
Proact can also offer a complete design, implementation, configuration, training and support service for all VMware solutions.
Speak to a member of our dedicated team who will be happy to discuss products, solutions etc. After a long wait Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, aka Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c is about to make it’s appearance.
This will not only bring you to the documentation and download URL’s but also to some ELearning YouTub movies that demonstrate some functionality like, Active Session History Analytics, Real Time ADDM, how to manage and view Coherence, SOA environments, Identity management and Database Cloud Self Service Portal demonstrations (see demos on demand link).
Many at VMware are excited about it simply because of what it means to our everyday work life.
As shared in the earlier post, our goal was to automate the end-to-end application life-cycle management in a private cloud and eventually across the clouds. To populate the vCloud catalog, your virtualization infrastructure admin (VI admin) in the IT organization creates templates using VMware Studio, and is responsible for uploading them to vCloud Director.
The catalog contains all the core building blocks that users will use to assemble their applications. A blueprint design is a visual representation of a complete application topology and installation template for a specific application that can include complex application structures with various interactions. Workload automation replaces the manual tasks that IT repetitively does to deploy application infrastructure for application teams.

A front-end webstore to the entire solution, the self-service portal replaces help-desk systems and puts DevOps in the driver seat for requisitioning their infrastructure, designing their applications and initiating provisioning. Change management is a key challenge as frequently IT will need to update the components running across provisioned applications to new versions to keep up with IT policies and software and security patches.
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This Whole setup of  virtual machine is managed by a software or firmware, which is known as Hypervisor.
VMware vCloud Request Manager adds sophisticated approval workflows to provisioning requests, automatically tracks software license usage, and enforces standardized settings on cloud partitions. Our professional services team numbers more than 350 skilled and experienced consultants and engineers, and our Enterprise class support is delivered 24x7 and in local languages across 13 European countries providing an end-to-end service wrap for all your needs. Here’s an overview of what the business workload lifecycle management implementation looks like under the hood. Automation by definition speeds things up and makes them less error prone, but in this case, it also meant that VMware’s IT organization could decouple itself from the everyday operations of the app and product teams it serviced.
Catalog items include middleware components such as web servers, app servers, message queues and databases but can also include much smaller components such as scripts or fully built applications depending on the services your organization requires. Blueprints can be revised to scale vertically and horizontally and are deployable across different environments for usage throughout the application development, test and production lifecycle.
For a video on how this looks to the end-user, check out the video Self-Service Application Deployment with VMware Application Director. As IT does this separately (for more on this subject, see last week’s post on Application Director and Puppet), blueprints are affected and will need to stay in sync with deployed environments.

This split between IT and DevOps is a goal for many organizations today who are looking to be more agile, save money and maintain strong IT governance. To enable the catalog, you need to have permission as a catalog administration so that you can add middleware components like app server, web server, message queue etc. The application and product development teams, generically referred to as DevOps, assemble these blueprints without the direct help of IT. Therefore, a change management system is needed to version control changes to workflows and blueprints as well as keep environments and blueprints in sync. He led the transformation of VMware IT Applications and Technology as VMware grew from $300 Million to $4 Billion dollars.
His experience includes Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Private Cloud Automation, vFabric, End User Computing, and Mobile solutions. This creates a nice end-user experience and also creates an important division of work between IT and DevOps where DevOps is the consumer of the service catalog and IT is the provider. He has delivered solution across the business including custom enterprise portals, Oracle ERP, Salesforce, Middleware, IAM, and more.

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