You have probably heard that Oracle released Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c on Friday.
Please take a look at Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Upgrade Guide, before you start upgrading and make sure that you have backed up the repository database and OMS! Download the installation files from Oracle web site, and run cksum to verify checksums and sizes of the files. Examine the list, and if there are important failures, fix them before you continue to upgrade. You may get some warnings about the database, some of them can be fixed automatically by the installer (when you click YES), some of them need manual fixes. It took more than one hour on my system but I’m aware that our disks are a little bit slow so it may take less time on a better hardware.
Mikheil, although OEL 5 is not supported, if you can still install the EM13c agent to OEL 5, and as I see it works OK. Have you un solution in cloud control 13c with agent 12 and agent 13 applied to choose and push agent 12 and not only 13? Someone was testing java application on the same server which coincided with the OEM13c upgrade. Make sure that no Environmental variable related with Oracle (such as ORACLE_HOME) are set prior to installation. If you want to get emails about security updates, enter the credentials for MOS Support or leave them blank. Enter the administrator password (you will need it to administrate the weblogic instance, and to register Agents!).
Hi Vincent, yes you can install both repository database and weblogic (+ Oracle Management Service) on the same server.

Since, I am installing both repository database and weblogic (+ Oracle Management Service) on the same server, do see any licencing issue in this case?
As I know, you don’t need to buy licenses for weblogic and repository database as long as they are only used for Enterprise Manager. I do not have a document for upgrading from R2 to R4, but I wrote one for upgrading from R3 to R4. I can say that latest EM12c provides a smooth upgrade process as long as you check the official documents.
Farouk, Oracle 12c Enterprise Manager Cloud Control is a separete product, so you need to download and install it separately. You don’t need to buy license for repository database as long as you use it only for EM12c. I’ll try to provide a step by step guide on upgrading EM12c to EM13c running on Linux system, but this is just to give you an idea about overall process, you should always read and follow the official guide.
Deferred Data Migration (DDMP) is a post-upgrade activity to migrate the historical data of your old Enterprise Manager. In our existing Enterprise Manager system, we haven’t configured BI Publisher, so I entered directory names to configure it. I’ve put up a note of caution about the setting of COMPATIBLE in case the upgrade goes wrong.
As you said, people need to be careful about setting compatible parameter but Installer doesn’t continue unless you set the compatible parameter to same value with the version. In the mid of upgrade when it asks for weblogic password it doesn’t allow me to type in and upgrade crashes in a while after that. If you’re looking for Oracle Enterprise Manager Express, it comes with Oracle 12c database.

So why don’t you install and create a new database for OEM12c instead of using your current database? It seems Oracle doesn’t care about the bad luck of 13 ?? The new version comes with great features and maybe the most significant one is the unification of hardware and software management.
If you are upgrading an OMS that already has Oracle BI Publisher installed, then these fields should be prefilled and grayed out. After you run the script (with root user), click OK and you’ll see the above screen saying the upgrade is completed. It will install Cloud Control with the default plugins (Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware, My Oracle Support, Exadata) to the default locations according to the base location.
You can create a new database for it on existing servers or install Oracle RDBMS software on the OEM server.
My company is not a beta tester of Enterprise Manager, so I wanted to upgrade our EM12c system as soon as possible to test the new features by myself. Well, as I expected, the upgrade process was easy but you should be careful about prerequisites.
Carefully check the certification matrix (in My Oracle Support website) before you decide to upgrade your system!

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