Make sure that no Environmental variable related with Oracle (such as ORACLE_HOME) are set prior to installation. If you want to get emails about security updates, enter the credentials for MOS Support or leave them blank. Enter the administrator password (you will need it to administrate the weblogic instance, and to register Agents!). Hi Vincent, yes you can install both repository database and weblogic (+ Oracle Management Service) on the same server. Since, I am installing both repository database and weblogic (+ Oracle Management Service) on the same server, do see any licencing issue in this case? As I know, you don’t need to buy licenses for weblogic and repository database as long as they are only used for Enterprise Manager. I do not have a document for upgrading from R2 to R4, but I wrote one for upgrading from R3 to R4.

I can say that latest EM12c provides a smooth upgrade process as long as you check the official documents. Farouk, Oracle 12c Enterprise Manager Cloud Control is a separete product, so you need to download and install it separately. You don’t need to buy license for repository database as long as you use it only for EM12c. I recently configured monitoring of Oracle Identity & Access Management (application part of Oracle Fusion Middleware) using OEM 12c and realised that Oracle Identity Connector Server (used to provision accounts from OIM to AD, OID or other business applications like EBS, Siebel etc) is not monitored via Fusion Middleware monitoring. How should you then monitor Oracle Identity Connector Server (post your reply under comments section) ?
In next post I am going to configure synthetic transaction monitoring for LDAP requests (including response time for Seacrh) in Oracle Internet Directory. If you’re looking for Oracle Enterprise Manager Express, it comes with Oracle 12c database.

So why don’t you install and create a new database for OEM12c instead of using your current database?
Select option Add Non-Host Targets by specifying Target and Target Type as Beacon while Monitoring Agent as Agent on which Service (Oracle Identity Connector Server) is running and click on Add Manually. It will install Cloud Control with the default plugins (Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware, My Oracle Support, Exadata) to the default locations according to the base location. From OEM 12c onwards, Service Up and Down events (for Service Created earlier) are grouped in to Incidents and any action on incident is done via Incident Rules.
You can create a new database for it on existing servers or install Oracle RDBMS software on the OEM server.

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