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In 2014, Oracle released Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS), their first true competitor to Tableau, Domo and other cloud-based BI services. Unlike traditional on-premise BI environments, companies, organizations and departments can now visualize and analyze their data at a rapid pace, and without the need to invest weeks or months of time developing custom reports and deploying a solution to their users. Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) is a part of Oracle’s Cloud Analytics Suite of products. Oracle BICS is one of the first true cloud BI platforms that makes analytics available to everyone, from single department to the entire enterprise. The new Oracle BICS comes equipped with all the features of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g and the new cloud-native developer tools which can be used to model, integrate and analyze your data. Visual Analyzer enables you to experiment with a wealth of different options for how to view your data, and in this experimentation process, you find correlations, discover patterns, and see trends in your content.
In Oracle BI Cloud Service, you can create detailed analyses and carefully curated dashboards, and now with Visual Analyzer, end-users have faster, simpler assembly of detailed reports. Visual Analyzer goes even further to give you dynamic views for focused, exploratory interaction with your data. In addition, with Visual Analyzer’s capability to load external data sources, you get self-service mash-ups of data blending of governed enterprise data combined with your own files.

When your company subscribes to Oracle BICS service, each user will register for access to the Oracle Public Cloud.
With Oracle BICS, organizations can significantly reduce the time and labor required to maintain, manage and support a business intelligence platform.
Subscription Pricing and Scalability: Companies can grow and reduce their BI footprint on an as needed basis, as they encounter business cycles within their industry. Availability:Oracle Cloud delivers high availability and reliability with data centers spread across the country and world. Simplicity:Oracle BICS is a total SaaS solution, therefore no month change meetings or resource time spent on maintaining the patch cycle.
Elasticity:The service offers the power of the Oracle Database and sophisticated Oracle BI capabilities to support current and future comprehensive analytic requirements.
AMD, Opteron, the AMD logo, and the AMD Opteron logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices. With Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service, anyone can quickly and easily visualize data and share it with others, and promote it into a governed enterprise reporting application to scale to a large number of users. With the advent of Oracle BICS, partners can now help bring critical analytics to those who need them the most. As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Vertical Edge Consulting Group has been involved with Oracle BICS since the beginning of the Oracle BICS Beta Program and has proven out various real-world scenarios and deployment options for our clients. Oracle BI Cloud Service enables users from any skill set, from any department, to easily combine data from diverse sources and quickly create rich, interactive analytical applications and reports, in an intuitive fashion.
In addition, the new Oracle Visual Analyzer is bundled with Oracle BICS, providing an easy way to create visualizations and analysis, tailored to individual experience, exploration and discovery. In addition, BICS is multi-tenant, so every subscription is identified with its own Identity Domain.

Within Oracle Public Cloud, Identity Management is part of the Common Services layer and secures Oracle Public Cloud. Without the on-premise need for servers, data warehouse, networking, etc., BICS’ SaaS model offers a significant reduction in footprint versus traditional BI products. With a flexible pricing model, corporate users aren’t locked into multi-year agreements, and can flex their users on a monthly basis.
Join this session to learn how you can benefit from this service today and what our plans are for the future.
Oracle BI Cloud Service helps by increasing the speed and veracity of key business metrics and KPIs, while improving the decision-making process across the organization. The identity management services of the Oracle Public Cloud consist of an LDAP based identity store and a Single Sign-On (SSO) access management service.
In addition, each subscription comes with two independent environments (Dev and Production) with separate Database and BI Service instances.
BICS lowers the barrier of entry for users and organizations, by providing a robust and powerful suite of BI tools, giving clarity and transparency of data across key domains, without the complications of an on-premise implementation of hardware and software. It provides secure and comprehensive information access with simplicity and cost-effectiveness in the cloud.
When you subscribe any oracle Public Cloud service of any type, it is automatically added to your Tenant Services Group. All applications in your services group are integrated and SSO with IDM automatically and you will be able login to all of your Service Group apps seamlessly, without typing the login credentials for each one.
Oracle Data Sync: Um client local que realiza carga dados agendadas do banco de dados relacional para o no banco em Cloud.

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