This research note provides a summary and first pass opinion of Oracle’s Storage Cloud strategy and the degree to which it supports this premise, and what it means to enterprise IT management. Two of the most significant trends that Wikibon isA tracking are the rise of Public Cloud usage and the evolution of storage towards the Server SAN model.
To that end, we believe Oracle is one of those companies committed to the vision set forth by its Chairman Larry Ellison to deliver consistent, secure and robust services both on and off premises. The Oracle Storage Cloud brings to market a unique perspective on how to blend those two operational environments into a cohesive offering for Enterprise companies. Oracle Database Backup (as-a-Service) – Direct backup and end-to-end monitoring and diagnostics of Oracle Databases using the integrated RMAN tools. Object Storage (as-a-Service)A – The fastest growing segment of storage, object storage is unstructured data that is used for web and mobile applications. Archive Storage (as-a-Service)A – Long-term retention of critical data, focused on industry and vertical compliance requirements. But just delivering technology is not enough to remain competitive in a world where Public Cloud services are available and being rapidly adopted by enterprise ITA .
With this trend in mind, Oracle is aggressively entering the Cloud Storage market with pricing that appears to be 20%-80%A lower costs than other leading Public Cloud providers. NOTE: Amazon AWS does not have a specific Backup Storage service, but Backups and Snapshots can be done to either the S3 or Glacier service, which can be replicated across geographic availability zones. Oracle is shifting the challenge for IT organizations from cost-management to data-management, ostensibly enabling them with a set of tools that will allow them to seamlessly manage data either on-premises or in the Oracle Cloud. One common usage example isA using Oracle Database backups in the Oracle Cloud allows companies to enable Development and Test teams to quickly spin up compute resources as new applications or features are being built, inA the time-schedule that best aligns to their business needs.
In addition, the integrated replication capabilities of the Oracle Storage Cloud allow for granular multi-site replication with a just few clicks. While the Public Cloud market has been rapidly growing and offering new types of services, there has been one glaring hole that has yet to be adequately addressed – running Oracle Database and Oracle applications in a Public Cloud environment. Wikibon research has frequently highlighted the value Oracle brings to customers with database awarenessA that’s integrated into their Appliances and Engineered Systems.
By partnering with global mega-datacenter operator Equinix to bringA direct, high-speed network access from Equinix’s Cloud Exchange to the Oracle Public Cloud.
By placing a NAS or ZFS Appliance on the customer’s premises and then shipping it to the Oracle Public Cloud. A This variety of data movement options allows customers to choose the model that best fits their data capacity needs and their security and compliance guidelines. Action Item: For Oracle customers, the breadth of the Oracle Public Cloud and Oracle Storage Cloud offerings is an excellent approach for building a Hybrid Cloud strategy and architecture. About Latest Posts Brian GracelyBrian Gracely brings over 20 years of industry experience to the Wikibon community, having held Leadership, Product Management, Strategy, Marketing and Technical Marketing roles for Cisco, Linksys, NetApp, Virtustream and EMC. Since January 2015, the industry has seen a 6.7 percent decline in revenue and e-book sales have gone down 25 percent. Travis Jankowski reached base all five times, going 3-for-3 with two walks, two steals and two runs for the Padres, who evened the season series against the Brewers at 2-2.
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Stuart Fenton, CEO of software reseller QuantiQ, believes adding NetSuite's product to its offering is a smart move for Oracle . Unfortunately, Kardashian didn't bring up her thoughts on brother-in-law, Kanye West's potential run for office in 2020.
In April, LeEco's Jia even took a shot at Apple, calling the iconic tech firm "outdated" in a television interview.
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The growth of these two mega-trends points to the changing buying and usage patterns of application and infrastructure teams. A For incumbent infrastructure vendors that supply the piece parts, this trend can beA viewed as a significant threat to their existing technologies and business model. Technology vendors need to provideA high levels of automation, orchestration and self-service (via APIs, rolling updates, global availability zones, scale-out architectures, etc.), and be able to fit in with enterprise IT mandates.
By building and managing these systems in either Private or Public environments, Oracle is able to bring deep engineering expertise to the deployment, performance and maintenance of these systems. Enterprise IT must ensure that cloud vendors bring trueA operational expertise and flexibility to the table. Unfortunately, this approach runs counter-intuitive to the growing trend by companies to keep larger and larger amounts of data for current and future insight into the business.
If customers want to leverage RMAN in this scenario they would have to licenseA RMAN from Oracle for each individual RMAN stream. By focusing on policy-based management of Enterprise data, Oracle is allowing their customers to better align a data-management decision to a business decision.
The mission-critical data remains secure on-premises, but this capability allows the teams to be agile and move quickly,A as they don’t have to wait for new infrastructure to be procured or provisioned. This allows applications and infrastructure teams to geographically place the data where it best meets business requirements, and provides the protection needed to meet security and compliance requirements. This is surprising given that Oracle Database is the #1 database in terms of usage and interest. By offering all of these options directly to customers, Oracle is able to ensure the overall customer experience. Oracle customers should begin evaluatingA the maturity and applicability ofA the Oracle Storage Cloud to understand how it can lower operational costs by reducing storage management labor costs. His experiences can be found at the intersection of new technologies and new business models. Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news about Research & Development! It's 19 years later, and Potter is a 37-year-old overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic and father of three. 18 JGR Toyota will take it considering the wild racing and wacky weather conditions at Pocono. The film earned Rs 109.25 crore in the first three days of the its release, which is Rs 4 crore more than Sultan . Toya's friend, singer and reality star Tamar Braxton possibly responded to the news as well. British Open champion Henrik Stenson posted the best score with a 67, and Masters victor Danny Willett had a 71.
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In anticipation or response,A storage vendors and providersA will have to shift their focus to provide such services.
Application teamsA are more open to using agile Public Cloud services, especially for object storage and data management, and operations teams are attempting to simplify their internal data centers by shifting to greater usage of converged infrastructure platforms. IT senior management will need to partner with vendors that are embracing these trends and reshaping their business, and create new strategic partnerships. However we caution Wikibon Oracle practitioners to carefully evaluate the maturity of specific storage services to ensure Oracle’s current claims are met. Oracle’s pricing for its public cloud database Backup Service allows unlimited RMAN streams. By using theA same backup workflows as the previous example, customersA replicating the data across Oracle Cloud data centers can create a robust Disaster Recovery environment for critical Oracle applications. While some capabilities are available in the marketplace, they are often not optimized for licensing, performance or monitoring visibility. By deeply integrating with RMAN, Oracle customers are able to manage backup, cloning, data migration and data encryption across any Private or Public Cloud environment. The on-demand nature of the Oracle Cloud servicesA shouldA allow customers to determine what skills need to be augmented for the Applications and Operations teams, as well as determine ways to streamline and enhance their current processes. His fourth home run in two games gave him 15 home runs this season and helped the Twins again slug their way past the Indians."We all know that Danny is learning that you maybe not always are 100 percent, and trying to find a way to get through that during a game", Francona said. Buescher , who started 22nd and was saddled with a pass-thru penalty after he was busted for speeding on pit road on Lap 95. A The vendor landscape for these strategic partnerships will change dramatically over the next decade.
But it’s also stored in unstructured systems as well, in the form of images, videos, logs, metadata, telemetry and other system information. This is where the Oracle Cloud has a distinct advantage over alternative services or solutions. Many cloud services only offer monitoringA up to the hypervisor layer, often requiring additional 3rd-party tools to gain visibility into the database or application layers.
Brian is active in many technical communities, including DevOps, Networking (CCIE), Virtualization (VMware vExpert 2011-2015) and Cloud Computing, where he has been recognized by multiple organizations as a Top 100 expert.
The Twins pounded out 14 hits and walked four times with Brian Dozier, Max Kepler and Eduardo Escobar each going deep and combining for seven RBI's. Attempting to restrict the capture of this information can create a competitive disadvantage to businesses that are going through digital transformation internally and with their customers. Oracle’s ability to spanA well-known tools across multiple Cloud environments will simplify operations and reduce costs for Application, DBA and Storage teams. He is widely recognized for his podcast The Cloudcast, and has been a frequent writer about Cloud Computing topics at Dzone and TechTarget. He is a published author and editor for Cisco Press and he often speaks at industry events and local meetups.
Gracely holds a BS and MBA from Wake Forest University, and Executive programs at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.
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