For the purpose I have setup a VMWare virtual machine with 2 CPUs, 4GB RAM and 32 GB HDD, one network interface. After installation the network adapter won’t be available that why you have to install several packages and then compile the VMWare tools. Before starting the installation, download the packages from OTN and transfer them to the server. Once you are ready you could run the EM Prerequisite Kit which is run by the wizard during the installation.
If the wizard gives you warning at “Checking whether required GLIBC installed on system” although you have installed all the prerequisites you could ignore the warning. Supply the repository details and please be sure to check whether the database control doesn’t exists. Once the installation is complete you’ll get a screen with installation summary and details how to access the console. The latest update of the world famous oracle 12c enterprise manager will come with an added incentive.
The noteworthy enhancement in this version is the reporting capabilities for charge backs in the software. The newly added activity planner will be capable of allowing administrators to chalk up workflows to mechanize a sequence of tasks like updating databases. The new released version of enterprise manager also betters a new capability that emerged in the last version. This chapter provides an overview of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c and helps you understand its architecture and the various core components that are integrated within the product. Oracle Enterprise Manager is Oracle's integrated enterprise information technology (IT) management product line, which provides the industry's only complete, integrated, and business-driven enterprise cloud management solution.
Figure 1-1 illustrates how Enterprise Manager Cloud Control offers a solution that enables you to monitor and manage the complete Oracle IT infrastructure from a single console.
Figure 1-2 shows a sample Enterprise Manager Cloud Control architecture and illustrates how these core components fit into the architecture. In Figure 1-2, the load balancer and the multiple Oracle Management Services are depicted only to indicate how a sample Enterprise Manager Cloud Control architecture would look in a large organization.
Oracle Management Agent (Management Agent) is an integral software component that is deployed on each monitored host.
Oracle Management Service is a Web-based application that orchestrates with the Management Agents and the Management Plug-ins to discover targets, monitor and manage those targets, and store the collected information in a repository for future reference and analysis. The Oracle Management Repository (Management Repository) is a storage location where all of the information collected by the Management Agent is stored.
Technically, the Oracle Management Service uploads the monitoring data it receives from the Management Agents to the Management Repository. At the time of installation, the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Installation Wizard configures the Management Repository in your existing, certified database. The core Enterprise Manager Cloud Control features for managing and monitoring Oracle technologies, such as Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Oracle Fusion Applications, are now provided through components known as plug-ins that can be downloaded and deployed using the new Self Update feature.
Table 1-1 lists the default plug-ins that are installed on Oracle Management Service and the Management Agent by default with a new Enterprise Manager system. Enables you to monitor and manage Oracle Database and related targets such as Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC), Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM), and so on.
Enables you to log in to My Oracle Support from within the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control console, search the knowledge library for notes and documents, raise service requests, and create patch plans and templates for patching monitored targets.
The Enterprise Manager Cloud Control console is the web-based user interface for Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. EMCTL is a command-line tool used to execute certain tasks on Oracle Management Service (OMS) and Management Agents. The Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface (EM CLI) tool enables you to access Enterprise Manager functionality through a command-line interface.
Oracle Enterprise Manager framework is enterprise-ready and is designed to manage and monitor critical business operations to ensure smooth running of enterprise data centers. World class enterprise monitoring is about monitoring the status of your infrastructure and applications, notifying the appropriate IT staff when incidents occur, and reporting on status, history, and trends to interested parties throughout IT and the business. Oracle provides advanced, out-of-the-box application management solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, and Fusion Applications.
Enterprise Manager also offers advanced management capabilities for managing custom applications, integrations, and extensions. Oracle revolutionized the field of enterprise database management systems with the release of Oracle Database 10g by introducing the industry's first self-management capabilities built right into the database kernel.
For more information about change and configuration management, see Overview of Change Management for Databases and Overview of Configuration Management. For more information about masking and subsetting, see Masking Sensitive Data and Data Subsetting. For more information about performance management, see the Database Performance Tuning Guide. For more information about automatic tuning, see Automatic SQL Tuning Advisor and Managing Diagnostic Data. Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c provides a comprehensive management solution for Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and non-Oracle middleware technologies. Oracle Enterprise Manager provides an integrated and cost-effective solution for complete physical and virtual server lifecycle management. Oracle Enterprise Manager, besides being the best suite of management products for Oracle technologies, also provides a comprehensive solution for the management of heterogeneous data centers (including Microsoft SQL Server and JBoss Application Server) through its rich collection of extensions known as plug-ins and connectors. Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control is Oracle's complete cloud lifecycle management solution. Lifecycle Management is a comprehensive solution that helps database, system, and application administrators automate the processes required to manage the lifecycle of Oracle technology.
Enterprise Manager 12c provides a complete Application Performance Management (APM) solution for custom applications and Oracle applications (including E-Business Suite, Siebel, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Fusion Applications). User Experience Management: Real user monitoring and synthetic transaction monitoring with Real User Experience Insight (RUEI) and Service Level Management (SLM) beacons, respectively. There are two ways to monitor Web site user experience: using real traffic from real customers or using synthetic traffic (traffic artificially created by software to mimic the load that the Web site would be expected to receive). Java monitoring and diagnostics: Zero-overhead, production Java diagnostics for Oracle and non-Oracle platforms. Application Performance Analytics: Rich reporting and analytic capabilities on real user activities and transaction monitoring data.
Oracle's Application Quality Management products provide a complete testing solution for Oracle Database, Oracle Packaged Applications, and custom Web applications. Infrastructure Testing: Application Replay and Real Application Testing enable realistic, production-scale testing of the application and database infrastructure. Test Data Management: Oracle Test Data Management and Data Masking provide efficient, automated, and secure test system creation capabilities for Oracle and non-Oracle databases, with out-of-the-box templates for Oracle packaged applications.
Scripting on this page enhances content navigation, but does not change the content in any way. Merhaba arkadaslar bu yaz?mda Linux uzerine Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c kurulumunu anlatacag?m. 14.Administrator sifremizi belirleriz ve database bilgilerimizi de girip Next ile devam ederiz. Oracle veritaban?n?,Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c’u ve Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Agent start ve stop komutlar?.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud ControlDen nachsten Schritt im Oracle Infrastrukturmanagement geht Oracle mit dem kostenfreien Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control. Die Lizenzierung wurde in Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control in einigen Punkten umgestellt, bislang kostenpflichtige Funktionalitaten wurden zum Teil in die kostenfreie Basisausstattung ubernommen. Der Agent selbst speichert seine Uploaddaten nun nicht mehr in einer Staging Area, sondern organisiert den Upload uber einen Loader Service. Neben einigen Erweiterungen im Discovery und den Compliance Checks wurde vor allem das automatisierte Patching weiter ausgebaut.
Cloud Control 12c unterstutzt nun auch LDAP und Kerberos Tickets und kann mit dem Oracle Access Manager zusammenarbeiten. I tried to summarize most of the information in my post so I’ll not discuss any details here, but I’ll go only with few details regarding EM12c installation.
I’m using the same group id and user id as they would be created by oracle-validated package (which is not yet available for OEL 6.x).
Oracle is assisting organizations to create their own private clouds utilizing oracle software and even non oracle ones! The new release comes equipped with latest workflow capabilities and innovative ways of adjoining additional oracle products and systems.
Organizations providing internal clouds require charging individual business units for their cloud utilization. According to Kumar, the activity planner will play a pivotal role for the administrators in helping them to plan, execute and compile reports on long running operations. Oracle Enterprise Manager creates business value for IT by leveraging the built-in management capabilities of the Oracle stack for traditional and cloud environments, enabling customers to achieve unprecedented efficiency gains while dramatically increasing service levels.
They are not a prerequisite or a requirement for an Enterprise Manager system installation. It is responsible for monitoring all of the targets running on those hosts, communicating that information to the middle-tier Oracle Management Service, and managing and maintaining the hosts and its targets. Oracle Management Service also renders the user interface for Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. It consists of objects such as database jobs, packages, procedures, views, and tablespaces. The Management Repository then organizes the data so that it can be retrieved by the Oracle Management Service and displayed in the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control console.
In addition to these default plug-ins, you can optionally install other plug-ins available in the software kit (DVD, downloaded software bundle, and so on). With the help of the console, you can monitor and administer your entire computing environment from one location on the network. You can use it for tasks such as starting or stopping OMS instances, setting properties on OMS instances, or getting a list of targets being monitored by a specific Management Agent. It is accessible through classic programming language constructs, enabling tasks to be created and run either from the command-line or programatically. Oracle Enterprise Manager provides rich monitoring features as a foundation for monitoring all components of your IT infrastructure (Oracle and non-Oracle) as well as the applications and services that are running on them. They provide end-to-end, integrated application monitoring and management capabilities, resulting in improved availability, predictability, and reliability.
Today, after several releases and continuous improvement of this intelligent management infrastructure, Oracle Database provides the most extensive self-management capabilities in the industry, ranging from zero-overhead instrumentation to integrated self-healing and business-driven management.
By delivering comprehensive provisioning, patching, monitoring, administration, and configuration management capabilities through a web-based user interface, Enterprise Manager significantly reduces the complexity and cost associated with managing Oracle VM, Linux, UNIX, and Windows operating system environments. With a move to virtualization, a top benefit expected from private cloud adoption is cost savings through standardization for operational efficiency. It is the industry's first complete solution including self-service provisioning balanced against centralized, policy-based resource management, integrated chargeback, and capacity planning, and complete visibility of the physical and virtual environment from applications to disk. It eliminates manual and time-consuming tasks related to discovery, initial provisioning, patching, configuration management, and ongoing change management.
The APM solution is designed for both cloud and enterprise data center deployments and is supported on Oracle and non-Oracle platforms. They use real, production workloads to generate load against applications or databases under test and do not require any script development or maintenance. Sowohl au?erlich als auch funktionell komplett re-designed, bietet er neben den altbekannten viele neue Features und ist damit um so mehr erste Wahl, wenn es um die zentrale Verwaltung der IT-Landschaft geht. Wie auch seine Vorganger startet der OEM Cloud Control mit einem Gesamtuberblick uber alle verwalteten Systeme. Somit sind Updates der einzelnen Target-Komponenten nicht mehr an Updates des Enterprise Manager an sich gebunden, sondern konnen unabhangig davon deployed werden. Dieser wiederum kann uber entsprechende Prioritatseinstellungen der jeweiligen Targets (mission critical, production, staging, test, development) bestimmte Ereignisse bevorzugt zum Management Server Repository durchreichen und somit auch bei hohem Client-Load sicherstellen, dass zumindest die wichtigsten Metrikwerte zuverlassig ausgeliefert werden.
Weiterhin wird die geclusterte ASM nunmehr als eine eigene Ressource gefuhrt und nicht mehr nur durch ihre einzelnen Instanzen reprasentiert, was die Verwaltung wesentlich zentralisiert. Im Gegensatz zu den Vorversionen enthalt Cloud Control 12c jetzt ein umfassendes Incident Management System.
For setting database initialization parameters refer to Table-6 or Table-7 from Appendix A at the documentation. Oracle’s goal is to enable organizations to adopt any platform and offer it as service, declared Sushil Kumar who serves as the vice president of product strategy and business development. The enterprise manager was formed with the aim of organizing and managing clusters of oracle databases.
The capabilities of earlier version of this software included the ability to provide statistics on usage by processor, storage and database queries.
The inherent operational health matrices come into play to ascertain when individual steps of workflow have been completed. The early version required to configure and coordinate a host of Weblogic server to build a service. If you do not have a load balancer, then the Management Agents communicate directly with the Oracle Management Services. Oracle Management Services is deployed to the Oracle middleware home (middleware home), which is the parent directory that contains the Oracle WebLogic Server home, the Oracle Management Service home, the Management Agent home, the plug-in home, the Java Development Kit (JDK), the Oracle Management Service instance base directory, the Oracle Web tier directory, the Oracle common directory, and other relevant configuration files and directories. Because data is stored in the Management Repository, it can be shared between any number of administrators accessing the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. For example, when a new version of Oracle Database is released, you can simply download and deploy the latest Oracle Database plug-in, which will include management support for the latest release.
All the systems and services including enterprise application systems, databases, hosts, middleware application servers, listeners, and so on, are easily managed from one central location. EM CLI enables you to access Enterprise Manager Cloud Control functionality from text-based consoles (shells and command-line windows) for a variety of operating systems.
With a next-generation user interface, it provides a rich, intuitive console that can be customized to suit different roles. These features enable IT to proactively monitor and resolve issues by business priority, implement operational best practices for monitoring, and provide consistent, high quality service in support of business goals. Oracle Enterprise Manager's management capabilities include user experience management, performance management, change and configuration management, patching, provisioning, testing, integrated diagnostics, and automatic tuning. In addition, enterprises using Oracle Sun hardware can obtain deep insight into their server, storage, and network infrastructure layers and manage thousands of systems in a scalable manner. These extensions are built upon the same management framework that is used for Oracle products, and therefore provides the same level of stability and richness as the Oracle products.

However, without proper management capabilities, expected economic benefits of cloud computing will not be realized. In addition, the solution provides compliance frameworks for reporting and managing industry and regulatory compliance standards.
SLM beacons are components within the monitored environment that send out synthetic traffic.
With Application Replay or Real Application Testing you can reduce your testing time by more than 80%.
Mit zahlreichen neuen Options, Management Packs und Management Plug-Ins deckt Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control die komplette Spanne von kleinen Datenbank- bis hin zu komplexen Cloud-Umgebungen ab.Der Oracle Enterprise Manager ist seit Jahren das bevorzugte Werkzeug zur zentralen Verwaltung von Oracle Infrastrukturen. Hier bekommen Sie bereits wichtige Hinweise auf den Zustand der gesamten Infrastruktur - verbunden mit Links zu den entsprechenden Detailansichten.Abb.
Updates und Plug-Ins werden, ebenfalls neu in Cloud Control 12c, uber den externen Enterprise Manager Store bereitgestellt, an den das Cloud Control 12c per self-update Feature angebunden werden kann.
ACFS (ASM Cluster File System) Security und Encryption Features konnen ebenfalls vom Cloud Control 12c aus verwaltet werden.
SSH-Zertifikate fur den passwortlosen Zugriff auf Host-Targets und Kerberos Tickets fur die Datenbankauthentisierung eingesetzt werden. Samtliche Incidents werden hier nicht nur konsolidiert dargestellt, sondern konnen im Incident Manager zentral bearbeitet werden - einschlie?lich des kompletten Workflows mit Weiterleitung, Eskalation, Acknowledgement und Unterdruckung. For the rest of the version additional patches are needed, refer to MOS for more information. With the passage of time, oracle has broadened the scope of the software to accommodate oracle application server and third party software packages, like from one time rival Microsoft. This version allows organizations room to produce their own usage reports based on matrices put forth by the software.
While deploying the Oracle Management Service, the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Installation Wizard installs Oracle WebLogic Server if it does not already exist in your environment. You can also perform tasks in bulk mode by creating Jython scripts that are passed in using the tool. Oracle Enterprise Manager framework also has advanced capabilities such as self-update where key components such as target plug-ins, compliance policies, and deployment procedures can be updated automatically as newer versions become available.
Oracle Enterprise Manager helps customers to accelerate the adoption of virtualization and cloud computing to optimize IT resources, improve hardware utilization, streamline IT processes, and reduce costs. Finally, all of the on-premise instrumentation can be connected in real-time to My Oracle Support for complete communication between Oracle and customers. Typically, they test the performance and availability of business-critical services in the infrastructure as part of SLM. They provide the most efficient, optimized and highest quality testing for validating application and database infrastructure changes. Bereits seit Oracle 10g ist der Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control (OEM Grid Control) ein kostenfreies Werkzeug, welches mit jeder kommerziellen Datenbank Edition mitgeliefert wird.
Screenshot Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c User InterfaceFur die Startseite stehen nun aber je nach Aufgabengebiet oder personlicher Vorliebe verschiedene vorgefertigte Layouts zur Verfugung, die zudem individuell um weitere Regionen erweitert werden konnen. Bei Verwendung von Oracle Secure Backup lassen sich per Group Backup sowohl Datenbanken als auch Oracle Homes und ganze Filesysteme in einer Backupoperation zusammenfassen.
The software makes room for oracle made systems by allowing admin to regulate Exadata racks as a solitary entity. Oracle Enterprise Manager is integrated with OVM 3.0 and higher and Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder.
Er ist also auch mit den Oracle Datenbank Editionen der Standard Edition und Standard Edition One verfugbar und aus der modernen Administration und Konfiguration von Oracle Infrastrukturen nicht mehr wegzudenken. Zusatzlich ist die Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Mobile App in Apple's AppStore verfugbar.Abb. Change Plans erlauben ein dokumentiertes, wiederholbares und konsistentes Ausrollen von Schema-Changes (z.B. Named Credentials zentralisieren Zugangsdaten, die fur mehrere Targets gelten und erleichtern damit die Wartung von Zugangsdaten. Currently, the oracle enterprise manager extensibility exchange which is akin to app store or collection of relevant software program on a single platform is offering more than 140 add-ons for third party programs. It provides the first of its kind support for Oracle Exalytics in memory data analysis system. Sie konnen zudem Sub-Administratoren zur Ausubung beschrankter Aufgaben im Cloud Control 12c zur Verfugung gestellt werden, ohne dass diese explizit die Credentials auslesen oder verandern konnten.
Neben den automatisch ermittelten Incidents konnen zusatzlich auch Incidents manuell erfasst und damit im selben Management System verwaltet werden.Abb.
That’s not all though, oracle enterprise manager includes a multitude of operational health matrices, which pitch their end results on Intel, accumulated by agents installed on the same server as the software being observed. Oracle enterprise manager can also work with oracle’s other application servers in addition to the staple Weblogic. Screenshot Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c iPhoneInsgesamt lasst der Oracle Enterprise Manager hinsichtlich Verlinkungen und Drill-Down-Moglichkeiten kaum Wunsche offen.
Sie konnen aus Schemavergleichen generiert werden, womit hierfur keine SQL-Skripts mehr bereitgestellt werden mussen.
Ein neues Compliance Framework bringt  uber 1700 fertige Complianceregeln aus mehr als 30 Standards mit. To assist organizations form their own cloud services for internal use, oracle has been beefing up the enterprise manager and diversifying its portfolio. Ahnlich den Schema-Changes konnen auch init-Parameter zwischen verschiedenen Datenbanken verglichen und synchronisiert werden, was beispielsweise fur Primary-Standby-Konstellationen oder den Abgleich von Entwicklungs-, Test- und Produktionsdatenbanken interessant ist. Weitere Standards und Regeln konnen mit ihrem Erscheinen, bedingt durch das Plug-In-Konzept, sofort nachinstalliert werden. Oracle erlaubt den Einsatz dieser Datenbank zum Betrieb des OEM Cloud Control ohne zusatzliche Lizenzierung - auch auf einem eigenen Server.
Uber das Agent Deployment Feature lassen sich die Cloud Control Agents auf die zu uberwachenden Maschinen ausrollen, werden dort gestartet und melden anschlie?end die ermittelten Ressourcen (Ziele) an das Cloud Control zuruck. Voraussetzung ist jedoch, dass der Kunde alle Targets des Repository sauber lizenziert hat.
Der OEM Administrator entscheidet nun, welche der Ziele er ins Cloud Control importieren mochte. Cloud Control Agents selbst sind auch Gegenstand der OEM Uberwachung, so dass auch Kommunikationsprobleme zwischen Agent und OEM oder Agentausfalle uberwacht und gemeldet wurden.Helpdesk, Alarme und MetrikenDer Oracle Enterprise Manager wird bereits mit einem umfangreichen Repertoire an vorgefertigten Alarmen und Metriken installiert, die jedoch noch beliebig erweitert und individuell angepasst werden konnen. Fur Oracle Enterprise Edition Datenbanken mit zusatzlich lizenziertem Oracle Diagnostics Pack und Oracle Tuning Pack kann hierauf zudem ein umfangreiches Mail- oder SNMP-Notification aufgesetzt werden, so dass der OEM nicht nur als Verwaltungstool, sondern als vollwertiges Monitoringsystem eingesetzt werden kann. Die eben genannten Voraussetzungen unterstellt, konnen Sie im OEM auch die gesamte Datenbank-Performanceanalyse und das -Tuning mit reichhaltiger, grafischer Unterstutzung abhandeln.DBA AufgabenAber auch ohne die Oracle Management Packs lassen sich mit dem Oracle Enterprise Manager nahezu alle typischen DBA-Aufgaben erledigen - angefangen von Backup-Wizards zum Einrichten vielseitigster RMAN-Backup-Schedules uber die Verwaltung der init-Parameter, Management von Usern, Rollen, Rechten, Tablespaces, Datenbankjobs bis hin zum Clonen von Datenbanken fur Standby- oder Testinstallationen. Ebenso enthalten sind Datenaustauschmechanismen wie etwa External Tables oder DataPump-Export und -Import.Nicht nur fur die Gesamtinfrastruktur gibt es eine Uberblicksseite, auch jeder Targettyp selbst hat wiederum eine individuelle Startseite, auf der alle wichtigen Informationen zusammengefasst sind. Neben  unzahligen vorgefertigten Reports konnen beliebige weitere Reports uber historische Oracle EM-Daten erstellt und detailliert parametriert werden. Durch die Integration des Oracle BI Publishers in Oracle EM Cloud Control 12c konnen nun auch zusatzlich dessen Features, so z.B.

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