An announcement was made by HP cloud system hosting partner SHI international that it has gained certification from HP for its Managed Private Cloud (MPC) solution.
SHI Managed Private Cloud has HP CloudSystem solutions as its founding block and is appliance based channel for cloud computing.
Certain government and industry imposed rules dictate that enterprise data remains securely tucked behind a company’s firewall which culls its ability to fully leverage the benefits of cloud computing.
SHI came into existence in 1989, and is a worldwide provisionary of technology products and services with net worth of $4 billion and counting. IBM not only delivers Bluemix and the platform services layer as-a-service (PaaS), but it can also operate the underlying infrastructure layer as-a-service (IaaS) as well. Bluemix Local is delivered as-a-service on your own hardware or on a pre-integrated converged infrastructure. Across public, dedicated, and on-premises cloud, the core Bluemix platform is always the same.
Bluemix Local is delivered behind the firewall and integrated with IBM's market-leading security intelligence and edge protection technology that some companies use to manage billions of security incidents a day.
With the architect's guide to Bluemix Local, we walk you step-by-step through the services, process, and components spanning from IBM to your data center that make up the platform and Relay infrastructure.
The Bluemix catalog is the single palette your developers can use to construct and extend apps and services. Integrated with your LDAP, easily search for users, add them to groups, control permissions, and create organizations inside your Bluemix account. Real-time homepage information on your usage with a percentage view of your memory, disk, and CPU usage information. Keep track of user access, administration events, anti-virus status, DataPower reports, firewall, login audits, and server logins.

Convergence of compute and storage is all the rage in the virtualization market these days.
Note that the single HDD per node in the Lenovo cluster, while supported by VMware, is not recommended.
We offer you the latest in datacenter hardware technology from the biggest brands–like Brandrex , Dell® and Quanta Computer®–to give you the underlying power and performance you need to run a world-class hosting service. The MPC allows SHI’s labs to remotely monitor an organization’s data, as it uses Managed Private Vcore which enables virtual machines to coexist with company’s data center. SHI’s MPC distinguishes itself by negating this barrier with provision of cloud environment while still remaining within the rules.
It is comprised of the most capable and awe worthy sales force and supported by professional experts like software volume licensing, hardware procurement and certified IT experts.
Since Bluemix Local is deployed inside your data center- in close proximity to your existing systems - you can improve performance of hybrid applications.
This means you can easily build apps and services in Local and expand or migrate them to a public or dedicated platform as your strategy grows or evolves over time.
Create and publish APIs into your Bluemix private catalog and then create rules and policies to control access to them. Choose from our cloud-in-a-box Bluemix Local System or your company's bring-your-own-hardware solution. Collaborate with the Bluemix team on updates and platform health, and focus your time onboarding users, managing your catalog, deep-diving on problem resolution, and facilitating connectivity with existing systems.
VSAN achieves high availability by replicating storage objects (virtual machine disks, snapshot images, VM swap disks) across the cluster, allowing admins to specify the number of failures (nodes, drives, or network) to be tolerated on a per-VM basis. Not surprisingly, VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) is the showcase scenario, with VMware's Horizon View product the first to take advantage of the new product.

For even a low-end VSAN node (supporting up to 15 VMs and 2K IOPS per node), VMware recommends at least five 1TB HDDs (NL-SAS). This extension in partnership would ensure that HP customers interested in purchasing private cloud services can opt for SHI’s (MPC) by ordering it through HP sales representative. Supported infrastructure choices include the Bluemix Local System and OpenStack through Blue Box Local.
With Relay, we keep your Bluemix Local deployment on the same update and release cycle as the public platform.
Either deployment option can leverage IBM's PureApplication Software, which enables you to combine cloud-native apps with these more complex middleware applications under one converged infrastructure. It addresses latency by leveraging flash-based storage devices for write buffering and read caching, along with support for 10GbE network connectivity.
To turn VSAN on requires enabling a single check box from the settings page for the vSphere cluster. And you see it in VMware's vSphere flagship with the addition of Virtual SAN, a new capability built into the ESXi hypervisor that turns the direct-attached storage in vSphere cluster nodes into highly available, high-performance shared storage. You then select either Automatic or Manual for adding disks to the VSAN storage pool, and you're done.
SHI is further distinguished by the fact that its largest minority and woman owned business enterprise in the United States and currently occupies 18th spot on VAR 500 list of North American IT companies.

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