UC Browser, salah satu mobile browser terpopuler di dunia, telah mencapai peringkat 2 “Top Free Android Apps” di Google Play Store Indonesia, menetapkan posisi UC Browser sebagai aplikasi mobile browser yang paling banyak diunduh untuk Android di Indonesia. Fitur- fitur yang membuat UC Browser untuk Android menjadi sangat populer di Indonesia adalah sebagai berikut: High-Speed Browsing dengan teknologi kompresi canggih yang menawarkan pengalaman browsing lebih cepat dan konsumsi data yang lebih hemat, Smart Downloading, User Interface simpel yang memungkinkan penggunaan yang mudah, FB Faster Add-On yang memungkinkan akses tercepat untuk Facebook, dan fasilitas bagi pengguna untuk mempersonalisasi tema dan tampilan di dalam aplikasi. Versi Android dari UC browser dapat diunduh secara gratis di Google Play Store, memberikan  all-in-one web experience yang tercepat bagi para pengguna –  Searching, Browsing, Downloading, Video, Gaming, Shopping, dan Social Sharing dengan kecepatan tertinggi. UCWeb Inc (UCWeb), sebuah perusahaan Alibaba Group, adalah penyedia terkemuka perangkat lunak dan layanan Internet mobile.
Diperkaya fitur-fitur yang memberikan pengalaman browsing, download, dan media sosial yang lebih baik, UC Browser untuk Android juga dilengkapi oleh akses instan untuk berbagai konten populer untuk pengguna di Indonesia. Fitur-fitur ini sangat penting bagi pengguna mobile internet di negara ini mengingat media sosial dan download adalah aktivitas yang paling sering dilakukan oleh pengguna mobile internet di Indonesia.
Sejak dimulai pada  2004, misi UCWeb adalah memberikan pengalaman  Internet  mobile yang lebih baik untuk miliaran pengguna di seluruh dunia. Produk unggulan dari UCWeb, UC Browser, tersedia di lebih dari 3.000 model ponsel yang berbeda dari lebih dari 200 produsen ponsel, dan kompatibel dengan semua sistem operasi utama. Melayani produk unggulannya di lebih dari 150 negara dan wilayah di seluruh dunia, UC Browser sekarang tersedia dalam 11 bahasa termasuk Inggris, Rusia, Indonesia, dan Vietnam.

In fact, it is interesting to note that the PC version is almost 200 times faster than the mobile version. Additionally, it has a file manager and download manager available to handle your storage needs.The browser operates on operating systems like Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP, just to name a few.
Using this program, you will experience faster browsing experience with lesser bandwidth consumption.
This browser is designed to work on slow internet speeds, making it a fantastic option for people living in remote areas who don’t have access to high internet speeds. However, there are others too that can be used.After decompressing the file, run the program and have it installed. If you want a basic browser that is fast and adaptable, UC browser is the one you should go for. It has several quick access links divided into specific categories that carry recommendations based on your browsing history. Of course, lots of tab management options are there to show you clearly when you hit the menu key.Good browser for slow connection speedsUC Browser can easily reformat the web pages to fit the screen on various devices.
As the UC browser was initially made for mobiles, it already knows how to make a page fit the screen.

The developer’s website has no information on formats that are supported.When browsing online, the biggest problem is the time it takes for the page to load. It sometimes malfunctions when a user wants to visit a website that has several different kinds of media. The pages may start to load slowly and experience will not be as expected.Websites display differently on different screensSimplicity is the main feature of UC Browser.
However, the latest version has incorporated a lot of features to entice PC users.The main benefit of using UC browser is that it can be used on a slow internet connection. As mentioned before, it has the ability to compress the pages and reduce their size to make them load easily. As the browser was initially designed to cater the needs of the Chinese, it was given the ability to perform best in slow speeds.Thus, if you have this browser installed on your PC, you are definitely going to have a smooth and consistent browsing experience. Additionally, you do not need to invest large amounts of money to get an excellent browsing experience, as UC browser is a product that is offered for free.

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