ZipCloud is an automatic cloud backup service that protects your important files from loss or destruction by creating an online backup copy that can be accessed online or restored in the event that your computer hard drive has been damaged.
Zip Cloud also offers online file syncing which allows you to access files from any computer or mobile device that ZipCloud supports. NOTE: To get the most out of your ZipCloud plan make sure to read the "ZipCloud Tips & Tricks" section below! The thing that sets ZipCloud apart from most other online file storage tools is that it gives you unlimited storage space. ZipCloud does not have a mobile application, but it does have a mobile website that is compatible with most smartphones. I like everything about ZipCloud (especially the file syncing capabilities), but their customer support options are so-so. The main complaints I see from ZipCloud users are that their large files do not get backed up, that ZipCloud charges extra for their advanced features, and they do not back up videos. Many users are disappointed and feel mislead that after purchasing a ZipCloud license, they are then asked to shell out more cash for all the advanced features.
I wanted to post this so that you can see exactly what you are NOT GETTING before deciding that ZipCloud is the service you want. If you do want to automatically backup your video files, you can upgrade to this functionality for a one time price of $14.95. This is directly in line with my experience with all other online storage services I have tested. If you do want extra speed, you can upgrade to "Supercharged Backups" for a one-time $14.95 payment. With supercharged backups, your account is connected to a server that does not have any files being uploaded to it. I have yet to test ZipCloud's Supercharged Backups, but I will update here when I can run some tests.
All-in-all, if you are looking for a simple to use backup service, I recommend ZipCloud as long as you take their potential short-comings into account. The Boathouse Marine Center in Pompano Beach, is a 40,000 square foot covered, enclosed and secure dry storage facility for boats up to 48′ in length. We are open 7 days a week from 8am – 5pm and our 16 wet slips that support our dry stack facility are available 24 hours, every day, for your convenience and after hour use. Protect your boat during hurricane season by reserving your slip for the entire season (June 1st through November 30th) with a non-refundable deposit. Please check with your insurance company as some of your hurricane storage costs may be reimbursable from your insurance carrier.
Microsoft Office is known the world over – as famous and widely used as anything gets. If you are Office for its basic functions – writing quick letters, essays, non-complicated lists, etc.

The free availability of Office Online does come with limitations – there is no Ribbon feature, no shading, borders or multilevel lists. Office Online offers all free services and easy sharing with others, but limited functionality. If full functionality is a must, then you are probably already using Office 365 or an earlier version.
Another benefit of having an Office Subscription of any sort is that it provides unlimited OneDrive storage instead of the free 15GB Microsoft provides to all users. Office 365 can be used by a paying a small monthly fee, offers the full suite of apps and unlimited cloud storage on OneDrive. However, if you are a student or using Office for business purposes, then the full subscription to Office 365 is highly recommended, and the unlimited OneDrive storage is a big plus.
This is an automated service that you can run any time by setting up an automated backup schedule that will scan and backup your computer files. They allow 1GB of file syncing space for free, which is enough for about 300 full quality pictures, or over 100 songs, or thousands of text documents.
Once you have an account with ZipCloud, you will never have to upgrade or pay for more storage space. You can link up every computer you own and files that are changed at one computer are changed on the other computer.
Any file that you have backed up online can be shared with a simple download link or by granting access to any folder in your account.
All you have to do is visit the ZipCloud website on your phone and you’ll be greeted with a mobile-friendly version of the site.
When your computer connects with ZipCloud, a 256 bit socket layer connection is established. This is true, but even without the "advanced features" ZipCloud is a heck of a deal and can do nearly everything the average user requires. If any of these additional charges are deal-breakers, then check out the rest of our online storage reviews. However, you can simply drag and drop your video files from any folder on your computer into the ZipCloud control panel and it will be backed up immediately.
If you use any of the top rated online backup services, you will notice that this is a common complaint. Most home-scale internet service providers (ISP's) significantly limit upload speeds, and this is something you need to take into account before judging any backup plan you use. What a lot of people aren’t aware of, however, is that there is a free, online-only version of Office that is very much similar to Google Docs. Mailing formats are also left out, and so is the Reference function – which is extremely useful for creating a table of contents, citations and bibliographies, captions, and indexes. The payment options for Office have changed, as it is now possible to be on a subscription as well as making a one-time purchase.

However, this unlimited storage space only applies to the main computer that you use with ZipCloud. For example, you can write half of a proposal on your computer at work, save it and then finish that proposal from your home computer. This makes it easy to share large files that you would otherwise have to burn to DVDs or copy to USB drives. From there, you can log in to your account, upload files, download files and share files with other people. This prevents others from intercepting communication between your machine and ZipCloud data servers. If you have a question, you can either contact the support team via a ticket-submission system or by consulting a large FAQ at the ZipCloud website. I would not recommend counting on ZipCloud to come to your aid if you need support for complex issues. Through my own personal testing, your own personal internet connection has much more influence on the backup speed you experience than any other factor.
Simply call us one hour in advance and we will have your boat in the water and ready to go when you arrive. Let’s take a look at what Office Online offers compared to the paid service, Office 365. Office Online also allows to easily store and share your files on OneDrive or Dropbox cloud storage, with the option to upgrade to paid plan in order to track or accept changes, or format text into columns. The other programs are similarly affected with limitations that don’t allow in-depth editing of your projects. If you want to add more computers with unlimited storage space, you will need to get separate accounts for those computers.
This eliminates the hassle that comes with e-mailing documents to yourself just so you can keep them up to date. You can select more than one video at a time or select a whole folder of videos and drag them into ZipCloud to complete the whole process quickly. I have experienced upload speeds of of more than 10Mbps all the way down to significantly less that 1Mpbs on different internet connections.
Not all customers need the extra speed but for those that do we are happy to provide them a nice boost in speed for a small additional cost. When you’re finished with your boat, we will flush your engines, wash your hull and have your boat ready for you the next time you are ready to go. Unfortunately, the worst upload speed I experience is on my home AT&T Uverse connection.

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