The integration of Tablet PC into classroom instruction enhances student auditory and visual modes of learning. During an on-going lesson, Tablet PC allows classroom teachers to add digital ink spontaneously on a pre-designed lesson template. Fister & McCarthy (2008) indicated a 10-15% improvement in student achievement with tablets when compared with the non-tablet based classroom. In general, tablet PC refers to any portable computer device equipped with a touchscreen monitor and operates with a sytlus. Tablet PC allows classroom teachers to generate notes at their will, and to annotate existing files such as PowerPoint presentations, pdf documents or Word files. OneNote's interface is an electronic version of the familiar tabbed ring binder which can be used directly for making notes, but also to gather material obtained from other applications. There is an online community[1] to develop specialized OneNote templates for specific uses. Of all the available Note-Taking Software, MathJournal is one of a few interactive programs that are designed specifically for Tablet PC to provide a natural and intuitive environment for solving mathematical problems.
Many of these programs provide an exploratory environment for students to study mathematics. Just by doing a Google search, you can find many different graphing calculator software links that are 90% related to Texas Instruments. The following sites also provide software available to be downloaded including activities, games and other software programs such as Cabri Jr. The site provides users with a online activities and learning tools to be used in math or science for all levels of education including elementary education through to college and university education. Computer algebra and graphing tool for Mac, Windows, Linux and Sun, formerly sold under the product names Theorist and MathView, with ancillary product Expressionist.

3D-XplorMath is a mathematical visualization program for Macintosh computers running version 9 or later of MacOS.
Includes Graphing, Curve-Fitting, Statistics, Roots of Polynomials, Matrix Algebra, Integration.
This site includes a slideshare presentation listing a variety of interactive math and science websites that are organized into age level either elementary, middle school and high school. The Funmaths Game Station is high school math computer games covering many major mathematical concepts. This website includes links to research and elementary, middle and high school white board lessons and activities.
This site is an interactive math website that is designed specifically for high school students.
This site is a resource math website that is designed specifically for high school students. The site has links to hundreds of various K-12 educational quiz games and samples, favorite educational websites, practice tests for state exams, games & puzzles and a link to high school "ACE" help for student support.
This site includes links to projects, papers, materials, lists by math topic, lesson plans, games, discussions, curriculum standards, assessment information and problem solving. The following website houses specific grade 10 mathematics curriculum material with links to youtube video tutorials, review lessons and worksheets. You can upload lesson plan videos or watch student videos or other relevant instructional videos. It combines the power of many existing open-source packages into a common Python-based interface.
It gives you step-by-step instruction, while providing you with a better understanding of fundamental concepts.

Individual software packages handle geometry, equations, statistics, discrete math, fractals, matrices, and games. It is just one of the "teacher tools" available to teachers when they are using a Pearson product in their classrooms. It provides engineering and maths worksheets, together with tutorials, hints and tips for high school and college education. Computer based testing using "digital ink: Participatory design of a tablet PC based assessment application for secondary education. Impacts of mobile computing on student learning in the university: A comparison of course assessment data. The site offers videos, demos and a free trial but the software package must be purchased to experience the full benefits. Using the notebook, Sage connects either locally to your own Sage installation or to a Sage server on the network. Inside the Sage notebook you can create embedded graphics, beautifully typeset mathematical expressions, add and delete input, and share your work across the network.
Thus you can easily plot functions, work with sliders to investigate parameters, find symbolic derivatives, and use powerful commands like Root or Sequence.

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