Style and structure intersect with premium materials, including a magnesium alloy chassis and LCD back, a spill-proof keyboard, optional woven carbon fiber with touch display, and a brilliant 12.5" screen. Next-gen memory: Rely on faster memory speeds and improved power efficiency with the latest DDR4 memory. Efficient anywhere: An optional backlit keyboard to help you stay productive in any lighting. Expand your workspace wirelessly with Intel® WiGig and connect to multiple accessories and displays.

Achieve the same functionality of a desktop with one simple connection, including access to legacy ports, with Dell E-Family Docks.
Our industry-leading endpoint security solutions include comprehensive encryption, advanced authentication and leading-edge threat protection with Dell Data Protection. Our most manageable Ultrabook™ is built to allow flexible and automated BIOS and system configurations via Dell Client Command Suite so it’s easy to deploy, monitor and update your fleet.
Latitude 12 features a durable, built-to-last chassis that has undergone extensive military-grade MIL_STD 810G testing to ensure your system can withstand real-world conditions.

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Our industry-leading security features Dell Data Protection, including comprehensive encryption, advanced authentication and malware prevention.

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