Ezbackup offers complete peace of mind - no more worrying about your valuable business data, files and records being damaged or lost through hardware failure. DotSpirit offers you a secured online storage solution to put all your valuable digital data in a safe place. DotSpirit allows you to securely access your data from anywhere at anytime, and to share the files of your choice with your friends and colleagues.
Thanks to DotSpirit, I was able to recover all my files and pictures after my laptop was stolen.What a relief !!! Download your files stored on DotSpirit as many times as you wish, with the unlimited transfert. Simply send an email with one or many files attached, and those files will be automatically uploaded on your DotSpirit drive, in the folder of your choice. With DotSpirit Backup you can perform mirror copies to have on your DotSpirit Online Storage an identical copy of the local folders you want to backup.
DotSpirit Backup can automatically encrypt your files before sending them through FTP on our servers.File encryption ensures confidentiality of your most critical data. With the Volume Shadow Copy (VSS), DotSpirit Backup can backup all your files, even the files opened and locked by Windows. Syncing your files between all of your computers with Windows is what our software DotSpirit Box is all about.
With our secured web interface, your login details and your all files are encrypted with 256-bit SSL protocol before being sent over the internet. With our built-in video player, you and your guests can instantly view videos stored on your DotSpirit Online Drive. With our built-in MP3 player, you and your guests can instantly listen to any mp3 file stored on your DotSpirit Online Drive.
In one click, produce a slideshow of all the pictures included in the selected folder.No need to download the pictures on your computer.
Use the FTP client of your choice to transfer and synchronize your files in a more flexible way.
The Android application is available to every DotSpirit user (administrator or guest) with a DotSpirit FTP account. In order to access a share folder, each guest has to have a user name and a password.The confidentiality of your files is then protected.
Send files to your friends and colleagues by email, directly from our web interface, even from computer with no email application configured. With collaborative working, users can work simultaneously on the same Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. With the "HotLink" option, shared files can be downloaded quickly, without the restriction of a download page.
To ensure your files' safety, our server are located in one of the biggest and most modern datacentre in France.

All your data ar backed up daily on a second server located in a geographically distant location. Our servers are fully redundant (RAID 5 structure) which means that your data are backed up in real time. In order to guaranty a 99.95% availability, (less than 22 minutes of unavailability per month), our server are located in one of the biggest and most modern datacentre in France. Check the integrity of any file stored on DotSpirit by comparing its automatically generated MD5 checksum code, with the source file MD5 checksum code. We offer 24 hour access, state of the art security, easy access with large lifts and customer parking. Our Cloud Backup (OCB) is an affordable and highly secure cloud-based data backup service for small business users.
OCB is compatible with all flavours of physical Microsoft Windows servers including SQL and Exchange.
You can also backup data that’s stored on your virtualised servers, including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware and vSphere. OCB can be used to backup electronic data that is stored on desktops, laptops (including ones used outside your network) and Network Attached Storage devices.
Files, folders, images and other data such as .pst files are securely backed up in the background without disrupting your working day. After the initial configuration and data backup process, OCB will detect and backup new and amended data files. If you are still concerned about bandwidth usage, you can designate the amount of bandwidth that is used at specified times, but you probably won’t need to do this! Because we are an ISO 27001 accredited organisation, we can ensure that your data is safe and always within compliance requirements.
Our IT Department provides a fully managed cloud data backup and disaster recovery service to businesses that wish to outsource their data backup and security responsibilities. We’ve worked with Our IT Department for many years and we’ve always found the team to be friendly, helpful and efficient. I just felt it necessary to take time out to thank you and your team for all their enthusiasm and help since you have taken over our IT support. Our IT Department continues to provide 24 hour telephone and remote support to our global network of staff, in addition to providing IT manager support for our head office in Stratford. We’ve seen a significant improvement in the service we receive since we switched to Our IT Department.
I wanted to provide some feedback about the service we received last year.  In a word, great!
Our IT Department replaced our ailing 2003 email server with a state-of-the-art Windows 2013 Exchange server solution.
On Saturday the 15th of October,  a team from Our IT Department will be taking on the 2016 PIP Mountain Bike Challenge.

Wherever your are, connect to the Internet and have access instantly to all your stored data. That is why we use state of the art redundant servers as well as strong encryption algorithms. All you have to do is install the DotSpirit Box application and sign in using the same login on all your computers. It ensures the confidentiality of your login details as well as all your files stored on DotSpirit servers.
Send this link to a friend and he will be able to download the file instantly, without having to register to DotSpirit.Monitor how many persons have downloaded the files you have shared.
Everyone who has subscribed to that RSS feed will instantly know that the file is available on your DotSpirit drive. This ‘incremental backup’ process mitigates the bandwidth required to backup your business critical data. It is great to work with such a conscientious, highly competent team of people who deliver a personal service at a professional level. During this time, we have always found the London support team to be friendly, helpful and very quick to respond. Every customer is given a unique PIN code for access and we have helpful, friendly staff on site, seven days a week. We have 87 stores across London and the UK offering secure storage for merchandise, palletised goods, office furniture, eBay stock, archiving, warehousing and office moves.
Additionally, we use military standard SSL encryption coupled with password authentication when transferring client data to and from the cloud. Electronic coded gates, smoke detectors, fire alarms, 24-hour digital CCTV and perimeter fencing mean your goods are safer than houses. Your data is securely stored and replicated to ensure resilience at our UK-based Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centres. With no business rates and unbeatable security, your e-commerce business can thrive and flourish with Lock and Leave. More information on our office space >ArchivingStore business documents, tax records and legal files securely and access them with ease with our archive storage solutions. More information on our archiving facilities >Lock UpsOur lock ups are ideal for domestic or business storage. More information on our lock ups >Industrial UnitsTraditional industrial units are one-size fits all - we have a radically different approach.

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