These storage units appear to contain the following: clothes, totes, boxes, furniture, electronics, bags, toolbox, house hold goods, speakers, etc.
Shipping Per lot ($10) and additional lots ($5) apply per invoice plus the carrier shipping charges. Recent CommentsOnlinety on Morningstar Properties Launches $75 Million Blue Doors Storage Fund IIOnlinety on All Storage Redesigns Website and Rebrands Texas and Oklahoma FacilitiesLynn Sykes on Morningstar Properties Launches $75 Million Blue Doors Storage Fund IIRobert A.
We cannot guarantee the accuracy of translations through Google Translate and disclaims any responsibility for inaccurate translations. This is a timed auction, it runs in an Ebay style format without an auctioneer.  The auction can be bid on up to the 28th of this month, items will end on the 28th of Feb starting at 4pm General Mountain Standard Arizona Time.
Everything is sold AS IS, WHERE IS, with NO Warantees, and NO Guarantees of any kind implied or expressed.
Here at PV Auctions, we are a Consignment Auction, we sell items for other people, the items we sell do not necessarily reflect the views of the auction house or its employees, please keep this in mind when you log on to find something listed that may offend you. By Bidding On Any Item in Any of Our Auctions, You Agree To ALL of our Terms and Conditions. We have had many bidders wait 3+ months to contact us in regards to a missing item, if you notice something wrong or missing from your package, please CONTACT US RIGHT AWAY. 4 days after your invoice being sent,with no payment yet made auctionzip may charge your total purchase to the credit card you have on file if you have not paid your bill by the end of the 4th day. You will need to contact the auction house WITHIN 6 business days from the end of the auction ( Monday the following week is Best for fastest shipping time ) by phone or email, to give payment information, or use the paypal link in the invoice sent to you. A-Z Storage & Properties has always been dedicated to finding the right apartment home for you and your family. A-Z’s portfolio of commercial space is vast, with available spaces in Easthampton and Southampton Massachusetts.

A-Z Storage & Properties provides self storage in a variety of sizes that are ideal for household and business use, short term or long term. A-Z Storage & Properties is a property management company with locally owned, managed and built apartment homes, office space, mixed-use space and self storage units. Text STORAGE.CLOSINGS to 292929 for text announcements regarding office holidays or closings due to inclement weather.
If you are bidding on multiple items in a sale, wait until the sale ends before you select to create your invoice in order to have one invoice for that sale.
Created by Self Storage Association members who have been in the storage business for more than 30 years, the company was established to create a more efficient way of holding lien sales and to alleviate the frustration that came from holding live auctions on site at self-storage facilities. Creating a way to hold auctions that benefit all parties involved in the lien sale process, the company provides the convenience of online bidding while saving both time and money for both the bidders and the self-storage company. You Agree To Pay For All Items Won At Auction And Pay For Them In An Expedient Manner Within 6 Days Of The End Of The Auction.
Generally the item will be found in your package, if you call us right away, we stand a better chance of recovering your item(s), and solving the issue, after so much time has passed, its going to be nearly impossible to track your items down. We do not try to make money on shipping we only charge the actual shipping fee plus packaging materials cost. Spaces uses include warehouse space, retail space, professional office suites, mini-offices & land leases.
Our storage facilities are located in three towns in Western, MA: Easthampton, Northampton and Southampton MA. This merger brings together the self-storage industry’s two leading online auction websites, positioning the new company as the market leader in online auction services for the industry. In addition, the online system allows bidders to participate in auctions outside of their immediate area and pick up the items in the days following the lien sale.

We recycle boxes from our local grocery store as well as using postal provided boxes to keep the costs down for our buyers.
Auction item previews are available upon request and with previously emailed list of each title to the item(s) you wish to preview. Shipping can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks, but generally is shipped within a week of the auction day. Together the sites currently have more than 1,000 registered facilities and 25,000 bidders. When Bidding Online, You Will Do your Due Diligence In Previewing The item, Asking Specific Questions, About Condition, And Description to The Auction House, if Requested Information Is Not Available In the item Description.
Paying With Paypal will guarantee the least amount of handling time but do remember to wait for shipping costs to be reflected on your invoice before attempting to pay.
If You do Not Make Payment within The Allotted Time you Will Be Placed On Our No Bid List Permanently. Without Payment You Forfeit Any And All Rights to The Items Won At Auction, yet you will still owe us the remaining Commission balance.
By placing a bid, You agree that you will NOT enact a charge back for your payment, or if paying by Paypal, By bidding you agree to NOT open a dispute on paypal for any reason whatsoever. By bidding You agree To all terms and condition, written here, on your bidding portal site, and announecments made at the beginning of the auction.

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