OneDrive is a good choice for many because of its integration with Microsoft software such as OneNote. This is a cloud storage app specifically for photos, which can take up lots more space than other documents. Cubby is similar to Google Drive and Dropbox in that it has both free and paid storage options. A lesser known cloud app than some of the others perhaps, but Yandex Disk is certainly one to note. Those are 10 of the best cloud storage apps available for Android and a few other platforms as well.
After each week-end celebrations, I got fed-up with the message “Low storage memory” in my iPhone 5s.
Your iPhone keeps saying “Insufficient storage space” and is limiting your camera addiction?
Cloud storage services not only retain us by sync our files wherever we are, whenever we need them, but they can be a great way to backup, share, and collaborate as well. Another limitation of those Apps are individual file size, they offer only 2GB per file size.
Consider one cloud application which gives you storage service of about 100GB, You might be able store 100GB in the cloud absolutely free…!
Otherwise you may download this best free online storage for iPhone application from the following link and Sync with iTunes. First of all Yunio is cross platform service, means Yunio tools are available for Apple iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows etc.
It doesn’t matter which operating system you belong to, carry your files wherever you go.

It will provide you some options like Create New Folder, Upload photos and videos directly from Camera roll folder, access camera right away from the app and save the taken photos to cloud right over there. By tapping at the top left corner options you may access Files and folders, recycle bin etc.
It will allow you to sync Camera Roll directory to Yunio cloud, which is really an awesome feature.
File sharing is another added advantage of Yunio; How to share folder between other Yunio users? Once you shared your cloud folder, it will be visible under shared folder area in the Yunio control panel. The app gives you unlimited storage for photographs but note the original file size takes up some Google Drive space. Those with AP will get a free 5 GB storage and unlimited space for photos and video backups. This is a cloud app that will give you 50 GB free storage, which is somewhat better than most of the others.
With Cubby, you can get five GB of free cloud storage, and its paid options can give you up to a whopping 200 TB.
This gives you a free 10 GB to start with and has some flexible options to expand that storage with. With them, you can get loads of storage and a lot of other handy options for backups, editing, etc.
Aside from giving you 15 GB of free storage, you can also edit the spreadsheet, presentations and other documents with the app’s collaborators. You can get more free space by inviting others to Yandex, and each effective invite gives you an extra 0.5 GB storage up to 20 GB.

Apple i devices offer limited storage space and there is no extensible memory card facility. While selecting a cloud storage service, what’s the most crucial feature that you look for?
After many more experiments I found the best cloud storage iPhone app which offers free online storage for iPhone photos and videos and here I’m sharing it for you.
Sync folders lets synchronize your files always regardless of whatever device you have PC, Mobile etc. Another great thing about OneDrive is that one TB storage is bundled with the Office 365 subscription. Those without Amazon Prime will probably find some of the other cloud apps here better alternatives, but you can still get the five GB storage and photo backup at $12 a year. Box has some useful real-time search options, and the app also enables users to preview and print more than 100 file types.
Most importantly, it can be accessed from many gadgets, thus giving freedom of not carrying any physical device. Another advantage of this app is that it has MS Office support so that you can edit those files.
Aside from being available for Android, you can also add this app to the iOS and Windows platforms.

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