Diagram Viewer for iPad, is designed to assist individuals who need to view business graphics files.
4.To copy files from your computer to the Diagram Viewer, drag and drop files from a folder into the Diagram Viewer Documents list. Starting today, OneDrive users will be able to refer their friends to the service, with each signup meaning that the new user and the person that referred them will get an additional free 500MB of cloud storage to use as they wish. Keen to get onto everyone’s smartphones, Microsoft is also offering an extra 3GB of space to anyone that enables camera uploads (photos and videos are supported here) on one of its apps.
The newly redesigned Android app closely resembles its iOS brethren, with both now featuring the new OneDrive moniker, with Microsoft keen to ditch the old, now defunct name. With Dropbox the undoubted king of the hill in the online storage stakes, Microsoft is using its considerable clout in order to try and muscle in on its territory. If you’re using iOS, Android, Windows or Windows Phone, or any other platform that boasts OneDrive, it’s best to download the newly updated apps from the respective app stores right away.
You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google+ or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web.
Facebook Messenger by Crisp App combines two services that many of us hold near and dear: Facebook chat and VoiP. When you log into your Facebook account through Facebook Messenger, youa€™re presented with a list of your online friends. Facebook Messenger also lets you post pictures, browse message history, view a frienda€™s wall, use emoticons, receive instant replies via Push Notifications, and set up sound notifications and multi-tasking support from within the app. Two more retired Qantas Boeing 767-300ERs have headed to Alice Springs to be placed into storage. Without the flying kangaroo on the tail and any Qantas markings on the fuselage, VH-OGU departed Brisbane Airport in the early hours of Friday morning and landed at Alice Springs airport a little over two and a half hours later. Two days earlier, on January 7, VH-OGM left from Sydney for Alice Springs and the Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage facility located alongside the airport.
The aircraft were among the five 767s operating on the type’s last day of passenger service with Qantas on December 27, with VH-OGO’s last revenue flight QF524 from Sydney to Brisbane and VH-OGM ending its career in Qantas colours as QF434 from Melbourne to Sydney.
Sister ship VH-OGO remained at Brisbane Airport and was expected to depart some time next week. Great memories of many flights in these wonderful aircraft over the years with both Qantas and also in Ansett’s unique three flight crew B767s. Is anyone taking steps to ensure the retention and preservation of at least one of these jets in this country as an important example of our aviation history?? Here's a collection of useful free Microsoft apps for all sorts of devices a€” not just Windows PCs, but also Macs, iPhones, and even Android devices. These apps will help you take photos, share them, give you access to your documents, notes, organize your travel and more. Photosynth is a tool that lets you create a 3D photograph, known as a synth, which is a collection of overlapped photos.
Microsoft Xim lets you share up to 50 photos with friends via your Windows Phone, iOS, or Android device. Xbox SmartGlass turns your mobile phone or tablet into a second screen that intelligently interacts with your Xbox. It allows your devices and TV to talk to each other so you can control your Xbox One, chat with other gamers, or add another dimension to using Xbox. Microsoft HealthA tracks your fitness devices and goals and works with Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. It's the support app for Microsoft's new fitness device, Band, but it also works with other devices to track your heart rate, steps, calorie burn, and sleep quality. Before there was Microsoft Health there was HealthVault, which is a central spot to keep track of medical files and information. You can also use it to connect to health devices like heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors, peak flow meters, and glucometers, and upload this data to your Windows PC.
OneNote has been around for years so it integrates with lots of other apps like Feedly, electronic pens like Livescribe.
When your picture includes printed text, such as a poster or business card, OneNote on a PC can recognize the text so you can search for words within the image or edit the text.
Microsoft Remote DesktopA  lets you be on one device and connect to another PC in a different location.

For example, you can connect to your work PC from your home PC and access all of your apps, files, and network resources as if you were sitting right in front of your work PC. Torque puts Bing on Android Wear devices as an alternative to the "OK Google" voice command app. Next Lock Screen is an Android app that lets you put information from Microsoft Office onto your lock screen, like your calendar, missed calls, and text messages all at a glance.
You can also connect to a conference call (directly from a meeting reminder) in a single tap without unlocking your phone. MSN TravelA includes thousands of destination guides, photos, maps and reviews of hotels, restaurants, and places to see.
You can search flights to compare prices from multiple airlines, pin your flight to your start screen, track your flight status, book. You can create recipes collections with wine and cocktail pairings, watch how- to videos from world renowned chefs, save your favorite recipes and drop them into an easy to use shopping list that syncs across your devices. It's only available on Windows and Windows Phone for now, but Microsoft says its coming to iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire. Sway is Microsoft's new "Prezi killer" online presentation app that's not quite generally available. The preview app works in a browser and Microsoft is working on mobile app versions for Windows, iOS, and other platforms. OneDriveA was Microsoft's online storage service, a competitor to Dropbox and Google Drive. You can use it as an app on Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, iPhone, iPad, and Android, as well as in a browser on PC or Mac. Templates for Office OnlineA is a huge assortment of free document templates available for its free online version of Office.
There are over 30 categories of templates for Excel, PowerPoint or Word (agendas, budgets, certificates, college tools, diagrams, flyers, invoices, resumes). You can use it for things like sharing a recipe, or individual chapters of a book you are writing and so on. It is beefier than the freebie version of Office available to consumers called Office Online. The Diagram Viewer is a viewing tool for business graphics produced by two well know business graphics and diagramming tools: ConceptDraw PRO v10 and MS Visio. Existing users won’t notice a great deal other than the new name, but Microsoft is now also offering people who use its service the ability to increase their free storage capacity via referrals a la Dropbox, with the potential to earn an extra 5GB of space.
That means existing Windows Phone and iOS fans can claim their free space now, with Android owners having to download Microsoft’s newly updated OneDrive app that will enable the feature for them.
Windows and Office 365 users will see the old SkyDrive name live on for a little while longer, but they too will eventually make the switch to the OneDrive branding.
Lost or stolen driver's licenses can pose significant risks to individuals' identities because thieves are able to open fraudulent accounts with the information found on driver's licenses. The app aims to one-up Facebooka€™s existing chat service by adding its own free VoiP service to the mix, making it easy to engage in voice chats with your Facebook friends free of charge. You can proceed to chat with a friend via text, or if the friend is also running the Facebook Messenger app on their phone, you can connect for a free VoiP chat.
According to a company representative, Crisp App will eventually introduce paid plans for calling regular phone numbers as well. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. It has an operational airport there that could handle the arrival of the Boeing 747 and equipment to move it around on the ground if necessary. Canberra’s location is such that more people would be able to see OJA than if she were to be sent to Longreach in Queensland which is just too far away for most people. The weather in Canberra can be very hot and very cold, but it is not coastal with all the corrosion issues that would inevitably result and impact on the airframe if OJA were to sit as a static display at the HARS facility at Albion Park near Wollongong. Canberra is this country’s capital and as such should be the home of a new national aviation museum. The panorama can be shared with friends and viewed in 3D by uploading it to the Photosynth web site. Anyone in "a Xim" can advance the slide show or pan and zoom to see specific photo details.

Microsoft released it as a free stand-alone app for PCs, Macs, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle, and with Web browsers. You can also connect it with other web apps through the online hook-up service known as IFTTT. So you can create a Word document or a PowerPoint or an Excel spreadsheet while you are on Facebook to share with your Facebook peeps. It includes email and word, Excel PowerPoint, Outlook, but also web conferencing, Yammer, other features.
All-in, users of OneDrive could potentially get a whopping 15GB of online storage for absolutely nothing. Thieves may also commit criminal identity theft by using another individual's personal information fraudulently during an investigation or an arrest. If your friend is using Facebook on their computer, Facebook Messenger will send them a link that takes them to a Website where they can speak with you via a Flash-based VoiP app. The 3D view allows you to navigate photos in all sorts of ways, whether its a tour of your home or climbing a mountain.
Or it can be saved a wide variety of image formats, from common formats like JPEG and TIFF to the multi-resolution tiled format used by Silverlight's Deep Zoom and by the HD View and HD View SL panorama viewers.
It's only available on Windows and Windows Phone, but Microsoft says its coming soon to iOS and Android. It is important to take action quickly if a driver's license has been lost or stolen in order to prevent thieves from using it for illegal purposes. Typically, when an individual needs a new driver's license, they must forfeit their current one to their local Department of Motor Vehicles office.
Then we can have a place where not only OJA can be seen and admired, but also an example of one of the Boeing 767s that Qantas has retired to the Alice Springs storage facility. However, as long as an individual has the required documents, they will be able to secure a new license in the event that their current license is lost or stolen. If no suspicious activity has been found: 2) Individuals should monitor all of their credit scores and statements closely for at least 6 months.
3) Some states may require individuals to report their lost driver's licenses.To learn more, individuals should contact the nearest DMV to find out their state requirements. If suspicious activity has been found: 5) In addition to monitoring all important financial and government documents, a 3.
Experian, Equifax, and Trans.Protect your personal information In addition to your Social Security number, identity thieves can steal your name, address, drivera€™s license number, bank.
The reality of identity theft is that the cases that involve things other than money are often the. In order to obtain a new driver's license, individuals must bring with primary identification, such as a passport or birth certificate, as well as secondary identification, such as social security cards or marriage licenses, to the DMV. Once at the DMV, individuals need to request an application to obtain a duplicate driver's license.
In addition to following the above steps, individuals should contact all their financial institutions and reset their passwords.
While reporting and replacing a lost or stolen driver's license seems relatively simple, individuals need to constantly monitor and assess their financial statements, which can be time consuming. However, individuals have the option of using an identity theft protection service, such as Life. Lock CEO, Todd Davis, is so confident about his company's services that he gives out his Social Security number publically. Lock's services monitor customers' credit scores, issue fraud alerts, and scan black markets for fraudulent Social Security number use among other things for $9.
Use this form to request that an activity hold be placed on your license or identification card if you.All questions in the Required Information section and the Voter Registration section must be answered regardless of the type of transaction.

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