Learn how to access your 1&1 Online Store admin area for the first time and configure some initial settings. Alter the initial Design by selecting the colors used for your Online Store and the background image.
Configure some additional Settings for your shop such as listing items with or without tax in the advertised price, your tax ID and whether or not you wish to set up an etracker account to compile statistics about your store visitors. Through the continual development of smart phones and the low-prices of digital SLR cameras, it is now possible for anyone to take high-quality, professional-looking photographs without prior experience. Since he was a child, Horrocks has always been interested in watching the world and emotions unravel in a unique way.
Global culture has also become a main interest for Horrocks, especially with the rise in fast-paced image viewing. As a business owner, Horrocks understands the impact a domain can have on businesses, making the first impression count. The launch of over 700 new top-level domain (TLDs) endings gives small business owners the opportunity to register custom and unique domains for their business websites. A picture is worth a thousand words – a common phrase to describe the importance and impact a photograph can have. As someone who stumbled upon photography, Rich didn’t get his first professional camera until adulthood. Rich’s main interest and inspiration comes from his two great loves – his family and his animals. Photos of his two-year-old son have also been known to take up a majority of Rich’s hard drive, as well as photos from when he had the opportunity to shoot backstage at the Bonnaroo music festival and 2013 Indy Grand-am.
As an IT professional, Rich saw the potential and impact that the new top-level domains (TLDs) could have on a business right away.
Rich has seen the struggles and limitations that the existing domain namespace put on small business owners like himself. For Rich, it is all about striking while the iron is hot and getting ahead of the competition.
Thinking one step ahead, Nathan Rich’s photography business has been able to increase its online reputation and brand recognition due to a specific and custom domain name. A childhood interest in nature never truly left David Larsen as he turned his love for nature and the great outdoors into a professional photography business. After learning of the new TLDs, Larsen knew this would be the perfect opportunity to register a domain that was specific to his name and relevant for his online business.
The launch of new TLDs allows Larsen to stand out online and better position himself for repeat site visitors and overall traffic.
Not only does Larsen plan to use the new domains to his own advantage but is spreading the word about the impact a custom domain can have on a business.
As a professional photographer, David Larsen’s name and reputation depend on being seen, and more importantly, found.
1&1 Internet now offers a total of 29 new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) for immediate registration, with more being launched every week.
With these domain extensions in addition to the many others already available, small businesses have the opportunity to create new and memorable Web addresses to improve online brand recognition. Successful online stores are optimized for customers of the business, considering factors such as the current economy, technology available, and basic research of consumer behavior. Facebook August 14, 2016You've got a great idea for a blog but one question still needs answering: host it yourself or use a free blogging service? A domain name translates the IP address of your website into the user-friendly line of text that composes your URL.

The cost of domain names can range from $0 to $50 or more, depending on the registrar you use and the domain name you select.
When purchasing a domain name through any registrar, be mindful that the low price you pay for the initial year may dramatically increase in subsequent years. You will be shown the Start page of the Online Store admin area where you can continue to work on style of your shop, add products and more. That is exactly how Josh Horrocks went from living on the streets after his father’s death to being a professional photographer. Domains are often the first method of that introduction, so I believe your domain should match your intent and it should be something you are willing to live up to, if not serve as a self-reminder,” said Horrocks.
These new domains properly communicate to Web users exactly what they can expect to gain from looking at your website.
Currently considering a photography internship with NASA, Horrocks plans to continue to offer his unique perspective of the world around him, taking his work one day at a time.
Later that year my family and I went on a vacation to Eastport, Maine where I took a lot of photos. Fostering over 700 dogs in his home since 2000, Rich has been able to use photography to place the dogs in good homes.
A big part of getting them adopted is getting good photos up on the adoption sites, so that has been a big part of what I do to help,” said Rich. Now you aren’t limited to your name being your brand, but really telling everyone what interests you and your name. In order to successfully sell his photographs online, Larsen knew how important it was to have a simple and memorable domain name. Nearly ten years ago he decided to start his journey to becoming a professional photographer, specifically focusing in nature and landscape photography.
Customers who register a new gTLD can easily link their new domain name to their existing website.
Many online stores offer deals or discounts for online customers, but those should not be the only elements of your online business strategy. You can increase your customers’ willingness to purchase by including the right details of the products on your site. The presentation of products is the major purchasing decision for online shoppers, and products should be represented in high quality.
The easier the navigation is for your store’s “shopping cart,” such as how to remove a product, add a product, etc., the higher the chance of the customer finalizing their purchase decision.
They have built their brand by offering value-added services, such as their mini-hosting plan with drag-and-drop site builder software and a free email address, along with cheap domain registration. You can receive significant discounts on both domain registration and hosting with one of these special offers. As the company name suggests, this is a discount registrar so you can expect a few shortcuts when it comes to customer service. The company charges an extra $7.95 per year for private registration, however, they offer bulk discounts and waive this charge when you purchase six or more domains.
Do your due diligence to determine the cheapest, yet best, domain registrar for your needs over time. As the classic slide-show has long since passed its peak, we need new ways to share photos with family, friends, or colleagues. Horrocks is taking full advantage of these new domains and plans to register all relevant photography and art TLDs. After submitting a photo to a local newspaper contest on a whim, Rich won, and he began to take a greater interest in photography.

The new domain extensions will provide opportunities that were previously thought to be unattainable.
Due to the crowded Internet namespace, Larsen wasn’t able to register a specific domain that would work for his personal brand. Successful online stores have a “conversation path” laid out on the website to direct customers to completing the sale. If your product pages come with a big wall of text, your customers are less likely to read everything about the product, and therefore less likely to purchase.
If you can integrate interactive options for the customer, such as zoom or 360-degree views, it will give the customer a more positive experience. Your registrar may offers price specials for multiple domains or multiple years, but you must make sure your domain is renewed each year. Some web hosting companies also provide domain registration services and may offer free domain names with certain hosting plans. Additionally, the price drops to $8.69 per domain name when you buy six or more names for three years or more.
Factor in the cost of transferring an existing domain, and whether you will require private registration. Seven years later, Rich coordinates the majority of his photography business online, and saw the giant potential that the launch of new domains could have on his business. This could be in the form of a simple call-to-action, such as “buy X product to help Y.” It should also include proper instructions for how they can complete their order. The combination of visuals and descriptive text is all you have to win a customer over, so it is very important. You can make it easier for your customers to learn about your products by breaking down the most important elements of your product in an easy-to-read bulleted list.
However, if you must purchase a domain name, consider one of the five best cheap domain registrars that we have discovered for 2016.
Though GoDaddy charges an extra fee for private registration, if you purchase five or more domains, private registration is free. FXDomains also offers low cost hosting plans with user friendly website builder software and reseller services for entrepreneurs.
If you need hosting when you purchase your domain, consider a plan with a company that will provide your domain registration free, at least for the first year. I’ve been stuck using a domain name that I never really cared for or wanted to “own.”  The new TLD’s have helped in giving me the professional and artistic brand I’ve wanted,” said Horrocks.
Additionally, customer reviews raise awareness and have a positive impact on the purchase decision of the consumer.
We evaluated the following domain registrars based on initial cost, renewal fees, value-added services, and reliability.
Additionally, GoDaddy maintains an extensive library of Help documentation to cover all topics related to their products and services. When you transfer your existing domain, FXDomains provides one free year of domain registration.

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