Designing a wardrobe that is in sync with the decor of your room while catering for all the functional and storage requirements often presents a challenge. The design of a wardrobe should be aligned with the needs of the room occupant and storage requirements defined accordingly.
I am getting the wardrobes in my flat made right now and found this article to have very ueful information. You can copy and paste this link into any site, or bookmark it online or offline with any service.

Specialized Garage or auto repair shopThree cars raised in the air for repair and maintenance. The various aspects that need to be considered are organising the space so as to maximise storage, creating a design that integrates with the design scheme and configuring simple design elements that add to both function and form.
This will enable you to figure out the space allocation and wardrobe hardware requirements.
There are also additional elements like lighting and accessories that need to be considered.

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