File recovery applications are useful  if the deleted files are recent and the space is not replaced with new files .
Disk Digger is a free application that can recover deleted photos, documents and other files from USB flash drives, memory cards , memory stick, and hard drives . PC inspector will recover file formats that are not recoverable by other free applications .Supported formats includes ARJ AVI BMP CDR DOC DXF DBF XLS ,EXE GIF HLP HTML HTM JPG LZH MID,MOV MP3 PDF PNG RTF TAR TIF WAV and ZIP. Trial versions of popular recovery softwares like Undeleteplus , Recover my Files are also useful for minor recoveries .
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It can scan formatted and damaged memory devices and recover dispersed and hardly readable data  . After scan , the application will list the deleted images , programs ,photos and archives in a browsable window as shown above . These applications  includes software modules to recover deleted files from USB , memory cards and hard disks , and to delete files in a manner that is not recoverable by any means . The use of an online or offline backup solution would disasters associated with accidental data loss from hard disks . Your IP address will be replaced by one of our servers, and your real location will be untraceable.

So here we have few free alternative applications that could help you to recover deleted files from memory devices and hard drives.

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