DynaFile's online file storage features let you keep your documents highly organized and instantly accessible.
DynaFile's document control features ensure that employees only see the files they are authorized to see. With so many options to choose from, online document storage can be the best and the easiest way to store and access your documents, saving you valuable time. If created right, a good document storage facility can keep up the efficiency of your personal or your company's work. Mozy is an online file backup storage service that has two things that no other service can provide. The Egnyte Hybrid Cloud Solution gives what no other online storage media can give you- super-fast access to all your files, even when offline. Getting the right online data storage site is a pretty tricky deal, you just might end up missing out on what you really want if you run after the lower price or the larger space. Online document storage can make your office life easier by sharing your files, photos and videos online in one spot.
Don’t waste anymore of your valuable time finding or managing your cluttered documents. With SmartVault, you get built-in online document storage and secure file sharing that is both secure and easy to use. With SmartVault’s online document storage, your business documents are automatically backed up and stored offsite, so you can rest easy knowing that your critical files are always protected.
Your employees and clients can access the files they need anytime and anywhere via the SmartVault client portal, without having to request anything from you. An online document storage service gives you ultimate control over who has access to what file, and what they’re allowed to do with each file (read, write, edit, delete). Secure online document storage from SmartVault means that you can send and receive files from employees and clients across the globe. SmartVault is built for businesses, but who says you can’t enjoy the same great features for storing your personal documents, too?
SmartVault gives you all the benefits of a cloud drive, but with the best-in-class security and advanced features that you need to run your business.
Online Document StorageSmartVault gives you secure and easy-to-use Online Document Storage that's built for businesses.
Client PortalSmartVault’s simple, secure Client Portal is a must-have for professional firms.
When it comes to storing business files, more and more departments are ditching their external hard drives and network file shares in favor of online file storage. In a cloud system, your businesses files are stored on a server located in a data center that is not in your office. If your organization is looking for a better way to manage files or would just like some more information about online file storage, contact us at DyanFile. Efficiently scanning and indexing paper files is where the first cost reductions are made, however further and potentially greater efficiency, productivity and cost benefits can occur.
The PaperMountains On-line Archive is an easy to use, highly featured secure document repository which allows you to search, access and share your documents with colleagues.
Built with leading industry standard components the PaperMountains Online Archive has been designed with security in mind and can be configured to your organisational structure. As you add documents, departments and users the Online Archive will grow with you giving access to different features and functions as required so you don't have to worry about being stuck in an obsolete system or have to migrate unnecessarily as your needs change. Our fair price policy ensures that you only pay for what you use which makes the Online Archive highly cost effective particularly compared to owning a system with prices starting at ?9.99 per month. Use the More Info Panel or FREEPHONE 0808 281 1100 now to find out more information about the Online Archive Document Management and Electronic Archiving System. No matter where your offices are located, employees can securely access the business critical information they need quickly and easily.
These indexing properties categorize your documents and provide additional information about them. You can browse through file folder in a traditional Explorer type view or use an index search to pull up exactly what you need quickly.

Access permissions can be set for individual users or groups of users and can be applied to specific types of documents.
By switching to our cloud-based system, they were able to increase efficiency across the entire organization. So it becomes a task of understanding the importance of data storage and then doing it the right way. The sheer storage space that you need for keeping that kind of paperwork in an office space is what most companies cannot afford.
They give you a free 2 GB of file space to start with, and whatever paid plans you opt for, are way cheaper than what any other site offers.
You get to choose your website address, link it to whoever you want, create sub-users and work groups. To do so, you need to have the Egnyte Local Cloud installed on your Network Attached Storage(NAS).
Buying movies and cd’s through itunes, smartphone apps for your banking, and in the real estate world we are writing contracts on ipads and processing them without printing a single piece of paper. All you have to do in save your files into your online system, and you can access them at anytime. ACCESSIBILITY: Once you add a document to your filing system you can find, modify or view it whenever you need to and from wherever you can get internet access. SIMPLICITY: Stop having duplicate copies of the same document, forcing you to remember which one is the most up to date. SAFETY: All documents that are kept on your online system are safe from fire, theft or any other disaster at your workplace. You can enjoy the simplicity of a cloud drive, plus the data security features you need for business. So you can grow your business outside of your local geography, by running a distributed or mobile workforce, and serving a remote client base.
And if you use QuickBooks, you’ll love our integrated Toolbar for QuickBooks document management.
Compared to an in-house filing system, online file storage software is extremely inexpensive. Access restrictions can be applied to specific documents, categories of documents, folders, filing cabinets, etc.
Our online file system has been helping companies go paperless, increase productivity and lower costs for over a decade.
PaperMountains supplies e-documents in the format of your choice, PDF, Tiff etc which can be imported into any document management system such as Sharepoint, Documentum or Livelink, however building running and maintaining such a system can be an expensive exercise. Accessible from any PC, Tablet or smart phone via a web browser it offers the features usually only associated with dedicated in house systems. Servers replicate, load balance and fail over between alternate locations to rule out single points of failure and keep running reliably.
Advanced indexing means that all of your files are always stored in the correct location and never misfiled. You can even run reports across your entire online filing cabinet at once to conduct internal audits or status checks.
Any action performed in the system can be controlled providing extremely granular security for both internal and external users. It is a good thing to do any document usage the right way if you want to access it whenever you want to. They do, however, have a file upload size limit that depends on the package that you chose.
You get a multitude of tools that help you upload, download, access, modify and delete the files on the OpenDrive.
For the paper pushers out there you are probably starting to panic…but have no fear, online document storage is here. While many people use jump drives or external hard drives they run the risk of misplacing, damaging or forgetting them somewhere and forcing them to start from scratch. Reduce the amount of printing and copying by sharing these documents with clients and employees.

Easily upload, access and manage your files from your desktop, a mobile device or a web browser.
So no matter what your document needs are, you get a single, centralized solution for storing and accessing your files when and where you need them. It's inexpensive, practical and can provide a level of security that is suitable for even regulated industries and departments. A virtual data room or document portal can be created to share specific documents with specific users.
Employees no longer have to go digging through filing cabinets or drilling down through a million virtual folders to find the documents they need for their everyday tasks. Many systems require no installation - they are simply accessed from your standard web browser. When you need to find a particular document or run a status report, a cross referenced index search brings back exactly what you are looking at the touch of a button. Online storage sites give you total access to your documents without letting anyone else see them.
You don't need to install any software onto your computer to access your files on Box, it's all in one smooth cloud. No more running back to the office to get a file you forgot, simply start up your home computer. Encrypted document links also offer the option to share a safe path to files instead of unsecured, bulky email attachments.
In addition, there is usually little (if any) maintenance required throughout the life of the filing system.
The interface is also very easy to use, making it convenient for anyone to access all the files. Sign up for any package, log in from the main page and get quick access to any files you've stored on there. Never again tell a client they have to wait until you get back to the office – use your smartphone to retrieve a file, or better yet email them directly on the spot. The only thing that Mozy lacks is the fact that it's a backup site, not a data access site. Security is also not an issue with OpenDrive, rest assured that they give the strongest security detail. Most email applications have a cap on the file size that can be attached with each email, but with an online file system, there is no need to worry about inbox limits or email file size caps.
You will have problems every time you try to access the files on Mozy, making the process a little longer.
They seem to have mastered the technique of making things as easy as pie without you having to miss out on anything. Easy access through remote devices (Android, iPhone, Blackberry and the likes) helps you access, edit and display data files with the ultimate comfort.
The free version has a space of 1 GB, 10 MB file size limit, the basic plan consists of 5 GB at $7.95 per month and the enterprise comes at 15 GB, $15 per user. OpenDrive gives you larger packages than others, with the Home package at 100 GB, maximum file size of 1 GB and a bandwidth of 25 GB per day. You get the option to activate a Magic Briefcase, a folder of your choice that lets you sync all the files in it with all the computers you possess. So you can do all the data encryption you want on your files so that nobody will know what's on them.
You can finally get rid of those bulky filing cabinets and use that valuable office space for something else.

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