January 22, 2014 by Monika Gupta Leave a Comment 10 Terabyte of free cloud storage online?
Sign up for the Tencent QQ account and download the latest version of the Tencent Cloud  mobile app. Hit the big blue button on Weiyun’s promo site and you will immediately receive 1 TB worth of free online cloud space first. The content in the website is in Chinese language and is fairly difficult to sign up if you are unaware of the language. As the amount of space in your cloud storage increases, Tencent will top up your storage space automatically, up to a maximum of 10 TB.
This move has sure set up the bar of offering free cloud storage amount to the next level and the rivals should get their nerves flowing dealing with it. I would also like to tell that also beware of your stuff as the service is provided by a Chinese firm, there can be some security and privacy issues in future as we have seen many a times about it before. What do you think about this free cloud storage and that too worth a whooping 10 TB of FREE space? Yes the Chinese internet giant Tencent is offering 10 TB of free cloud storage putting Cloud computing experts Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Microsoft to mere shame.
Before you start filling up your 10 TB of drive with your stuff, let me tell you, Tencent won’t give you all the space at once, but will top it up when you reach the threshold of storage.
Google’s auto translate feature also does not work here so just try figuring out things.
The table below demonstrates how it works, with the first row referring to used storage space, and the second row referring to the auto top-up amounts. The servers can be breached in because of the massive change in online cloud computing industry. Weiyun, the cloud storage service from Tencent is offering a massive 10 TB (10240 GB) free cloud storage to its new customers.
It has huge reputation at stake and it wouldn’t just shut down overnight taking away all your data along with it. Also See: How To Get 36 TB Free Cloud Storage From Qihoo 360 Yunpan (Cloud Drive)?How To Get 10 TB Free Cloud Storage From Weiyun?1. The first entry is your email id associated with QQ and the second entry is the password of your QQ id.4. Now, go to Weiyun and click on the large blue button to get your 10 TB free cloud storage.5.

Log in to the Weiyun cloud here to enjoy your 10 TB free storage.The above link takes you to the English language Tencent Weiyun website. So, now is the time to explore the cloud and take full advantage of your 10 TB free cloud storage.
If only an english language option was available in the phone app, or even a guide for the app at least. Reply Link Martin June 3, 2014, 15:59The Power Upload option should let you upload files up to 32gb. Reply Link Michael Sisk June 3, 2014, 23:16How did you get past the Chinese prompts to install the Power Upload option? Reply Link s2law June 10, 2014, 21:28All set up and working (or at least I think it is).Like someone else has mentioned below, if this had an english app it would be EPIC! Reply Link Padi Phillips June 10, 2014, 23:17Seems like a good service, and who could fault 10TB of storage! Bolting down some of the new smart phones for security is almost imposible, Computers are just as risky where data is exchanged and the servers want to use your processor (CPU) I assume they mean Computer. I do not claim that I have never down loaded or wathched anything that I was not sure was not legal as the laws these days are complicated and now wiyth the trans pacific agreement companies have tried to get more lagal rights then the Governments even in Western Democratic countries.
Even to the point of pushing for the right to fine offenders $7,000 per offence without legal due process. Currently I recall this can be a $750.00 fine per offence, however, they can wait for the offenced to build up for repeat offenders. Here is the crux, the ISP providers are trying to evade their responsibilities, so the Cloud Server services would more than likely fall into this category.
It is good that some people have been shut out, or services were shut down without notice due to abuse.
The One World scenarion is upon us and we do not know how many countries are actually participating in the data collection and exchange agreements in between thge authority or Police bodies. Everything we do on the Internet leaves a foot print, and very few can avoid all the pitfalls. Hiding on the network is harder now then it has ever been and we have the Terrorism war to thank for that as it was used to open the flood gates for more security and peeping legislation.
However, the same information gathering principals can be used against every Internet user. Here is something I wanted to know, if we can not down load or view a lot of materials why did the ISP providers offer huge download packages?

Should the other users not be able to down load from the cloud server with out your computer or them sharing or using your processor and network resources? Nevertheless, the User acknowledges and agrees that Tencent can not provide any warranty therefor.
Reasonable however, shared with partners (Cooperate) so thge users be aware of the legal wording used here? Reply Link youngnan July 27, 2014, 07:19When I get to the page where I have to put in the 4 letter verification code, an error in Chinese pops up. If I put in the wrong code it just recycles the captcha, but then I put in the right code, I get the error and it takes me back to the previous email and id page. If I put in the wrong code and press the blue button on the right, it changes the captcha also for me to try again but if I put in the correct captcha and hit the blue button on the right, it takes me back to the name an id input page.This is happening on the app. So I installed the tencent cloud on my phone and logged in, but I still get this message that all requirements aren’t fulfilled.
Cheers for this info ?? Reply Link Kawal Jeet Singh September 29, 2014, 05:10Dear sir When i go through the registration process. Reply Link Pesho October 3, 2014, 16:58As Kawal Jeet Singh mentioned the verification code is not being sent by the company and i am really sad now. If I must install an application on a PC, I’ll simply do so on a sandboxed virtual machineCan you tell me, once the account is registered, do I need to use their software to upload to their cloud?
Reply Link Ricky November 7, 2014, 17:12I can no longer upload any video file regardless of size. La lettera T nell'unita di misura non e un errore, ma indica proprio i terabyteDropbox, il noto servizio di cloud storage per l’archiviazione dei file sulla nuvola, impallidisce di fronte all’offerta di un colosso dell’Internet cinese. Microsoft cambia ideaBlock Storage e Object Storage: cosa sono – 1 Articolo pubblicato il 21 novembre 2013Facci sapere cosa ne pensi! Il tuo indirizzo email: ISCRIVIMI ADESSO Hosting Talk e il punto di riferimento italiano per i professionisti del web, webhosting provider e ISP.Niente SPAM, promesso!
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