If you are like most people, you might store important documents on your computer, you might benefit by using online data storage services. Using online storage and backup services offers a number of benefits to the people other than their capability to store your data in the cloud. When you use USB drive or hard drives to store data, they can be lost or damaged due to fire, computer viruses, flooding, hardware failure or even theft. Most of these online backup offer synchronization features that allows people to sync all your data.
You can easily compare a number of leading online backup and sync companies to help you make the right decision. MyPCBackup is a free tool which will automatically backup your whole computer, saving your documents, photos, music and more.
You will then be able to access all your computer files online from any computer or phone so you no longer need to carry memory sticks to store your data on. This is a FREE value added offer – already checked out as it comes with no strings attached.
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When it comes to choosing the right online backup service for your needs, it can be a little overwhelming to discover just how many providers are out there vying for your attention, each one differing just a little bit in the features it offers.

Online backup providers tend to either offer unlimited storage space at a flat rate, or incremental packages tailored to suit different storage needs. Online backup providers differ in how they expect you to use their services; some will ask you to install special software, while others allow you to use your web browser to access your data. When finding the right online backup, you’ll want to be sure that the security protocols used to protect your data while it’s being uploaded and while it’s being stored are top notch. Many people wonder why they need online data storage companies when they hard drive that can store the same information. When you have your data stored in online storage account, you can still recover all your data from online backup and not lose any important files.
This allows people to work easily as they can start creating a file on their desktop, work on it on their laptop and then present it to others through your laptop. You do not want to put your personal or business information at risk by storing them on a physical storage device that can be easily destroyed. With just the click of a button MyPCBackup will optimize your PC, remove potentially privacy risks and free up disk space. Before you get lost among the comparison tables, you might find it useful to figure out what your priorities are, how much storage you need and what you’ll be wanting to use your online storage for. If you’re an individual who’s hoping to keep safe their family photographs, music library and financial documents, your storage needs will obviously be different to those of a small business with many computers’ worth of company documents to keep safe.

Either way, the right online backup for you will have an interface that you find intuitive and easy to use.
Your data should be encrypted at all times and your provider should have backup sites, storing your files in more than one place just in case something happens to one of them. Incidentally, if you want to be able to access your data from your peripheral devices, such as your cell phone or tablet, you might be better off with a web-based online backup because, even though they tend to offer less space, they can be accessed from any device. Will you be expanding your business or taking up a hobby, like photography, that may increase your storage needs? You may also be interested to find out if your online backup provider is able to perform automatic backups at intervals of your choice; in some cases, you can even set your online backup to back up your data when you’re still working or to keep historical versions of your files. If so, you might want to choose an online backup provider that gives you scaling options, either by giving you unrestricted storage options or allowing you to upgrade your package as you need to.

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