And Microsoft, no doubt, will appreciate you eating up your OneDrive storage with phone-uploaded photos, making it more likely you'll eventually become a paid OneDrive subscriber. Don't let all the iPhone talk fool you: The offer also extends to Android, Windows Phone, and Windows users of the OneDrive app. If you just want the free space and don't want to actually back up your photos to Microsoft's clouda€”a perfectly reasonable precaution in these post-celebrity-photo-hack daysa€”just back up all your photos to your PC, then delete them on your phone prior to enabling the OneDrive app's automatic photo backup option. Remember: You need to activate automatic photo backups by the end of September to get the extra free storage space.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. As part of its Bing Rewards program, Microsoft announced last week that it was giving away 100 GB of OneDrive storage for free valid for 2 years to all subscribed users.
Users are required to click on this link (completely verified and tested), and simply sign into their account to get the bonus storage bumped up into their account. But you have to hurry because Microsoft will purportedly pull this offer by the end of the month.
On September 19th, Douglas Pearce, Group Program Manager for OneDrive, posted a concise and candid article on the OneDrive blog about getting a storage bump. First, login to your OneDrive account, or if you don’t have one quickly signup, and click Get more storage in the lower left corner of the main page.

You’ll get whisked away to a screen that shows the standard 15GB of storage everyone gets. Android, iOS and Windows Phones are supported but I’ll show you how I got it working on my Samsung Galaxy S4.
Once you click one of those three links, tap open the app on your phone and sign-in with your OneDrive username and password. I know the screenshot says you’ll only get a paltry 3GB backup boost by enabling Camera Backup.
So, on my phone, I went back to Settings, tapped the Camera Backup on option and then swiped Camera backup to off. Then I went back to the browser and refreshed OneDrive to make sure it didn’t shrink my storage back to 15GB.
And for the users with the most rapacious data appetites, Microsoft offers a banquet of 1TB for about $10 per month. You can download OneDrive here if this offer is convincing enough to make you hop on Microsoft's cloud storage bandwagon. But since Bing Rewards isn’t available in India yet, users residing at this side of the pond weren’t eligible to get the storage bump.
You don’t have to sign up for Bing Rewards (because you can’t as it is only available to US residents).

It should be noted that Microsoft is yet to officially acknowledge the worldwide rollout, and the trick we shared above may not last forever.
Also follow BGR India on Facebook and Twitter to stay tuned with the latest technology news. We think you’ll appreciate having more free storage while setting up your iPhone 6 or upgrading to iOS 8. However, there is a workaround to add 100GB storage to your OneDrive account which works seamlessly regardless of where you live.
If you have happen to be among the first 100,000 users to try the new OneDrive service, the bonus space will be credited to your account. OneDrive offers apps for Windows Phone, iPhone and Android device and if you happen to turn on the camera upload function on these device, another 3 GB will be added to your account.
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