Il nuovo servizio di storage dovrebbe essere disponibile nel secondo trimestre dell’anno ed erogato in tre diverse modalita. Nonostante la focalizzazione sullo storage a oggetti IBM Cloud Object Storage potra gestire anche la memorizzazione dei classici file, in modo da offrire un’unica piattaforma per vari tipi di memorizzazione. TechweekEurope e il sito di tecnologia dedicato alle strategie delle aziende IT che cavalcano i nuovi trend di mercato, dal cloud computing alla virtualizzazione, dal mobile al byod. Today IBM announced that it was introducing a new object-based storage services to its IBM Cloud.
IBM will be providing organizations the choice of multiple APIs and the ability to store this unstructured data efficiently on-premise, on the IBM Cloud, or across the two in hybrid environment, with the same level of reliability and consistency of technology across all deployment models. IBM adds another layer of flexibility to its service by supporting both file and object workloads. Nearline will provide a cloud infrastructure for infrequently accessed data at a lower cost than most off-premise options.
Standard will provide a higher performance public cloud offering based on proven Cleversafe technology with new S3 API interfaces. Dedicated will provide a single-tenant IBM Object Storage system running on dedicated servers in IBM Cloud data centers. IBM Cloud Object Storage services are expected to be available in the second quarter on this year. As we discussed in a previous article, standard IP technology based in TCP does not work well for large-scale uploads to cloud storage. But another piece of the cloud upload puzzle has to do with the specific nature of cloud storage. The major cloud platforms typically offer two broad classes of storage: block storage and object storage. Cloud block storage, such as Amazon’s AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS), in essence provides a virtualized Storage Area Network with logical volume management provisioning via a simplified web services interface.
Using a block storage offering, a logical disk drive of a given size and throughput can be connected to any cloud compute instance. This type of cloud storage can only be accessed from a cloud compute instance and only using low-layer disk access protocols. Object storage, such as AWS S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob storage, is optimized for storing large volumes of unstructured data. Object storage can be accessed directly from anywhere on the Internet using HTTP(S) protocols. Because storage provisioning is not required, object storage is highly scalable, flexible, and elastic, making it easy to adjust to demand. This is the application that Signiant Flight is designed for: the transfer of large data sets in and out of cloud object storage.

Moving data in and out of a cloud provider’s object storage introduces another challenge for file movement, beyond the limitations of IP networks reviewed in an earlier article. Customers must utilize tools that have been integrated with their object storage provider’s APIs, an issue that Flight addresses in addition to solving the IP network bottleneck problem. About SigniantSigniant’s intelligent file movement software helps the world’s top content creators and distributors ensure fast, secure delivery of large files over public and private networks. Si chiama Cloud Object Storage e come lascia intendere la denominazione e progettato principalmente per la memorizzazione di dati non strutturati, un ambito che secondo Big Blue e in netta crescita perche le nuove applicazioni cloud nella maggior parte dei casi prevedono l’uso intenso di Big Data. Quella definita Nearline si presenta come una infrastruttura cloud per la memorizzazione dei dati a cui si accede poco frequentemente, adatta ad esempio alle operazioni di archiviazione e backup. Si puo accedere ai dati con le stesse interfacce usate per S3 e il servizio viene giudicato adatto per una ampia gamma di applicazioni ad alte prestazioni.
Analisi, approfondimenti, prove di app e prodotti, oltre alle notizie quotidiane, fanno di Techweekeurope l’appuntamento giornaliero per i manager che vogliono capire come la tecnologia possa aiutarli nel fare business.
IBM will use technology from its recent acquisition of Cleversafe, a leading object storage company, to help customers better manage their unstructured data. As customers look for ways to store and manage this big data one option is utilizing the cloud. Using Cleversafe, customers will be able to take their existing on-premises and use them with IBM Cloud Object Storage services. Meaning that organizations will only need to deploy one data storage hub that supports storage needs for traditional and web-based applications.
Nearline is ideal for archive, back-up, and other workloads delivered across select IBM Cloud data centers. This service is ideal for a wide range of high performance applications written to use the S3 object storage API. Available as an IBM managed service or as a self-managed cloud solution, this approach will give clients access to object storage with no need for extra hardware or data center space.
Data is stored as immutable objects, the contents of which can only be written or updated in their entirety.
Companion offerings such as AWS Glacier are targeted at archiving or ‘cold storage’ applications where very infrequent access is expected and fast access time is not critical. Object storage is the cheapest and most scalable option for data-intensive use cases such as cloud-based media processing, big data analytics, and long-term archiving and backup. Il nuovo servizio nasce anche dalle tecnologie acquisite con Cleversafe, che secondo IBM permettono di arrivare a gestire anche exabyte di dati in object storage.

La modalita Dedicated e indicata per chi ha esigenze di controllo sui propri dati: chi la adotta ha a disposizione un sistema IBM Object Storage single-tenant che gira su server dedicati nei datacenter IBM.
Su queste tematiche TechWeekEurope realizza interviste agli attori del mercato e reportage dai principali eventi, sia in Italia sia all’estero. IBM goes on to state that its Cloud service will provide enterprises with fast, flexible, hybrid cloud storage-as-a-service solutions while they manage this ever growing unstructured data. In fact, IDC estimates that nearly 80% of all new cloud applications will be big data intensive. IBM’s new cloud object storage service will come in a variety of licensing models to make sure customers are able to meet all of their needs.
On top of that, data can be read and written using an object interface, Swift or S3, and other major interface, including NFS and SMB.
Cleversafe’s object storage enables companies to efficiently manage and storage massive amounts of unstructured data (scaling to exabytes) being generated today while meeting the demands of data-intensive workloads delivered via the cloud. Ultimately this means that more traditional applications can be integrated into IBM Cloud Object Storage services increasing the overall value.
Ceph is scalable in terms of performance, availability and capacity by adding extra nodes with hard disk drives (HDD) or solid state devices (SSDs). In the above figure (via DreamHost), load balancers sit in front of gateways that interact with the storage nodes. This flexibility is different from some cloud and object storage systems or software tools which take a stance of not using or avoiding RAID vs. The simulcast involved Curtis recording this video with me as a guest discussing Ceph, cloud and object storage, backup, data protection and related themes while I recorded this pod cast.One of the interesting things I heard, or actually did not hear while at the Ceph Day event that I tend to hear at related conferences such as SNW is a focus on where and how to use, configure and deploy Ceph along with various configuration options, replication or copy modes as opposed to going off on erasure codes or other tangents. In other words, instead of focusing on the data protection protocol and algorithms, or what is wrong with the competition or other architectures, the Ceph Day focused was removing cloud and object storage objections and enablement.Where do you get Ceph?
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