Easy enough, but what if you don’t want to add a yearly expense to your iCloud account? Option 1 really just thins down the backup size, but it’s not always a reasonable choice. For those with multiple iOS devices, it’s probably best to just upgrade the iCloud storage. My iPhone 4 just has the error message and doesn’t even let me change settings etc or anything, just leaves me locked out!
In my settings, iCloud, Messages and Facetime is turned ‘grey’ I cannot change my iCloud settings?! If you find yourself overfilled with data and cannot backup to iCloud, we have a simple tutorial to help you reduce the size of your storage. At any given time, I might only have a dozen pictures in my photo library, but my one or two-minute videos will take up more than a gig of space before I’ve had a chance to publish them on YouTube and delete them from my iPhone.
If your photos and videos are not the main culprits in taking up too much storage space in iCloud, there are a few other ways to make room.
The most obvious is to follow Apple’s prompt and manage your storage in Settings by deleting some of the Documents or data that you might not need. Step 3: After selecting the app, tap the “Edit” tab in the upper right corner and then select the specific document to remove, or tap the “Delete All” tab.
Keep in mind that if you share multiple devices under the same iCloud account, you will need to manage storage from those devices as well.
Of course, you could always just increase the amount of storage space you have by purchasing more from Apple. Note that this storage will be shared among all your devices logged into the same iCloud account.
Or you can stop backing up photos and videos with iCloud as that tends to be the storage killer. Pkgbackup is great for backing up jailbreak tweaks but not so good for other things in my opinion. If I were relying on iCloud in that situation, I’d have to restore my entire iPhone just for that particular app OR configure it manually again.
I use Dropbox cause it lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.
Super simplistic answers – how about all of us who make ALL these changes but who do not see ANY change in the amount of data held in iCloud? I get the feeling Apple wants me to pay for the extra storage and is making a reduction in data complicated so that I give up in frustration. When your available iCloud storage is not enough to meet your daily needs, you may face some unexpected issues. One of the biggest data hogs to take up your iCloud storage space is the photos and videos.
After deleting existing photos and videos, you can either set the Photo Library back to ON position and start backing up new photos to iCloud or keep it OFF and use Photo Stream.
If you still find that there is no enough storage on your iCloud, you can try to delete these app-related documents and data to free up iCloud storage. SYSTEM 16: Quantum Biofeedback Indigo with a FREE Custom One-on-One Indigo Training Session, PLUS over $1500 worth of accessories and bonuses!
SYSTEM 28: Quantum Biofeedback SCIO EPFX with a 17″ Quantum Computers laptop and a BUNCH of BONUSES! And keep in mind that if you are backing up more than one device to the iCloud, that each backup of each device will count as additional space being taken up, even if they are the same files on each device. I then went to the Camera Roll album to take a look at what was taking up so much space so soon after the last backup, and I noticed that there was ONE video file that was 1hr 15 min long that was taking up 2.2GB of space! Apparently, what happened was kind of like a pocket dial, where it started recording video without anyone intentionally touching it. The reason it started recording video instead of just taking a picture was that the last time the camera was used, video was taken. The reason this was able to happen is that with iOS 5, you can now go directly into the camera with the swipe of the screen (starting at the camera icon) without having to unlock the screen. If any of you have any other fixes for this situation, feel free to post them below so others can benefit. He currently resides in Los Angeles where he services clients ranging from residential to small business to celebrities. Thanks Ian Brown – I just followed your instructions to unfreeze my ipad and it worked YEAH! If your Camera Roll is the largest, then sync it to your computer and transfer all of your photos to your computer.
If it is not your Camera Roll that is taking up the most space, then just turn off the backing up of the items that you don’t care about backing up. The thing is, my next backup size is 3.8 gb, deleted all other devices backups and all the the thing from the first iCloud page, and it still says I only have 987mb left. Hi Anand, I’m not sure what you mean when you say you have a soft reset button instead of a hard reset button.
If you have trouble doing a hard reset, then your OS is most likely corrupt, and you should backup your iPhone and then restore it. So, I’ve tryed everything, like deleting the backup, dfu mode, so has the Genius Bar, and they said to make another account because this one has an error.
HOWEVER, if you have your iCloud Photo Library turned on, or your Photo Stream turned on, then it WILL be using up space on your iCloud account to back up your photos.
The difference between your iCloud Photo Library and your Photo Stream is that your iCloud Photo Libary backs up your ENTIRE photo and video library, whereas your Photo Stream only backs up the most recent 1000 photos and your videos. So if you’re lacking space, and you have your iCloud Photo Library turned on, then I would suggest you turn that off and only have your Photo Stream turned on.
Then go through your photos on your Photo Stream starting at the top, where the oldest pictures are, and start deleting to free up space in your iCloud account.
So if you have over 1000 photos in your Camera Roll, then after you import all of your photos onto your computer, you’ll need to not only delete photos from your Photo Stream, but also from your Camera Roll.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Get the first 315 pages of Nirvana Zarabi-Smith's famous Quantum Encyclopedia ebook here. SYSTEM 28: Quantum Biofeedback SCIO EPFX package with a FREE and PRIVATE 1-on-1 SCIO EPFX Training Session with a SCIO EPFX expert, PLUS a 17" Quantum Computers laptop and a BUNCH of BONUSES!
SYSTEM 20: Quantum Biofeedback Indigo package with a FREE and PRIVATE 1-on-1 Indigo Training Session with an Indigo expert, PLUS a 17" Quantum Computers laptop, the Indigo Beginners Manual, and Nirvana Zarabi-Smith's A-Z Protocols book! SYSTEM 16: Quantum Biofeedback Indigo package with a FREE 1-on-1 Indigo Training Session with an Indigo expert, PLUS over $1500 worth of accessories and bonuses! ATTENTION: I'd like to give you a brand new iPad Air, iPad Mini, or Vitamix 7500 (your choice!) for helping me. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies to enhance site functionality and performance. I activated iCloud Photo Library, only to realize a few months later that I shouldn’t have. To me it just looks like a carrot apple-and-a-stick approach to make some extra cash at the expense of unsuspecting iOS users. Third, it is extremely difficult to bring back your photos on a PC once they are in iCloud.
Now I had thousands of photos in iCloud without a viable way of bringing them back to my iPhone or PC. For the time being, at least until Apple does something about it, I’ve decided to get off the hook.
Quitting iCloud Photo Library after having started paying for extra iCloud storage is as hard as giving up on your credit card after a long vacation. Krasimir is an avid marketing aficionado and a tech-support specialist in charge of the English-speaking market. Right, I remember it was not possible to select multiple photos for deletion even on the device Photos app.
I thought it was just me not understanding how to use iCloud, and I had planned a trip to the Apple Store for help. I use the import photos function native to Windows to upload all photos from my phone about once a month.
I use a program called CrashPlan to automatically backup my documents, photos, and videos in the background to both an attached external drive, and to CrashPlan’s cloud storage that I pay for. I recall that it was impractical to choose numerous photographs for erasure even on the gadget Photos application.I concur with that. Hi Rachel, the process of taking back what’s yours from iCloud Photo Library could be painful indeed. The quickest solution is to back up to a location with enough free space like a drive on your PC, an external hard disk or even a USB drive. Now that you safely backed up iPhone to your PC, it’s time to get rid of the iCloud popup message. When you disable a backup element, the information from that element is immediately deleted from your iCloud storage.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Once I dropped backing up the photos on my iPhone and iPad, my data requirement dropped to almost nothing. We know that many of our readers already know the basics of their iPhone, but we like to post these articles to help new users, and hopefully, new readers of our little website.
The best way to keep your storage low, not just for iCloud, but also for your iPhone in general, is to delete photos and videos that you’ve backed up somewhere first.
If your device is only using 2.3GB of storage space, but you still receive the “Not Enough Storage” error message, you may need to manage the storage of other devices on your account.
Your iTunes account will be charged immediately and will renew automatically until you change or cancel your plan. If you jailbroke it, and used iFile or something, you could find the photos that went with the iMessages (even though the messages were long deleted) and you could delete them that way.
I recommend AT&T’s storage locker for photos and videos as you can get 50GB of storage for free!
You get 15 gb for new user, then you can get 5 gb each time you invite someone to use copy. Under the Backup options, you will see Photo Library option, set the slider to OFF position. You can store up to 1,000 images on Photo Stream for free and download them to your computer.
If you’re restoring a device from an iCloud backup, you must wait until the restore operation is finished before you can delete the backup. Run Leawo iOS Data Recovery on PC and you’ll see the 3 recovery modes in the main interface.
Enter the Apple ID and click the Enter button (Right Arrow in a Circle), or hit Enter on your keyboard to move to next step. The iPhone data recovery software will scan the backup(s) in your iCloud and display one backup in the main interface. After the scan, select a library and choose the files you want to recover, then click Recover. Se le pedira que deslice el control deslizante para apagarlo, pero ignorar eso y seguir manteniendo los dos hacia abajo hasta que se apague.
Una vez que se reinicia, lo que lo hara automaticamente, suelte el boton de encendido, mantenga pulsado el boton de inicio. Una vez que aparezca el logotipo de Apple, mantenga pulsado el boton de inicio durante 10 segundos mas y luego dejar ir.
No menciona continua pulsando el boton de inicio despues de que se reinicia, pero te sugiero que hagas eso.
This is my third iPod touch 4th gen ( jail broken other two, and broke them not bricked, one virus dropped the other), tried hard reset, dfu mode, ect. It will ask you to slide the slider to turn it off, but ignore that and continue holding both of them down until it powers off.

Once it restarts, which it will do automatically, let go of the power button, but continue to hold the home button. I was going to clear everything off of it and have to redownload EVERYTHING, but then I found this website.
While Photo Stream keeps a number of your latest photos in sync between multiple iOS devices, iCloud Photo Library syncs all photos you take or have ever taken. For example, I fired up iCloud Control Panel for Windows and it only displayed 75 photos out of some 3,000+ saved in iCloud!
Does that mean that we are bound to start giving away a dollar a month for something else as basic as taking photos on our very own mobile devices? He grew up in Bulgaria and on the island of Mauritius where he became passionate about windsurfing and photography.
I’m currently an Amazon Prime member and using their photo storage as a backup to saving them on my PC. I realized this too, some time ago, but the iCloud Photo Library turned itself on again automatically during one of my recent upgrades, so I had to get rid of it once again. I plug my iPhone into my PC, then from Windows File Manager, I right click on my iPhone and choose, Import photos and videos. I like having a comprehensive solution that works the same way for all of my important data.
It keeps photos from the last 30 days synced on my iPhone, iPad, and PC, and makes it easy to quickly access any current pictures.
I didn’t even bother trying the Windows import procedure since most of my photos were all located in iCloud as in your case and not on the iPhone. I never activated iCloud Photo Library when the update came, because PhotoStream was working just fine for me – getting my photos onto my computer periodically and automatically.
I have almost 3,000 photos on the cloud and I’ve only managed to get back 27 of them using the above method. This article explains how to back up iPhone without subscribing for paid extra iCloud storage. To reduce the total footprint of your iPhone backup in iCloud, you can alternatively remove some photos and videos from your Camera Roll. You can also selectively remove other apps from the backup list, though outside of photos and movies you likely won’t save much space using this method. Pressing and holding the top button and the round button for a few seconds until it shuts down solved my problem.
If you already know how to manage your storage in iCloud, my feelings wont be hurt if you skip this post. Regarding adding FTP support, I see how that would be a useful feature (but have no need for it). Therefore, you need the third-party iOS data recovery software to help you finish the task. I just followed your steps and to “unfreeze” my ipad and delete apps that were taking up too much storage! It will ask you to slide the slider to turn it off, but ignore that and continue holding both of them down until it powers off.?3.
I unlocked a cornucopia of extra iCloud storage (50 GB) for an unimportant monthly charge (of $1). Going back and forth with the above steps like you mention has not brought back any other photos to back up and then delete. Now I can’t even download all the full res files even after making 16 GB space on my iPad and telling it to keep copies on iPad. This way you don’t have to immediately decide what information to delete to free up iCloud space and can still back up the iPhone on the spot.
There’s really two choices, one is the most obvious and involves upgrading the iCloud account, and the other is free and relies on you more actively managing your backups. It was not until he graduated from college and experienced the real world for a while did he realize that computers may be where his talent and passion lie. Once it restarts, which it will do automatically, let go of the power button, but continue to hold the home button.?4. As a result, when I tried to bring my photos from iCloud back to my iPhone by tapping “Download and Keep Originals”, a notification appeared “Not Enough Device Storage”. I put them in a folder called UNFILED, and later I sort them out from my PC into my permanent organization folders.
I’m confused because I know you said it was your video that was causing the storage space issue. And I love that Apple finally lets you select more than one picture at a time, though still peeved at the new deleted folder that doesn’t have a quick empty option. And I can’t free up the storage not even able to backup as it is more than the free storage available. I take a picture with my phone, and a few minutes later I can retrieve it from My Photo Stream folder on the PC to put into my listing without having to find that dang cable and manually upload photos from my iPhone. If you have the iPhone data recovery requirement, you can free download the trial version to have a try. With over 28,000 photos, this was so much data that there was not enough free drive space to run Windows 7. The computer started freezing and even after getting the multiple copies off the computer, I am still getting a BSOD that only started after the iCloud installation.
Just so I know which direction to take, have you had any trouble doing the cable Windows import after iOS 9?

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