But you don't have to miss the benefits of the cloud, like web based search, versioning, change notifications, workflows, mobile access etc. You can synchronize selected parts of your local file system or server share with a SharePoint, Office 365 or OneDrive for Business document library in the cloud.
This article shows how this works step-by-step with the Layer2 Cloud Connector. The product can close some gaps and solve many issues that still exists with the Microsoft out-of-the-box offerings.
NEW: Flexible SQL-like query language to filter files by name or path (including like and wildcards), file type, size, date etc. Now let's setup a sample connection to sync a selected file share directory one-way to SharePoint Online.
There is a bi-directional option available to sync back changes done online in the SharePoint libary back to the local file server. There is an overwrite option to use for cleanup, if your library already contains some data.
As a next step you have to setup the data source of the newly created connection as follows. You have to select the Layer2 SharePoint CSOM Provider to communicate with the cloud using web services. If you can't find some list columns in mapping, they are not exposed in the view you are using for sync.
Office document metadata is propagated by SharePoint automatically in case columns exisit with the same column name. You can also sync your file system with SharePoint lists to only add metadata and backlinks - not the files itself. Content 6 Text?When all connection settings are done and verified successfully, go back to the configuration settings and run the connection first time.
SharePoint has different file name, type, path or size restrictions compared to the file system. To automate the complete migration process for a large number of user home drives to OneDrive for Business by scripting (including user provisioning and other required steps) take a look here.

You will have all features of a native SharePoint library or list, including change notifications or workflows on external data change.
We recommended it for a client that required reliable bi-directional sync between their local shares and their hosted Sharepoint . Sign Up for Layer2 Product NewsletterWe keep you up-to-date about new Layer2 product releases, added features and fixed issues.
Please edit your SharePoint views to still be able to navigate your files: Remove all sorting, filtering, grouping. Local File System to synchronize with the Microsoft Office 365 cloud - but also works for server shares.
But note: Writing to SharePoint system fields requires specific access rights and can cause replication issues. For example an Author column is populated with the content of an Author metadata field automatically by SharePoint. After all files are tranferred, you can benefit from your local data replicated to the cloud. This has allowed remote workers to see up to date changes whilst still retaining their familiar working environment. As a next step you have to setup the data destination of the newly created connection as follows.
Be careful to set sync intervals < 20 minutes (depending on your typical sync duration). Please make sure that the current account (for Connection Manager) and service account (for the background update) has appropriate rights to access the shared drive. Note that Windows Services often run with local accounts and have no access to shares by default. Often this is information that is crucial for your day-today operations it could take days, even weeks to rebuild it. Downtime could seriously affect your work.So today, I have decided to share a few of my favorite, Online cloud based Data storage and Backup solutions for personal, business and enterprise use.

The service has more than 45 million users in 175 countries saving one billion files every three days.
Your files are constantly backed up and you can access them at anytime from any device in the world. No need to email yourself important files or copy them to another computer using small thumb drives.
Our goal is to provide users with a convenient and reliable way to better manage their data from virtually anywhere, at any time.
Securely store, manage and share share all of your music, videos, photos, documents & more! For non-commercial backup of your personal files, including music, photos, home videos, and personal tax records, check out the simplicity of MozyHome. Sync, backup and access your files and folders from multiple places on your PC, Mac and your mobile devices without ever having to move a file. No more mail file-size limitations!OpenDrive – Store your documents, music and pictures online with instant access, sharing and collaboration all in a simple to use, secure, environment. File Syncing – Sync files and folders on your computer or external storage device temporarily or permanently with OpenDrive. Online Sharing and Collaboration – OpenDrive makes file sharing and collaboration simple and secure. Be in control with our straight forward user management,online office suite and file versioning. Online Backup –  Backup all your data online, completely secured in our state of the art datacenters and accessible whenever and whereever you need it.

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