Bryce Durfee is the latest addition to the delicious assortment of male models who are served up at the International Jock mens underwear and mens swimwear website. Bryce is 21 years old, enjoys wrestling and snowboarding and has a natural poise while in front of the camera. Bryce was raised in small towns in Nebraska, Wisconsin and North Carolina before moving to New York City two years ago to pursue his modeling career.

You can visit International Jock for even more photographs of this outstanding young male model. Now living in Los Angeles and represented by Vision Model Management, Bryce has an All-American look with a bit of Southern Charm mixed in.
For his recent International Jock photo shoots, Bryce wore underwear by Andrew Christian, Good Devil and CockSox.

He has also appeared for Calvin Klein, Abercrombie and Fitch, The Campaign for Marc Ekco and has been featured in Instinct Magazine.

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